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With Spotify’s offline access you can listen and download your favorite soundtracks without Internet. So, if you’re a music junkie with an unlimited data plan, here’s a quick guide on using Spotify offline on your iPhone. Mighty is the first device that plays your Spotify and Amazon Music playlists and podcasts without a phone, screen, or Internet connection. Perfect for running, working out, commuting, and entertaining the kids without a screen. Hello spotify-users, is there a possibility to sync my iPhone with Spotify without WiFi?! I mean I have only internet per cabel and portable internet × Close We use cookies to give you the best online experience.

Our beloved iPhone and iPad are great music players with amazing hardware and software features that enhance the overall music listening experience. However, you can only play songs online and it is not an easy task to download music on iPhone for free, unlike its Android counterparts. Luckily, you can solve this problem by using some awesome iOS apps to download music on the iPhone or iPad. In this article, we list 7 best free music download apps for iPhone and iPad.

Part 1. 7 Best Free Apps to Download Music on iPhone and iPad

Free Music Downloads Without Wifi; Apps To Download Music For Free On Iphone Without Wifi; Slacker Radio is free music app without wifi for android. You can easily stream live radio stations by using this app to listen to music without wifi. There are hundreds of interactive and hand-crafted music stations in slacker radio app. The best feature.

  • Free Music Player app plays songs from your phone or tablet. It stream music online from Audius. This is music player app that don't need wifi for local music but needs internet connection for streaming from Audius. There is popular tabs layout for your favorite player. You can change apps look into settings, choosing between classic or tabs.
  • So, what are the 6 best free music apps that enable you to listen to music without Wifi? Apps that Allow you to Listen to Music Offline: Spotify. This is one of the biggest music streaming services out there and it delivers an excellent catalogue of tracks to listen to. It will suggest playlists, new music, and even radio stations all based on.

#1. Spotify

When it comes to best free music download apps for iPhone, Spotify must be mentioned. It allows you to feast millions of songs from all over the world for free and save songs offline. It also offers a mass of podcasts. With user-friendly interface, you can search for your favourite tracks, artist, or album and build a big music collection easily. To cater for your taste, this app offers personal recommendations and readymade playlists. If you want to enjoy more functions, go for a Premium subscription.

Download: Spotify

#2. Amazon Prime Music

If you are an Amazon prime subscriber, then you get free access to the Prime music service. It has a superb music download app which allows users to listen to any music they like on iPhone and iPad. Music can be accessed via artists, genres, playlists etc. Users also have the option to save the music offline when internet is not available.

Download: Amazon Prime Music

#3. Google Play Music

The official Google music app is one of the best apps to use for listening to music, not just because of the great music it offers but also its awesome features. It offers users the ability to save up to 50,000 of their own songs online for free.
And these songs can be accessed via the iOS app. Users can either stream these songs or save them offline on iPhone or iPad.
With all these features available for free, the Google Play Music app is really one of the best apps for free music download on iPhone.

The plus point of this app is that it is the official app from Google, so you don’t need have to worry about its security feature.

Download: Google Play Music

#4. Evermusic – Offline Music

Evermusic is one of the best apps to download music on iPhone and iPad. This iOS music player app offers great features for music playback and music organization. However, what sets this app apart from the rest is its integration with a number of cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive etc.

It allows users to store their music in the cloud, and it can either download them offline, or stream the songs from these cloud-based services. The app is free to download and use on iPhone and iPad.

Download: Evermusic

#5. Mazika

Mazika is a great music app on iOS. It has an amazing selection of music and offers the users ability to browse through it via albums, artists or genres. One can also create one’s own playlists. It also offers offline save mode for listening to music offline on iPhone. It is free to download and use.

Download: Mazika

#6. Free iTunes Single of the Week

Apple offers free songs sometimes through its iTunes store. These songs are available as free download music for only a day. So if you want to cash in on such offers from Apple itself, just download an app called “FREE SONG NOTIFIER FOR ITUNES”.
As soon as a song goes free on the iTunes store, as part of the free single of the week offer by apple, the app will notify you. And you can then go ahead and download that song and add it to your music library for lifetime. This app is available for all iPhone users and for free as well.

Download: Free Song Notifier for iTunes

#7. FMA

The Free Music Archive (FMA) may not be a well-known music download app. It is a repository which has a curated collection of free music available around the world. This collection of free music is completely legal, so you don’t have to worry about it’s functioning and all. With a very user-friendly interface, this iOS music app allows their users to access the music library according to their moods and needs, as well as download the songs on their iPhone or iPad.
It also has the option to browse the music collection based on genre.

