Zombie Shooter Game Free Download For Windows 7
  1. Zombie Shooter Download Free
  2. Zombie Shooter Game Free Download For Windows 7 Gta 5

DEAD TARGET: Zombie is an Action game developed by VNG GAME STUDIOS. BlueStacks app player is the best PC platform (emulator) to play this android game on your PC or Mac for a better gaming experience.

10 terrifying balls and 1 Zombie head to choose from. Crafty tricks to throw those Zombies for a loop: Werewolves, MiniCorpses, Buzz Saw and Dance Fever. Delectable treats to help you knock 'em dead: ZombieNator, Meatball, ZomBees and Brain Balls. Zombies advance if you miss them the first time, so get your aim on. Zombie Shooter has many versions for both phones and tablets. On the Android Market you can find the Zombie Shooter free and for a low price of $2.99 it's available for download. On the Play Store there is also the free version which has limited characters and is just a flash game. If you want to get the full version and the great features.

Zombie Shooter Download Free


Zombie Shooter Game Free Download For Windows 7 Gta 5

Zombie shooter game free download for windows 7 gta 5Download

The year is 2040. World War III ravaged across the globe and changed the landscape and boundaries as we know them. The Minister of Defense ushered in a new era by signing a contract with the CS Corporation to produce super soldiers from the world’s prisoners. Project Dead Target was used by the CS Corporation to pressure the President into obeying their orders. To show they’re serious, CS launches their own version of Dead Target into an unsuspecting city. The citizens have become zombies and the commando team sent in didn’t make it. You are one of two agents left alive in this Hell and by working together, you may be one of the ones to make it out alive. Dead Target is a first-person shooter that pits you against hordes of the undead in a fight for survival. Run through a 3D city and interact with items and the environment around you to stay alive.

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