In these submarine war games your mission is to rescue Russian marines after their submarine was sunk in shallow waters. Your are equipped with a LR5 manned submersible, a DSAR class submarine rescue vehicle that can reach a maximum speed of 2.5 knots and is equipped with an echo sounder and obstacle avoidance sonar amongst other assets. The craft has a pilot and co pilot and, in this submarine game, you need to manoeuvre your LR5 using your arrow keys to reach the submarine and rescue its stricken crew by guiding them out of the opening hatch. Beware though ~ you only have limited oxygen. After you play these submarine war games why not check out and play our other army and war games?

Navy Sniper Game

Play as a navy sniper attempting to keep warships from danger in a harbor area filled with mines.
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U-Boat Game

In this German U-Boat game try and sink Allied navy ships in the north Atlantic during WW2.
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Naval Game

Deploy your Anzac-class frigate whilst rescuing survivors from the waters during an enemy attack.
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A downloadable game for Windows

Submarine Simulator: Naval Warfare is a game where you can become a real submarine commando. Explore the deepest sea secrets Submarines: - Akula Typhoon 941 - Kilo Class - US Ohio Class - HMS Anson - Akula III - HMS Astude - Vanguard Class Submarine - Poseidon A002 - Expeditor Special Submarine - Poseidon A003 Then explore ocean underwater. Submarine War free download - War of Conquest, War FTP Daemon, Pocket War, and many more programs. Lead the Space Marines in an early campaign level from this real-time strategy game. WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy PvP. Dive into the deep sea with the FREE online naval wargame ⚓ World Of Submarines ⚓! Be captain of a real submarine in tactical combat against players from all over the world in dynamic underwater PvP war game. Gather legendary u-boats of USSR, Russia, China, UK, USA and others to raise a war fleet. Mar 14, 2017 The description of Submarine Ops - Free War Games App. Get ready for one of the deadliest free submarine war games at your finger tips! Buckle up your belts for the ultimate submarine strike war and get into the shoes of torpedo helicopter pilot to battle with nuclear submarines. Become a submarine hunter and battle along with air navy gunners.

Please note, this is an Early Access game!

Submarine Warfare Games Free Download Call Of Duty

  • Submarines game for pc free download. Games downloads - Submarines by TERMINAL Studio and many more programs are available for instant and free download. Lone Wolf is a sophisticated, full-featured World War II submarine simulation game, where you pit your skills against the enemy's navy and land emplacements. Danger from the Deep.
  • Take control of a uboat U-48 and patrol the North Atlantic. Hunt Allied convoys and avoid escort groups. Return to Kiel bunkier to load torpedoes and upgrade your uboat. Patrol report: 1203 Grid 42 Reached patrol area 2230 Grid 42 Ship spotted, bearing 080 2238 Grid 42 Visual contact, medium cargo ship 2243 Grid 42 3 bow torpedoes fired 2244 Grid 42 First explosion 2245 Grid 42.

Submarine War Games. In these submarine war games your mission is to rescue Russian marines after their submarine was sunk in shallow waters. Your are equipped with a LR5 manned submersible, a DSAR class submarine rescue vehicle that can reach a maximum speed of 2.5 knots and is equipped with an echo sounder and obstacle avoidance sonar amongst other assets.

Submarine Warfare Games Free Download

Submarine Warfare Games Free Download Pc Game

Crush Depth: U-Boat Simulator is a world-scale World War II naval simulator with unparalleled depth and realism; the definitive submarine simulation experience. Operate and maintain the U-Boat’s complex machinery, engage enemy against enemy naval, land, and air assets, navigate by the stars, sustain your physical well-being, and enjoy the lighter sides of life on board in the most authentic re-creation of a U-Boat experience ever imagined.

Everything in Crush Depth is the result of thousands of hours of painstaking research based on original construction plans, rare photos, contemporary sources, and the personal experiences of a U-Boat submariner. Developed in consultation with Friedrich Grade, ex chief-engineer of U-96 (the boat famously portrayed in the book 'Das Boot', and the 1981 film by the same name), and by working closely with Blueprint Archive, Bundesarchiv, the Nation Archive (NARA), the Technisches Museum U-995 and many other sources, we've managed to re-create the type VII U-Boat to a never before seen level of depth and realism.
A fully spherical gameworld recreates the horizon and travel times with accurate detail. The entire world is represented by a full bathymetric and heightmap model with 15 arc seconds of fidelity.
A variety of game modes will allow you to engage with the world as you choose. From short, single encounters based on actual historical events, to customizable patrols, to a perpetual PvP/PvE setting in which you can play for days on end and many more. Play cooperatively as one of the members of a crew of up to 18 players, or take complete control of your boat all by yourself.
Our Virtual Museum, built in consultation with a professional architect, offers an in-depth museum experience covering World War II maritime history in exquisite detail. Our curated experience brings history to life with rare photos, archival video footage, original blueprints, and much more.
Player controllable vehicles include PT boats, destroyers, merchants, and even planes.
Intelligent AI ensures NPC units behave in a realistic and historically accurate manner. Units take time to recover from surprise attacks, weather effects sensors and visibility, radio communications can be used to triangulate your location, and more.
This is not just a simulator, this is history come to life.

Free Submarine War Games

Submarine Warfare Games Free Download

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Please note, U-Boat Sim is in development and is not a finished product!

Updated 10 hours ago
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tagsnaval, sub, submarine, uboat, u-boat, uboot, u-boot, underseeboot, viic, World War II
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer
LinksHomepage, Community

Submarine Warfare Games Free Download Pc


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  • Diesel starting air tank

Submarine Warfare Games Free Download For Pc

Free submarine attack game

Free Submarine Games For Pc

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