Super Mario Flash. Super Mario Flash is a classical adventure game. The goal is to complete levels as fast as possible and achieve maximum points. Super Mario Flash is a. To download SSF2, please select the appropriate version for your operating system below. Latest Downloads: SSF2 Beta ( beta): MEGA: Windows 64-bit (Installer.

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This is fun, and just basicly mario. the level feel,sound,and look just like the originals,but different levels.

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4 on 154 votes

Super Mario Flash is a classical adventure game. The goal is to complete levels as fast as possible and achieve maximum points.

4.3 on 59 votes

Mario Worker is a free-classic Mario Bros remake but this time you're a level and scenario creator.

3.9 on 29 votes

Play Rambo Bros. Mario and Luigi break out the rifles to rescue Peach and stop Bowser once and for all.

4.2 on 59 votes

A complete from scratch recreation of Super Mario Bros. with a focus on perfectly imitating the feel the 1985 classic gave us.

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A wide selection of Super Mario Bros. themed games submitted from huge fans of Mario between 2001 and 2006. Thus, ensuring their efforts won’t be lost amidst the intraweb abyss. The fan made games (the downloadable and playable type) were submitted to the old Super Mario Portal formerly

The list is sorted by author name—created with software called Game Maker although this doesn’t apply to all of them. The creator made the games a long time ago so it’s no wonder to hear some of them are now professionals in videogames, or still on video, graphic design related courses.

The games are not commercial, not for sale, not official, and most importantly the sprites, sounds, etc used within them are strictly own by the owners (as detailed in each individual game). Other associated names aside from “Super Mario” are © Nintendo and other respective owners. Winzip/Winrar is required to unzip/open these games which were made by fans, for fans like them.

Games by 8-Bit Waluigi

8 Bit Waluigi's Uppercut

8-bit Waluigi gets a training... A very hard training. He must do as much perfect uppercuts as he can at a moving target! To uppercut, tab space! If the target gets out of jour sight jou lose!!! GOOD LUCK!

Author: 8-Bit Waluigi

File size:-1.4mb

Download:8-Bit Waluigi's Uppercut

Super Mario Land X

NOTE: This is the Demo version of Super Mario Land X. Press F1 during the game for controls!
Created by 8-bit Waluigi and Ultra Games

Author: 8-Bit Waluigi

File size:- 1.39mb

Download:Super Mario Land X

Games by Alex Henderson

Delfino Casino Slots
Try your luck on the slots in the best Casino in Delfino, just click on each slot and try to get three of the same icon in a row! Press the thwomp to try again.

Author: Alex Henderson

File size: 684kb

Download:Delfino Casino Slots

Dr. Mario 2: Virus Escape
Okay, you start as the red virus inside a puzzle of Dr. Mario's megavitamins. Your mission is to escape the bottle by getting to your virus buddies. You can't walk on the pills just jump/float to them.

Author: Alex Henderson

File size: 745kb

Download:Dr. Mario 2: Virus Escape

Dr. Mario 3: Rise of the Temperature

Welcome back to the bottle. Dr. Mario has created a new Virus destroying weapon called the NegaVitamin. Your mission is to climb from pill to pill and reach your Virus buddies.

Author: Alex Henderson

File size: 981kb

Download:Dr. Mario 3: Rise of the Temperature

Enemy Relay
Play as enemies from different games and try to get through all the levels. There are different commands for different enemies, all of which are explained in the game!

Author: Alex Henderson

File size: 1.71mb

Download:Enemy Relay

Shroom Pong
A classic game of breakout, mushroom style. Left + Right keys move the bat. Once you have cleared the room of all the blocks, you can go back to the start and try a different room

Author: Alex Henderson

File size: 1.71mb

Download:Shroom Pong

Games by Angry Koopa

Save Mario
Chargin' Chuck and Big Boo, tired of being constantly defeated by Mario, have kidnapped the plumber himself!! Now Luigi and Peach must rescue him!!

Author: AngryKoopa

File size: 2.32mb

Download:Save Mario

Games by Beeftasticbro

Mario Worldz
Run, jump, and dodge through 5 Mario themed levels and fight the easy Koopa at the end to save Princess peach! Featuring a save/load capability.

Author: Beeftasticbro

File size: 2.09mb

Download:Mario Worldz

Super mario flash

Games by Ben

Click Mario

A very simple Fan game where you have to click either of the two fast-moving bouncy Mario's which you see on the screen, each time you click on him he will give you one point and will re-appear elsewhere on the screen.

Author: Ben

File size: 848kb

Download:Click Mario

Mario Playing in Traffic

Well before I get emails from concerned parents, SMP in no way endorse your children playing in the road to see how long they can survive for to gain points. Guide Mario through the road and dodge as much oncoming traffic as possible, the longer you survive the higher your score! Controls are the arrow keys!

Author: Ben

File size: 1.0mb

Download:Mario Playing in Traffic

Games by Brandon Gardell

The Legend of Mario
Brilliant game, has a great feel to it, and a good ease of control, a classic fan-game masterpiece - thanks for submitting this.

Controls: Arrow keys to move, CTRL to Jump.

Author: Brandon Gardell

File size: 732kb

Download:The Legend of Mario

Games by BultWolf3

Mario Bros. Tribute
Another Mario style platformer using classic Mario Sprites along with the revamped snes versions, comprises of various levels of different heights, there's lots of beanstalks in this high up world...

