Where to download Virtual Audio Cable. Head to the Virtual Audio Cable website to download the latest version of the app. Virtual Audio Cable works with Windows XP. Here you have the option to search for MP3 audio files and then download them to your device free of charge. The quality of the MP3 files is very high. We try to maintain the quality of the original file. Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) is an audio bridge between applications that transmits sounds (audio streams) from app to app, from device to device. VAC creates a set of virtual audio devices. Each device simulates an audio adapter (card) whose output is internally connected to the input, making a loopback.

Put on your headphones and feel the sound move around you!Created by QSound Labshttp://www.qsound.com


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Comment by mohi

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Virtual Audio Mp3 Downloads

This is driving me crazy

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wowww its so perfect

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Comment by DJ Dizzy T

love it the clicking is like it is real

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12,363 downloadsUpdated: December 13, 2013Freeware

Turns text into speech for persons suffering from voice deficiency diseases, while also providing a voice anonymizer for various activities

What's new in Virtual Microphone

  • Added possibility to choose audio input device for Voice Anonymizer.
  • Rebuild with new development tools.
  • A few minor bugs are fixed.
Read the full changelog

Virtual Microphone addresses a fairly large crowd of user due to its capabilities that combine the voice morpher module with the text-to-speech section. Thus, Virtual Microphone can also be utilized by users that suffer from a verbal disorder.

Although voice anonymizers are often used for some rather unorthodox purposes and various motion pictures do show these peculiar ways to wrongly exploit them, sometimes, they can also be operated for numerous innocent practical jokes and even scientific experiments and tests.

On the other side, the text-to-speech capabilities of this particular piece of software are far from the ones used by the computer program that Stephen Hawking uses, for example. This exact example is not here to rub anything in the face of Virtual Microphone, but to underline the importance of such an application to individuals and the whole world, in general.

A typical text-to-speech system captures the text you are inputting via the keyboard, analyzes it and creates a raw vocal statement that is then given phasing, intonation and even duration inside the linguistic analysis module and that, finally, can be mixed into an waveform for audio output purposes. Thus, software of such sort can provide different results both in quality and genuineness.

From this specific point of view, Virtual Microphone does bring a certain level of these two, delivering a rather interesting outcome with a pinch of pure English accent, even though the produced voice is robotized. In order to work with software that almost mimics the human voice to perfection, you may have to dig in your pockets and that is just not the case with Virtual Microphone.

To sum it all up, Virtual Microphone is a pretty good computer program that has both a noble and a less noble purpose. On one hand, it can help people that find talking difficult do that more easily, while on the other hand, it can prove to be a great tool for assorted pranks.

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Virtual Microphone was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie

Virtual Audio Mp3 Download Free

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Virtual Microphone

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Virtual Audio Cable Vac

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