Download: FMA

Part 2. Other Ways to Download Free Songs on iPhone and iPad

If you have downloaded the MP3 songs on your PC, you can use any of the cloud storage services to store them and then download them to your iPhone using their dedicated apps. Beside these apps mentioned above, if you know of some sites that allow you to download free music, you can use Documents by Readdle to save songs on iOS devices.

It is a file manager for iOS with a browser built in which can downloads the mp3 files from music websites on iPhone. From there you can organize them and play each using the built in music player of the app. However be aware of the legality of the music you download from such sites if you plan to do more than listening to. Do not indulge in illegal activities.

Download Music from YouTube

YouTube is a large platform that provides a variety of videos including the music video. Music lovers can subscribe to its music video channels. But it is not possible for us to enjoy music by watching MV. In this case, you can choose to convert the downloaded music video to MP3 so that you can listen to loved songs anytime and anywhere.

Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader is a good choice for you. Don’t judge the function of this software by its name. Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader helps you download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other websites. It also helps convert videos to MP3 format and keeps the audio of fine quality.

Final Thoughts

All these best music apps we listed you can try to download free music on your iPhone/iPad. They all are very easy to use. The regular updates will fix all the bugs. If you have any other suggestion on the music app which can be used in iPhone, then please let us know in the comments section. We’re glad to hear from you.

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'Though I sure my device has connected to WiFi, I get a message that saying I'm in offline mode on Spotify. Any advice?'

Normally, all Spotify users can play music from Spotify once they have connected to WiFi, however some subscribers complain that they receive a message indicating no internet connection from Spotify when they successfully connect to WiFi. If you are also annoyed with that problem, you can totally try below solutions to fix it.

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Part 1. How to Solve Spotify Says Offline Issue

Solution 1. Re-login to Spotify

Though you don't know why Spotify saying offline happens, you can try to re-login to Spotify at first.

#1. On Desktop:

Click in the top-right corner or the screen and select 'Log Out', then enter your ID and password to back in again.

#2. On Web Player:

Click on your profile at the bottom of the left side menu and select 'LOG OUT', then back in by entering your ID and password.

#3. On Mobile and Tablet:

Tap Home > Your Library > Settings and scroll to the bottom, then tap 'Log out' and back in.

Solution 2. Check the Network and Firewall

If you can't solve your problem after trying solution 1, then you can try to check the network and firewall as your firewall - the software might wrongly thinks that Spotify likely pose a threat to your computer. Therefore, try the below solution.

On Windows:

Step 1: First click on Change Settings.

Step 2: Then tick the box next to Spotify.

Step 3: At last, click on OK.

On Mac:

Step 1: Click on Firewall option to open it.

Step 2: Click on lock icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen. You might be asked to enter your administrator username and password.

Step 3: Click on Advanced to bring up a firewall security dialog box and click on + icon below Block All Incoming Connections.

Step 4: Select Spotify from the Browse dialog box and click on Add.

Solution 3. Check if VPN is Correctly Connected

As Spotify might be not available for your country or region, so that you need to access to Spotify with VPN. If so, you should check if VPN is correctly connected. To do that, you can try to see if you can browse through some limited webpages that can't be access to without VPN connection. If the VPN is incorrectly connected, then you are supposed to see what happen to your VPN.

Solution 4. Make Sure You've Turned Off Offline Mode

When you turn on Offline mode, you can have access to tracks that you mark as available in Offline mode, but it might result in Spotify saying no internet connection when you connect to WiFi, so if you have turned on Offline mode on Spotify, then you should follow below guides to turn off Offline mode.

#1. On iPhone:

Tap Settings button, then swipe the Offline Mode switch to Off position in the Settings screen.

#2. On Android:

Go to More > Settings, then disable the Offline Mode in the Settings screen.

Solution 5. Reinstall Spotify

Reinstalling might be helpful for fixing many common issues you are experiencing. So for those who have a problem that Spotify says in offline, you can try to reinstall Spotify on your computer or portable devices.

On Mac:

Step 1: Click on Spotify in the menu bar and then Quit Spotify.

Step 2: Open Finder and then click on Go > Library in the menu bar.

Step 3: Open Caches and then delete the com.spotify.Client folder and click on the back arrow.

Step 4: Open Application Support and delete the Spotify folder. After that, download and install Spotify.

On Windows:

Step 1: Close Spotify and go to the Control Panel.

What apps can you download music and listen without wifi

Step 2: Click on Programs and Features and select Spotify in the list.

Step 3: Then click on uninstall and follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 4: Download and install Spotify.

Iphone Spotify Download Without Wifi Hotspot

On iPhone:

Step 1: On the home screen, tap and hold Spotify app icon until it shakes.

Iphone Software Update Without Wifi

Step 2: Tap the X symbol on the icon to uninstall Spotify.