Author: BultWolf3

File size: 928kb

Download:Mario Bros. Tribute

Games by Bulbasaur


Author: Bulbasaur

File size: 662kb

Download: Maze

Games by Carlo

Super mario bros flash 2
Mario & The Crown of The Crusaders

It's Peach's birthday, but Mario still doesn't have a gift for her. A while ago he heard a rumour, that the crown of the crusaders was hidden in a maze complex near the mushroom kingdom. In a last attempt to get a beautiful gift for the princess he goes to the complex, but it seems he's not the only one who wants... the crown.....

Author: Carlo

File size: 3.98mb

Download:Mario & The Crown of the Crusaders

Games by CME Games

Super Goomba Bros

Super Mario World style graphics, but a game with a difference, you are the goomba, running jumping dodging etc, and there are dumb Mario's and Luigis etc patrolling, Fire Flowers are enemies etc - Nice twist - give it a go.

Author: CME Games

File size: 795kb

Download:Super Goomba Bros

Games by Conor Voss

128 Mario's

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 10.8mb

Download: 128 Mario's

This is three games in one! The three games are called: Bombs away, Mazza Dodge and Mario Shootout, the theme tunes are really cool and there's a game for everyone here. Press enter on the first screen to start.


  • Bombs away:- Left and right arrow to move side to side, F to throw bricks.
  • Mazza dodge: You control the row of Marios at the bottom, move them left and right to dodge the Mushrooms being thrown by Evil Mario, the longer you survive the higher your score.
  • Mario Shoot Out: Avoid the cloned Mario's by moving around with the arrow keys, press the spacebar to Fire mushrooms and eliminate the cloned Mario's to gain score. Mario can only shoot upwards in this version.
228 Mario's

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 2.09mb

Download: 228 Mario's

228 Mario's is a compilation of Mini-Games, consisting of: Bombs away, Dodge Mazza, Shoot-out and The War, there is also the option to clear the high score table on each game. Press enter on the first screen to start.


  • Bombs away:- Left and right arrow to move side to side, F to throw bricks.
  • Mazza dodge: You control the row of Marios at the bottom, move them left and right to dodge the Mushrooms being thrown by Evil Mario, the longer you survive the higher your score.
  • Mario Shoot Out: Avoid the cloned Mario's by moving around with the arrow keys, press the spacebar to Fire mushrooms and eliminate the cloned Mario's to gain score. In the 228 version Mario can shoot in all different directions.
  • Mario War: You play as Luigi, use the up and down arrows to move and the spacebar to fire rockets at the Mario clones.
Bowser's Revenge
I know what you're thinking. Play as Mario and defeat Bowser. Haha! Not this time! This you play as that ugly King among Koopas to see how many times you can shoot Mario with Bullet Bills! Nowhere to run this time, Mario!!! Control details in the zip file.

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 2.2mb

Download:Bowser's Revenge

Bowser Stadium

Bowsers Stadium, in this game you play as Mario and can run back and forth left and right and fire missiles in three different directions, using Space, Enter and Control keys and the arrow keys!

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 3.03mb

Download:Bowser Stadium

Dr. Mario Battle
Dr. Mario has shrunk himself, so he may fight the viruses directly. He must now fight his way through an army of viruses!

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 772kb

Download:Dr. Mario Battle

Falling Balls

You play as the flying Goomba from SMB3, try to fly away from the balls before they hit you out the air and crush you, the longer your alive for the more points you acquire. Controls are the arrow keys! and Spacebar will drop the balls again.

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 700kb

Download:Falling Balls

Falling Junk

Catch the Falling Junk from the Sky, try to avoid the bob-ombs and bullet bills though! Here's how the scoring system works: Star 5, Fire Flower 3, Mushroom 2, Coin 1, Bob-omb -1, Bullet Bill -3, Poison Mushroom -5

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 720kb

Download:Falling Junk

Giga Bowser

You play as giga bowser on the rampage, you can either trample on tanks (but this gets you no points) or throw fireballs at them using the spacebar.

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 959kb

Download:Giga Bowser

Goombas Adventure

See the world through the eyes of the classic super mario bros enemy, the Goomba, it may be illiterate, it may not be the brightest spark in Conor Voss' mind.. but this game is downright fun :-) Controls are the arrow keys and it's the spacebar to stop (you'll need it)

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 2.5mb

Download:Goombas Adventure

Goombas Adventure 2

The sequel to the goombas original adventure, this game is just as crazy, just as illiterate and just as fun as the original, you play as a goomba, in his biggest and best adventure yet!

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 975kb

Download:Goombas Adventure 2

Hitting Game

Clicking on certain characters/items will get you a certain amount of points, stars are worth one hundred points and the controls are just move around with the mouse and click using the left mouse button!

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 799kb

Download:Hitting Game

Luigi the Treasure Thief

Ah, Luigi the treasure thief, probably my hardest game yet!
As Luigi you must steal as much treasure from Waluigi's Lair. Waluigi will shoot Bullet Bills at you so be careful. Use the arrow keys to move

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 779kb

Download:Luigi the Treasure Thief

Mario's Assault

Start a one-man army against the Koopas! Use the arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire mushrooms at the enemies. You will get three chances with 100 HP each time. Let me show you the enemies

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 3.26mb

Download:Mario's Assault

Mario Battle

An action packed adventure featuring battles vs. the most intelligent enemies that Mario has come up against yet, with awesome scenery (as you can see above) and weapons such as a gun for example, Spacebar to fire! have fun!

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 1.84mb

Download:Mario Battle

Mario Goes Ghost Hunting
Bowser and King Boo have formed an alliance and have kidnapped the Princess. They have taken her to Boo Mansion as Bowser's Castle was destroyed. Mario must travel there cleansing the whole area of ghosts. See the readme.txt file provided by the author for control instructions!

