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Visual Analytics with Tableau: Covers the newest versions of Tableau 2018.3 and 2019.1 plus Tableau Prep, Tableau’s brand-new data integration application. Requires no background in mathematics nor any programming experience. Focuses on the visual analytics functionality of Tableau rather than complex statistical programming. Tableau is changing the way versions are numbered, that’s all. As of January 2018, the company changed the naming convention to be based on the year the software is released, meaning 2018.1 is the first release of the current year.

How to download Tableau Public?


Are you now eager to download Tableau Public? We’ve already showed you how Tableau can help you gain improved insights and efficiencies. When it comes to data visualization software, Tableau is the grand master with 115% year-over-year increase in subscription annual recurring revenue.

Fancy to become a part of the success story?

Step 1: Let’s type ‘Tableau Public’ in Google.

As you can see the first result we have points to Tableau’s website at www.tableau.com. I’ll click on the link and this will direct me to the Tableau Public domain.

It shouldn’t be difficult to download Tableau Public from here.

Great news: Tableau Public is free!

If you’re wondering why we searched for “Tableau Public”, the reason is quite trivial. This is Tableau’s free version. If you don’t have a paid subscription for Tableau, this is an excellent alternative. You can practice with most of the program’s functionalities and you don’t have to pay Tableau’s annual fee. So, it is up to you – you can either use Tableau Public for free or pay for Tableau’s desktop version. Both options would allow you to follow along. There are some issues when you want to connect Tableau Public and programming languages like SQL, R, and Python. To do that, you’ll need Tableau Desktop. But for now, Tableau Public will do just fine and allow us to practice at will.

Tableau reader 2018.1 download windows 10Tableau

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Tableau Reader 2020 Download

Download tableau reader for freeFree

Step 2: Provide an e-mail address

All I have to do here is provide an e-mail address, and once I have done that an 'exe' file will download Tableau Public automatically on my computer.

Step 3: Install

Tableau Reader 2018.1 Download Free

Let’s open the 'exe' file. This is the standard installation procedure you will find when installing any program out there. I have to agree to Tableau’s terms and conditions, and then click Install.

Once the installation starts, I simply have to wait …

And here we are! Tableau’s installed on my PC. You are now part of the Tableau community. We are ready to start our journey!

Tableau Reader 2018.1 Download Free


Tableau Reader Download 64 Bit

If you want to sharpen your visualization skills, find some extra helpful resources in our Tableau tutorials!

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