Best App To Download Music Without Wifi

Step 3 Open the App Store, then search for and install the Spotify Music app.

If Spotify keeps saying 'Offline' even when you are connected to WiFi, you can try the above five solutions to solve your problem.

However, the best solution is to download music from Spotify so that you can enjoy Spotify tracks whether you have an internet connection or not. The following part will show you how to download Spotify songs for offline playback without using Premium.

Iphone Spotify Download Without Wifi Password

Part 2. How to Listen to Spotify Offline without Premium

Even if you are Spotify Free subscribers, you can download Spotify for offline playback, but you need to download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter on your computer. It is an efficient Spotify DRM removal which enables you to download Spotify tracks without payment and convert them to common formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC.

Step 1. Download and Install TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

Download TuneFab Spotify Music Converter by clicking on either of below download buttons, then install it on your computer.

Step 2. Drag Songs from Spotify

Click on 'Add Files', then drag tracks from Spotify or copy and paste relevant links to the search bar to add Spotify tracks to the program.

Step 3. Click 'Add' to Add Songs

Music App No Wifi

Click at 'Add' button to add selected Spotify tracks to the conversion list.

Step 4. Start Converting

Then click on 'Convert' button on the menu bar to start downloading Spotify songs to PC. After you download all songs from Spotify, you can listen to the music on any device online or offline.

Download Ipad Update Without Wifi

When you find Spotify says no internet connection, then try the above five solutions to fix your problem. If you have another efficient method, welcome to share it with us. To avoid that happen, you had better download Spotify with TuneFab Spotify Music Converter so that you can play Spotify anytime and anywhere.

Music Apps That Don't Need Wifi

Iphone Spotify Download Without Wifi Setup

Free Music App That Doesn't Use Data

Don’t think that you can access free music from the internet without the need of Wifi/internet! That is not possible at all. When it is written “music apps that don’t need Wi-Fi”, it means it can play music that is available offline or without the need of internet connection.

So, if you don’t have an internet connection active on your phone, but you want to listen to music, make sure you have some songs available for offline use. If you have, you can listen to them using music apps. Also, the apps I am going to talk about offers making songs offline (while you are online) which you can listen even there is no internet connection available. That is the reason they are called as apps to listen to music without wifi or internet.

Allow me to share a list of 8 best apps to listen to music without Wifi or internet connection which you can have on your phone, and listen to music on the go.

8 Best Apps to Listen to Music Without Wifi

Soundcloud has its web version. In fact, the web version has been there since long; later they launched their app as well. Soundcloud is a great place to upload your music, tracks, and other audio content and put it to showcase in front of a large base of audience. It is fairly possible in the app to save the songs for further listening offline. That is much like downloading on your phone and listen later. Soundcloud tops our list of the apps to listen to music without wifi.

Groove is undoubtedly one of the best apps to listen to music with or without an internet connection. When you install this app, you need to give it the access to your music library, and it automatically sorts them as per their artists and genres. It supports AirPlay technology as well.

Shazam needs no introduction because it has been one of the most popular music apps of the world. It is another on our list of music apps without wifi because you can use it offline as well. It has a huge database, and that is why, when you name any song, it recognizes and play for you.

Spotify is another great music app that is developed for different platforms. It offers access to millions of tracks that you can enjoy listening. However, it has an offline play mode as well which you can use without the use of wifi or internet. It is very popular app but not available in India currently.

Wynk Music is another popular app that you can use to listen to music without using Wifi. Though the music it offers shows when there is internet connection, it offers the offline mode that allows you to make specific songs offline which you can listen even when there is no internet but that you can listen within the app only. You cannot download songs from it to your phone’s storage.

Google Play Music comes pre-installed on Android devices because it is a Google product. The app is more than awesome. It can play the music that you have stored on your MicroSD or phone’s storage. Also, the music you listen using this app through the internet can also be made offline which can be of use later when you are not connected to the internet.

Saavn has more than 13 Million listeners around the world. The app is a popular one and offers almost all popular songs. This is also the music apps to listen to music without wifi because it does offer the offline listening mode. But, that mode is available only for premium users which mean free users cannot make the tracks available offline.

This is by far the best music player with radio support. Once you download the app, you get free access to the music you love. 100s of interactive music stations available. Though free plan offers enough, if you want to remove the ads, and activate offline mode, you would need to be premium users. It has battery saving mode as well which ensures your phone’s battery is not draining quickly.


What Is The Best App To Download Music Without Wifi Or Internet

Though we all use internet nowadays, sometimes we are either in no network zone or have no internet pack. That time, if you want to listen to songs, these music apps that don’t need internet may help you.

I hope this list helps you find some of the good music players. Share your thoughts in the comments.

What Is The Best App To Download Music Without Wifi On Spotify

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