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 5.86mb

Download:Mario Goes Ghost Hunting

Mario Goes Ghost Hunting Jr

Use Spacebar to fire missiles forward, enter to fire missiles backwards, L to fire left and R to fire right.

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 743kb

Download:Mario Goes Ghost Hunting Jr

Mario's Isometric Maze

The first 3D Isometric adventure of Mario in the fan sections, Guide Mario through the maze to win.. sounds simple? Nope.. there's a little hitch involved, known as a timelimit ;-)

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 868kb

Download:Mario's Isometric Maze

Mario's Adventure
One thousand years ago, a Millenium Star was born, who guarded Rainbow Road. His sanctem was often attack and intruded so he created a weapon to replel the evil. The Ultimate Mushroom! It did the job but overtime it grew a mind of it's own and caused mayhem. It had such great so fearing this power, the Millenium Star locked it up forever.....

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 985kb

Download:Mario's Adventure

Mario's Assault

Start a one-man army against the Koopas! Use the arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire mushrooms at the enemies. You will get three chances with 100 HP each time. Let me show you the enemies

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 985kb

Download:Mario's Assault

Mario's Assault: Super Edition

Remember Mario's Assault? Picture that with twice (or sometimes more than twice) the action, and twice as difficult, and you have the super edition of Mario's assault, with the same controls as it's predecessor!

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 2.83mb

Download:Mario's Assault: Super Edition

Mario's Highway

As you race along the highway you must avoid Boo's, Koopas, and eventually bowser, collecting pasta will increase your petrol level, the controls are the arrow keys, and you start with three lives! Get racing!

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 2.32mb

Download:Mario's Highway

Mariofan9's Adventure

You play as Mariofan9 speeding down a busy highway, you have to pick up the jewels and other valuable stuff along the way to get a higher score, but you have to also dodge the hazards in the road! good luck!

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 795kb

Download:Mariofan9's Adventure

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Get ready, the koopa army is coming for Mario!! While Mario just stands there (idiot!), Koopas, Bullet Bills and Paratroopas will bombard him with attacks! It's your job to shoot all the enemies before they harm Mario. Mario can withstand 100 hits, until he dies. Make sure you don't shoot him by accident

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 722kb

Download:Ready, Aim, Fire!

Suicide Field

Mario enters no mans land, there is no hope here, only flames, and the strongest enemies known to the Koopa Armies, in this auto scrolling adventure you have to dodge all the oncoming enemies as best you can, the longer you live the higher your score!

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 955kb

Download:Suicide Field

Wario's Treasure Hunt
In this maze game you have to lead a person through a number of mazes with many puzzles to solve. You will find monsters to avoid, blocks you must push into holes, bombs, etc. The goal in each level is to collect the diamonds (if any) and to reach the flag

Author: Conor Voss

File size: 1.10mb

Download:Wario's Treasure Hunt

Games by Dylan Dawson

Mario Demo
You can play as Mario or Luigi in this platformer, it uses the super Mario allstars title screen and is based upon an example game with game maker, You might recognise some of the tunes in here too ;) Controls are the same as in Peaches Adventure

Author: Dylan Dawson

File size: 6.55mb

Download:Mario Demo

Mario Ping Pong

This is ping pong as you've never seen it, and more difficult than you've played it too I'll bet, you play as both Mario and Luigi who are on separate sides of the screen, you use the arrow keys to move up and down, try to return the ball to each other!

Author: Dylan Dawson

File size: 690kb

Download:Mario Ping Pong

Peach's Adventure

Peach, its time for you to shine. Toad, Mario and Luigi have been kidnapped. You got to find them, good luck! The controls are Jump/Climb (Up Arrow), Walk left (Left arrow), Walk right (Right arrow).

Author: Dylan Dawson

File size: 958kb

Download:Peach's Adventure

Games by Goomba_Crazy

Mario Flash Games Online

Smash Mario

Mario runs frantically from side to side along the yellow blocks at the bottom, you play as Bowser, the only control is the spacebar, try and time bowsers descent so that he lands on Mario and crushes him!

Author: Goomba_Crazy

File size: 931kb

Download:Smash Mario

Games by greenyoshi14

Luigi and Mario

Kinda similar to the above Mario's Adventure, but this time your not Mario! The controls are, up to jump, and left and right for.. left and right! Luigi plays kind of like he does in SMB2, can jump very high and hovers.

Author: greenyoshi14

File size: 786kb (setup program)

Download:Luigi and Mario

Luigi's Fight to Heaven
You play as Luigi, after being killed by the Koopa's his soul must fly to heaven, but his troubles aren't over just yet, there are lots of mean enemies on the way up, shoot them using the space bar.

Author: greenyoshi14

File size: 705kb

Download:Luigi's Fight to Heaven

Games by Griffoulty

Geno Madness
Bowser is very hungry because he is stranded on a small island. he sees stars everywhere so he decides to eat them. Bowser thinks they taste like pie. Geno sees him and says 'don't eat my friends.' Now you must control Bowser and eat as many stars as you can. if Geno gets you, you die therefore crashing the game. you have one minute to eat.

Author: Griffoulty

File size: 755kb

Download:Geno Madness

Games by Karl Lalalala

Mario Small Adventure

A great looking SMW-type game for you to enjoy. Ouch... those spikes look nasty.

Author: Karl Lalalala

File size: 1.03mb

Download:Mario Small Adventure

Games by King Terask

King Terask's Stress Reliever

Are you mad at one of your Mario games because an enemy keeps killing you, THAN GET REVENGE! To ease out the stress of being killed all the time, take a rifle, and blast the enemies through there heads! That should help ease your agony.

Author: King Terask

File size: 766kb

Download:King Terask's Stress Reliever

Games by Legoboy

Super Mario Flash Game Download For Pc Windows 7

Super Coin Man Bros
Classic Mario embarks on a new adventure, encountering exotic versions of all his previous enemies while trying to go for the rather addictive (and large) gold coins you see before you... This is Mario's best get-rich-quick idea yet... RECOMMENDED...

Author: Legoboy

File size: 761kb

Download:Super Coin Man Bros

Games by Little_G_Dog

Mario Pac Man

Pac-Man with Mario style, eat as many mushrooms as you can, each one is worth points, the controls are the arrow keys, you can of course go up, down, left and right - avoid the patrolling guards as you go.

Author: Little_G_Dog

File size: 746kb

Download:Mario Pacman

Games by Luigi6

Tatanga's Revenge

Tatanga's back in an all new adventure! He got really angry when Mario beat him up in Super Mario Land, and want's revenge! So Tatanga called Wario (in 2 player mode). Then Mario found out about it, so he called Luigi to help! So they got in a big fight!

Author: Luigi6

File size: 664kb

Download:Tatanga's Revenge

Games by Luigifan9

Kirby's Clone

You start with one Kirby, but then you bump into his clone when you pickup the first diamond, from this point forward you play as two characters, one being a clone of the other, controls are the arrow keys! The aim is to get more diamonds!

Author: Luigifan9

File size: 690kb

Download:Kirby's Clone

Luigi's Danger Zone

You play as Luigi in this game, your trapped in a room with boulders being dropped through the ceiling, avoid them for as long as you can! More and more boulders will come out the longer you live to make it harder, controls are the arrow keys, with up arrow being to jump.

Author: Luigifan9

File size: 5.0mb

Download:Luigi's Danger Zone

Luigi's Survival

In this SMB3 Battle-mode style game you have to avoid the enemies which come out of the different pipes, the longer you avoid them (by jumping and using the arrows keys) the more points you get, whoever survives the longest wins!

Author: Luigifan9

File size: 5.02mb

Download:Luigi's Survival

Mario-90's Game

To complete this game you must guide Mario-90 to each of the diamonds on the level, when all the diamonds are collected you have completed the level. Diamonds can be found inside places aswell as outside them and the controls are the arrow keys!

Author: Luigifan9

File size: 641kb

Download:Mario-90's Game

Mario Run

Guide Mario through this dangerous maze, their are Crying Bowsers at every turn, you have to time it so when Bowser goes one way you go another, controls are the arrow keys! Good luck!

Author: Luigifan9

File size: 847kb

Download:Mario Run

Games by Mario Sibrian

Super Mario Bros: Platform Engine Demo
The first new Marioportal submission since 2004! This excellent game is worth having a go at.

Author: Mario Sibrian

File size: 725kb

Download:Super Mario Bros: Platform Engine Demo

Games by Mario-90

Bowser's Dodging Game
In this game the level automatically scrolls along for you, all you have to do it crouch or jump, to avoid the blocks, you get five lives and the longer you live for the more points you get! Sound easy? You'll be surprised how difficult it is.

Controls: Down arrow: Crouch, Up arrow: Stand, Jump

Author: Mario-90

File size: 693kb

Download:Bowser's Dodging Game

Games by Mariofan9

Boom Boom Bomb
The Mushroom Kingdom is in big danger! There are coming to much evil boombooms! Jou, a brave hammer brother wants to do something about that. So jou grab jour weapons and jou go to dark land! Don't give the boombooms a chance to become a team of hundred. SPACE TO DROP BOBOMBS!

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 812kb

Download:Boom Boom Bomb

Chris Shoot
A staff mini game in which you play as Chris by Mariofan9.

Chris of Marioportal has a problem: Bowser has cloned him billion zillion times!! Now chris must defeat them with his ULTRA ROCKETS! Jou can move up and down with the arrow keys! Space to shoot an Ultra rocket. Jou can only shoot another rocket if jour first rocket is out of sight. ESCAPE to start! READY.... SET....... GOOO!!!

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 4.24mb

Download:Chris Shoot

Click a Star

The aim of this game is to click on as many stars to get the maximum score possible, but if you click on a fish by accident (it's harder than you'd think because the stars move so quickly) then thats it! your dead! You control this game using just the mouse!

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 812kb

Download:Click a Star

DarkAngels Cards
A staff mini game in which you play as DarkAngel by Mariofan9.

The Yellow Boo is out to get Dark Angel and he wont stop til he gets him, use the arrow keys to get away and collect as many of the fallen Staff cards as you can, the more you get the higher your score.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 1.80mb

Download:DarkAngels Cards

Dizzy Dial

A two player game! the controls etc are explained within the game, each player controls a toad who is trying to catch the Dizzy dial that appears at random intervals, first one to get it wins!

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 716kb

Download:Dizzy Dial

Dracon's Game

Dracon is on his special POWER BLOCK training. He must do the right pose when he touches a POWER BLOCK. CONTROLS: SPACE= SHELL POSE, NO KEY= STAND POSE If the block comes from above use the shell pose! Use the stand pose if it comes from the right! Press escape to start. F4 to use fullscreen mode.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 1.99mb

Download:Dracon's Game

Dr. Mario Special

Like Dr. Mario, but Mario has a more direct role here! He has to catch 100 vitamins before the time runs out, and dodge the viruses when he can, cool theme tune, controls are the arrow keys. Different coloured vitamins are worth a different amount of points.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 1.04mb

Download:Dr. Mario Special

Dylan's Evader

As Dylan unsuspectingly strolls through the dodgy blue liney place, many projectiles are hurled at him from the skies by an unknown enemy, additional to this, spike strips float toward him, click on the projectiles before they get Dylan! the longer you live the more points you get, if you get hit its game over!

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 1.86mb

Download:Dylan's Evader

Escape from Bowser's Stomach

Avoid the Blarggs and don't fall into the lava, keep going to see if you can escape from Bowser's Stomach, Mariofan9 got the idea for this game from an entry in the Mailbag.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 696kb

Download:Escape from Bowser's Stomach

Facechild's Lucky Coin
A staff mini game in which you play as Facechild by Mariofan9.

Facechild is looking for his coins but some enemy's have shooted many sorts of torpedoes to stop him! EVADE THE ROCKETS AND GET JOUR COINS!


Author: Mariofan9

File size: 1.58mb

Download:Face Child's Lucky Coin

Joker's Ball Throw

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 1.74mb

Download:Joker's Ball Throw

A staff mini game in which you play as Joker by Mariofan9.

Joker has got a LOT of mail lately! He can only receive email by throwing his receive ball! But there are doubleposts and spam with it! Be sure that jou DON'T throw jour ball at spam and doubleposts!

Johnny Volley
A staff mini game in which you play as JonnyJinx by Mariofan9

Prepare to be destroyed (every time) by Green Boo as you fail to Volley the Buzzy Beetle back to him!

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 2.01mb

Download:Johnny Volley

King Terask's Sword - Magic Game
A staff mini game in which you play as King Terask by Mariofan9

Controlled by the arrow keys, help King Terask reach his Sword without being destroyed by the Pandorites. Each time you make it to the sword you score a point.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 1.71mb

Download:King Terask's Sword - Magic Game

Kink Link Trouble
You play as Bowser, move the hand round with the mouse, and press the spacebar to drop kinklinks, stop all the Smithy clones from escaping from Bowsers keep.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 900kb

Download:Kink Link Trouble

Lord Bowser's Commands

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 1.45mb

Download:Lord Bowser's Commands

Lord_Bowser is on a well deserved vacation in the mountains! BUT..... He is under attack. The enemy's attack him when he has no weapons with him! Cowards! They are shooting bullets at Lord_Bowser. But Lord_Bowser has many soldiers.


Luigi Ghost Escape

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 583kb

Download:Luigi Ghost Escape

You play as Luigi in this unique Fan Game, you have to avoid all the different coloured Big Boo's for as long as you can, but if the Boo's get you, you lose!

Use the Arrow keys to move around and dodge the Boo's.

Mario-90 vs. The Koopa Kids

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 3.91mb

Download:Mario-90 vs. The Koopa Kids

You play as Mario-90 and of course as the title suggests you are against the Koopa Kids, Mario-90 will follow the mouse pointer around the screen once the game is loaded, guide Mario-90 away from the Koopa Kids for as long as possible.
Mario in the Air

The aim of this game is to avoid the big boos as you fly through the sky with your super leaf (Racoon power) - you do this simply by moving the mouse around them! This ones quite easy for the newer gamer

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 711kb

Download:Mario in the Air

Mario is Angry Today - Beware

An automatic side scroller, so you don't even have to move, you just have to fire using Mario's shotgun at the oncoming enemies by pressing the spacebar!.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 677kb

Download:Mario is Angry Today - Beware

Super Mario: The Never Made Levels

A cool Mario platformer by Mariofan9, the controls are, Jump (Up Arrow) and backward and forward on the left and right arrows, It's pretty well made and there's a fair few levels, this is one to give a go.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 1.25mb

Download:Super Mario: The Never Made Levels

Super Mario RPG 2

Super Mario RPG 2 Role Playing Game, walk around with the arrow keys, AVOID THE FIREBALLS!!! Especially the very first one. Press spacebar throws a fireball at your opponent in battle.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 1.50mb

Download:Super Mario RPG 2

Melon Tree

The Yoshi's Are harvesting watermelons, and guess whose task it is to help them? Yeah that's right, yours! The controls for this one is just the mouse, click on a melon to collect it, if you miss one its game over! good luck!

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 683kb

Download:Melon Tree

Mario's Greatest Adventure: Chapter 1

A very very good RPG Style Mario fan game, controls are the arrow keys only, until you get a fireflower, then the spacebar throws fireballs. This is the first chapter of a huge game thats currently being developed by Mariomeha! I look forward to the sequel.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 877kb

Download:Mario's Greatest Adventure: Chapter 1

Mario's Greatest Adventure: Chapter 2

The same controls etc as MGA, the second edition of the Marios Greatest adventure series is by Mariofan9, and is a sequel game rather than a standalone, another great addition to this cool RPG!

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 814kb

Download:Mario's Greatest Adventure: Chapter 2

Mario's Greatest Adventure: Chapter 3

Oh my god, it's the third instalment of the Greatest Mario Adventure of all time, and believe me the opening battle is a tougher boss than anything I've seen on an official game, his quick, his good at dodging, and his got no problems shooting you, you use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to fire in this amazing RPG!

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 822kb

Download:Mario's Greatest Adventure: Chapter 3

Mario's Greatest Adventure: Chapter 4

The '3D' ish style Mario adventure game continues! This will be the fourth in the series, and it is of course sequel to MGA 1-3. Controls are the arrow keys, and enter fires Yoshi eggs to break through obstacles and attack enemies.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 4.56mb

Download:Mario's Greatest Adventure: Chapter 4

Muna's Speedy Climb
Muna must get up through the different levels of platforms and reach the flag before time runs out, the more time you have left when you reach the flag, the higher your total score will be on the highscores list. Controls are the arrow keys.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 2.54mb

Download:Muna's Speedy Climb

Mushroom Catcher
In this game you have to have good reflexes, if a mushroom goes off the screen its game over, so your job is to watch all the five bushes which they could come from and try to grab them using the spacebar and mouse to stop them getting away!

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 657kb

Download:Mushroom Catcher

Protect Whacka


Author: Mariofan9

File size: 653kb

Download:Protect Whacka

Rainbow Piranha's Game

You play as Rainbow Piranha while flying in the air, you have to move up and down and try to dodge all the other flying piranhas, you get a point for every second you don't get hit in! The other piranhas pick on rainbow piranha

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 799kb

Download:Rainbow Piranha's Game

Real or Fake

Bowser Given a disguise to some of his troops! Jou, Flying Toad, is set to destroy all the disguised enemy's. Use the arrow keys to move. Use Space to Drop a ULTRA bomb. Please don't destroy the real ones!

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 789kb

Download:Real or Fake

Sam's Game

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 3.43mb

Download:Sam's Game

Sam has been transported into his inbox! And he was changed into a star. And that all because an Magic bad post tried to penetrate his inbox! Collect jour good post! Evade the moving magic one! There is a teleporter! USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK! And o yeah, DON'T TOUCH THE YELLOW BLOCKS! The arrow keys are used to move!
Mario Portal Staff Mini-Games

The first Fan Game in the section to consist of three smaller ones! Poor old DeBug has to avoid oncoming fighters, and collect coins, Luke has to run from an angry Hammer Brother and GRiM has to fend off lots of different Magikoopas!

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 692kb

Download:Mario Portal Staff Mini-Games

Trouble With Invisibility
The most difficult fan game going, Mario and Bowser are invisible, but appear for about 1 second in different places, clicking on Mario gets you one point, clicking on Bowser loses you the game! This is very tough, you play it with just the mouse.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 715kb

Download:Trouble with invisibility

Another in the addictive series of mini-games by Mariofan9, in this game you play as Toad, you have to catch as many good vegetables as possible, while avoiding the bad ones (These end the game first time you get one so be careful), the controls are a combination of the up arrow, and the left and right arrows.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 655kb


Yoshi Farrar Bowser Hitting
A staff mini game in which you play as Yoshi Farrar by Mariofan9

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 2.84mb

Download:Yoshi Farrar Bowser Hitting

Games by Mariofan 9 and Mariomeha

Mariofan9 and Mariomeha's Mini-Game

Choose to play as either Mariomeha or Mariofan9 in there latest game, you have to jump up the side avoiding the spiked enemy which is floating and bouncing around at the top, the controls are the arrow keys.

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 728kb

Download:Mariofan9 and Mariomeha's Mini-Game

Waterfall Mario
This game looks pretty basic, but is genuinely very addictive! There is a choice of two play modes, free style or high score mode, free style is just to practice the movement, and in high score mode you have to dodge the viruses and collect coins. The highest score wins!

Author: Mariofan9

File size: 801kb

Download: Mariofan9 and Mariomeha's Mini-Game

Games by Mariomeha

Don't Hit the Ball

Just like one of the Mario Party 5 mini-games, three balls are bouncing around the stone arena, and you play as mario, you have to dodge them for as long as you can, the controls are all four of the arrow keys, the longer you stay alive the more points you get, you start with three lifes.

Author: Mariomeha
File size: 672kb
Download:Don't Hit the Ball

Koopa Troopa Quest

A game with a difference created by Mariomeha, in this game you play as a Koopa Troopa, yep read it right! There are different variations of games such as you have to get the fire flower to baby Bowser. Use the arrow keys as controls.

Author: Mariomeha
File size: 860kb
Download:Koopa Troopa Quest

Mario 2004

Mario 2004 is a Fan Game made by Mariomeha, You play as Mario and you have a similar skill to what Luigi had in SMB2, you can kinda hover if you use the right moves, the controls are the arrow keys and help is available by pressing Q.

Author: Mariomeha
File size: 782kb
Download:Mario 2004

Mario the Fruit Catcher

You play as Mario in his specially made fruit catching device... thingy... Controls are the arrow keys, collect the fruit to score points, but if you collect a bomb its game over! Harder than it looks, some bombs are concealed behind fruit.

Author: Mariomeha
File size: 738kb
Download:Mario the Fruit Catcher

Mario Jumper

This is a new style of game by one of our best submitters, Mariomeha, in this game the level scrolls along quite quick, and you have to jump over all obstacles ahead of you to get points, you cant mess up though you only get one chance! It's spacebar to jump!

Author: Mariomeha
File size: 888kb
Download:Mario Jumper

Mario Kart X-Racer

Masterpiece! I love this game, Just like the SNES version of Super Mario Kart combined with Micro Machines! You use the arrow keys as controls and race around several different circuits from standard track to ice!

Author: Mariomeha
File size: 737kb
Download:Mario Kart X-Racer

Mario Mini Kart

The aim aim of this game is to drive and keep driving and avoid the hills at all costs, for every second you drive without hitting a hill your score will go up, so avoid those bumps, much harder than it looks. Controls are the arrow keys.

Author: Mariomeha
File size: 761kb
Download:Mario Kart X-Racer

Star Catcher

This is a pretty unique game in the sense that, yes you are trying to catch items (in this case stars), but this time you have competition, three Lakitu's steal the Stars before they can land! It's harder than it looks. You play as the princess and the controls are the arrow keys.

Author: Mariomeha
File size: 687kb
Download:Star Catcher

Stone Throwers
Your job in this game, as cruel as it is, is to play Mario, who stands on a platform (you can go left and right with arrow keys) and throw stones down at the Space Goomba each hit gets you a point, to throw stones use the space bar, don't try this at home.

Author: Mariomeha
File size: 708kb
Download:Stone Throwers

Two Mini Games

There are two different games in this! in one game you play as a space Goomba and you have to avoid all the big boos in space! the longer you live the more points you get. And the other is a game featuring me (luke) where I have to catch all my mail (hehe made me laugh) and pages, very realistic! Great Game!

Author: Mariomeha
File size: 786kb
Download:Two Mini Games

Games by mariosf_9303

Super Mario Ball
There will be two flying Mario's bouncing around the screen at any one time, clicking on one of them gets you a point. That's all there is too it! Easy huh? Until they start going faster and changing directions yep!

Author: mariosf_9303
File size: 799kb
Download:Super Mario Ball

Games by Mark Rombust

Super Methane Bros
Clone of an amiga title and parody of Super Mario Bros, the Super Methane Bros by Mark Rombust

Author: Mark Rombust
File size: 728kb
Download:Super Methane Bros

Games by Matthew Bell of Super Mat Games

Make Mario Dizzy

A “SUPER MAT GAMES mini game: Mario mouse game” where Mario must watch the mushroom you are controlling carefully as it spins around him eventually making him dizzy, while avoiding various enemies and elements. The mouse is used to control the game.

Author: Matthew Bell
File size: 983kb
Download:Make Mario Dizzy

Games by Neo90

Fun with Mario
A Super Mario World and Super Mario Brothers crossbreed, featuring backgrounds and items from SMW, and enemies and the Mario model from SMB! It looks a pretty good platformer, however, the animated moving background made me feel very dizzy, very quickly :-)
Author: Neo90
File size: 1.3mb
Download:Fun with Mario

Games by Nikneek

Super Mario Remix
This game is cosmetically just like Super Mario Bros, It's a bit dodgy to control the player, but once you get used to it this is another great addition to the fan games.

Author: Nikneek
File size: 876kb
Download:Super Mario Remix

Games by OkiG4L

Wakka Mario
Play across various levels in this addictive pacman style game - yep we have lots of those, but this is definitely one of the better ones. Controls are the arrow keys.

Author: OkiG4L
File size: 727kb
Download:Wakka Mario

Games by RayGuy

Super Mario World Madness
Bowser has an all-new army called the Bowser Clones. First appeared in Super Mario RPG, These Little guys were weak and could be known easily by there attacks. This new army is way stronger than the old Bowser clones. They are the basic enemies that you fight, but watch-out for the other army of Bowser! For comments, E-Mail me at [email protected]
Author: RayGuy
File size: 1.50mb
Download:Super Mario World Madness

Games by RGFunnyman

Super Mario Team Game
You can choose to play as either the Evil team (Bowser and the Gang) or Mario's Team (Mario, Princess, Luigi etc) - The Controls are the arrow keys, guide your respective team through the themed worlds in this traditional platform style game with a twist.

Author: RGFunnyman
File size: 1.3mb
Download:Super Mario Team Game

Games by Ryan Flint


Mario Flash Games Download

Super Mario Land Version 1
Another of the horizontal and vertical plat formers which we feature so many of here on SMP, non the less though this game is well worth a look and has been nicely customised by the author.

Author: Ryan Flint
File size: 744kb
Download:Super Mario Land Version 1

Games by ScarShroom

Super Mario Iconz
Another simple click based game for our younger visitors featuring three classic Mario characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad - all from the SMB era with classic theme tunes in the background.

Author: ScarShroom
File size: 705kb
Download:Super Mario Iconz

Games by Shooting Star Haven

Stick Mario
Well it seems to me Mario has been down the gym and changed his eating habits, because he looks to have lost more than a few pounds here... This is a Mario adventure with a difference, Mario has become a stick man! Try to reach the flag at the end of each level without dieing horribly to win!

Author: Shooting Star Haven
File size: 774kb
Download:Stick Mario

Games by SirMarioofRoms

Mario vs. Sonic
Mario and Sonic battle it out and this time until the death - 'Lets keep this clean fellas' - Check out the controls on the text file in the zip, lots of different moves can be used!

Author: SirMarioofRoms
File size: 1.3mb
Download:Mario V Sonic

Games by sstephens

Mario Killer
You play this game just with the mouse, and you play as a gunman trying to take out the Mario's which will run round your desktop or whatever other programs you have open, left clicking Mario will kill him, sounds easy? Mario is quite quick!

Author: sstephens
File size: 515kb
Download:Mario Killer

Games by Thomas Hall

Yoshi Pong

A classic game of pong, with Yoshi style, by Tom Hall.

Author: Tom Hall
File size: 915kb
Download:Yoshi Pong

Games by Triforce Mario

Kill Mario

Well not too difficult, judging by the title, all you have to do is kill Mario, not very nice eh! :) Good luck!

Author: Triforce Mario
File size: 739kb
Download:Kill Mario

Super Mario Kart: Battle Speedway
In this fast paced racer you must shoot all the oncoming Koopa Troopas in there karts with mushrooms using the spacebar before they crash into you, each time they do your power bar will go down. (Bottom left), You use the arrow keys to turn left/right.

Author: Triforce Mario
File size: 734kb
Download:Super Mario Kart: Battle Speedway

Super Mario Lost in Subcon

Mario is trapped in the great Maze of Subcon, lots of different enemies will block his path on parts of the maze, and there are also lots of different vegetables and powerups you can collect. The game is like Pac Man.

Author: Triforce Mario
File size: 751kb
Download:Super Mario Lost in Subcon

Super Mario Lost in Subcon 2: Revenge of Birdo
The sequel to Super Mario Lost in Subcon

Author: Triforce Mario
File size: 762kb
Download:Super Mario Lost in Subcon 2: Revenge of Birdo

Super Mario Maze

You play as the super Mario (well duh!) and guess what? Princess peach has been kidnapped, but this time, Mario hasn't got his special powers, coz they were stolen by Bowser, so then, Bowser (you remember, that demented turtle thing ma jiggy) whisked Mario away in a whirlwind to a distant kingdom, now Mario has to go through 5 kingdoms, rescuing the toads and discovering the whereabouts of the princess.

Author: Triforce Mario
File size: 732kb
Download:Super Mario Maze

Super Mario Maze Special Edition

You play as the super Mario (well duh!) and guess what? Princess peach has been kidnapped, but this time, Mario hasn't got his special powers, coz they were stolen by Bowser, so then, Bowser (you remember, that demented turtle thing ma jiggy) whisked Mario away in a whirlwind to a distant kingdom, now Mario has to go through 5 kingdoms, rescuing the toads and discovering the whereabouts of the princess.

Author: Triforce Mario
File size: 749kb
Download:Super Mario Maze

Games by Wild8900

Super Mario Extreme

Luigi gets jealous of Mario and tries to kill him by taking control of the bad guys. Has one boss for now, three enemies, 4 different block types, mushrooms, and a fireflower. press f1 for information in gameplay

Author: Wild8900
File size: 855kb
Download:Super Mario Extreme

Games by YoshiGuy

Shy Maze 1

These are the the rules to the game. Use the arrow keys to move the black Shy Guy in the maze. If you touch the super blocks (walls), you get sent back to the start of the level. The goonies and koopas will also send you to the start of the level when you touch them. Four levels to play!

Author: YoshiGuy

File size: 691kb

Download: Shy Maze 1

Shy Maze 2

The sequel to Shy Maze, with improved controls, and a little easier in my opinion I prefer this one to the original, guide Shy Guy between the blocks (if you touch the side you go back to the start) and past the bowling goonies and Koopas! Ingame help is also provided!

Author: YoshiGuy

File size: 687kb

Download: Shy Maze 2

Shy Maze 2 Player edition

I'm sure you guys have all seen this game before, yep it's Shy Maze, but this time its with a difference, two players can both play at the same time, on the same screen, pretty cool huh, dodge the Bowling Goonies and Koopas, first one to the end wins!

Author: YoshiGuy

File size: 687kb

Download:Shy Maze 2 player edition

Enemy Field
To get points, use the mouse to click on the enemies.
- The Caged Ghost (blue guy) is worth 1 point.
- The Carrobossic (carrot) is worth 5 points.
Avoid hitting the Blue Crab -- or else you lose 3 points.
To end the game, click on the Angry Sun. Good luck!

Author: YoshiGuy

File size: 671kb

Download:Enemy Field

Mario has to go

Using the up and down arrows to move up and down you must use the spacebar to err.. crap on the Goombas, lol.. each one you crap on gets you one point, if a Goomba hits you, you lose! Good luck!

Author: YoshiGuy

File size: 715kb

Download:Mario has to go

Mini Game Mega Set
This game is 4 mini games in one. These are the rules to game 1. Use the mouse to click on the objects in the room. Each object is worth different points. Soda is worth 2 points. The winged thing is worth 4 points. The Dragon makes you lose 3 points. The tanoobi is also bad. You lose 5 points if you click it. Eldstar is worth 12 points. The crab ends the game when you click on it.

Author: YoshiGuy

File size: 1.42mb

Download:Mini Game Mega Set

Yoshi's Food Hunt

Use the arrow keys to move Yoshi. Get as much food as you can without touching a Spiked Goomba. The apples are worth 1 point. The maple supers (Blue mushrooms with syrup on them) are worth 3 points. The Yoshi Cookies are worth 8 points. The shroom steak is worth 15 points. Full documentation in the game!

Author: YoshiGuy

File size: 706kb

Download:Yoshi's Food Hunt

Games by Waluigi-6

Block Dodge
You are Wario, trying to dodge the blocks falling from the sky! Hit ALT when the screen comes up!

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move and click space to start the shower of blocks. Dodge as many as you can to get the best score!

Author: Waluigi-6

File size: 791kb

Download:Block dodge

Games by UberRussman

Luigi's Revenge

All is well in the mushroom kingdom until the mysterious disappearance of Mario and the Princess, who's left to investigate? The one and only Luigi. It is his job to find Mario and the Princess. Full instructions are in the zip file.

Author: UberRussman

File size: 2.15mb (zipped setup files)

Download:Luigi's Revenge

Games by Weird Eye Software

Super Mario World 2000

This game looks exactly like Yoshi's Island, yet it isn't, it has been fully remade by a mario fan, and it takes a double click to load and play it! very well made, worth a go, pretty good.

Author: Weird Eye Software

File size: 1.39mb

Download:Super Mario World 2000

Games by Other/Unknown

Super Mario XP

The physics of this game actually make it easier than the real Mario games. It's kinda in foreign.. But since when did the classic Mario games have sounds with speech or much text anyway? as long as Mario's foes are splattered beneath his shoes!

Author: Unknown

File size: 4.82mb

Download:Super Mario XP

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