English conversations in these two mediums are real spoken English – the type of English you hear in English-speaking countries. And unlike audiobooks, podcasts and YouTube are FREE. Which means you can listen to conversational English without spending money. I hope you find this page useful. The powerful English learning app This is a useful English learning app that will help you improve listening skills and speak English confidently and fluently. There are many lessons from basic to advanced built into the app to help you develop every English skill you are looking for and achieve many achievements in learning English. Indian english story mp3 download - Learn English Free lessons Thematic pages to learn English. ENGLISH TO HINDI TRANSLATION - ENGLISH. INDIAN ENGLISH STORY MP3 DOWNLOAD. FREE DOWNLOD A COPLETE SPOKEN ENGLISH CD. 200 irregular verbs and audio-English - Learn. Thematic pages - Learn English COMPLETE STORY WITH.


Librophile provides completely legal free audiobooks for both mobile and PC. You can browse the latest book by keywords, genre or language. Listen to chapters online, or play a sample before downloading it. Librophile offers many free audiobooks and ebooks of different genres from Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” to “Romeo and Juliet”.


Lit2Go has a big and free online collection of poems and stories in MP3 format. You can easily search for audio book titles here by genre, author or collection, and they even grade a book’s readability for your children by Flesch-Kincaid grade levels.

Project Gutenberg

If you’re into old classics like Aesop’s fables and stories by Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe and Charlotte Bronte, then Project Gutenberg have a good list of audiobooks you’ll be looking for. Project Gutenberg offers over 2000 free audiobooks in all genres including many classics read by volunteers.

LearnOutLoud Free Audio

Listen to over 5000 free audiobooks with topics in politics, religion, philosophy, science and many more in LearnOutLoud.com. There are also great lectures, sermons and interviews to download.

Books Should Be Free

Get all-time-favorites like “Moby Dick” and “Oliver Twist”, and other public domain books from this site. Books Should Be Free offers a diverse collection of books from many different genres, which are suitable for children and adults alike.



LibriVox is a non-commercial, ad-free site which features text obtained from Gutenberg, read, recorded and released for the public’s listening pleasure. You can even volunteer to read, or just download to listen from LibriVox’s acoustical library of good books.


Easily download audiobooks in Audiobooks.net. If you’re not sure which books are a good read, take a look, and a hint from the popularity numbers.


Podiobooks distribute serialized audiobooks via RSS, just click on any of the episode links of a book you want to read, and itt will either download or start playing on your computer.

Free Classic Audio Books

Download in mp3 or m4b format (for the iPod) all your favorite books in audio format. Indexing is done alphabetically by the author’s last name to make your searches easier.

Free Audio Books.co.uk

Listen to audio books straightaway online, and browse through the works of notable authors like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Lewis Carroll.


Spoken English Mp3 Free Download

Subscribe to your daily installment of ‘modern day radio drama’, also known as isSoaps, to stay entertained with the many engaging stories offered.


From shelves we move on to closets! Fancy the works of Mark Twain or Rudyard Kipling, then find and download their free audio masterpieces from AudioCloset.


With their children’s titles of educational stories and fairytales by Hans Christian Anderson and Grimm Brothers, Storynory is a great resource for audio books fit for young children.


Founded in 2005 by Andrew Julow, Ejunto has a mission to provide free, quality audio historical and philosophical books. The name “Ejunto” is chosen as a tribute to Benjamin Franklin’s Junto society, where the members meet weekly to discuss about their readings.

Thought Audio

If you still can’t find the book you’re looking for, then try Thought Audio, where there are books like “The Monkey’s Paw” and “The Happy Prince”.


BookRix is a friendly, book-loving community that provides freebies and contests. BookRix specializes in religious, fantasy-based and fictitious audio books for download.

Free Audio Books

With a vast collection of audiobooks and other freebies like free CD covers, do drop by Free Audio Books for free, legal audiobooks.

Kiddie Records

Like its name suggests, this site is great for downloading audio books which are suitable for your young children, with popular titles like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast

The site’s owner does her own recording, so you may hear sounds of her dog barking in the background, but this site’s still a great source for an audio bedtime story.


PodCastle is the first fantasy fiction audio magazine; every week, they feature free, fictional audio stories for fantasy lovers. You can also submit your own fiction or recordings for a fee.


Spoken English Course Free Download

  1. Audio Literature Odyssey – Nikolle Doolin brings the pages of classic literature to life in this engaging literary podcast.
  2. Open Culture – Download 450 of free audio books, mostly classics, to your MP3 player or computer.
  3. Maria Lectrix – A public domain audiobook podcast for people with Catholic tastes.
  4. Audio Book Treasury – If you fancy titles like “Beowulf,” “Dracula” and “Three Men in a Boat’” get it here.
  5. Light Up Your Brain – Find a list of audio stories for children here.
  6. Voices in the Dark – Download both low and high bitrate audio books here, from poetry to essays.
  7. The Storyspieler – One of the narrators from Gutenberg shares his own audio books here.
  8. Broken Sea – The audio books here are mostly sci-fi, horror and drama.
  9. BookBox – A great site for children, with illustrations to highlight each audio book.
  10. Beenleigh State School Audio Stories – Created by a school teacher for her students, and other students worldwide.
  11. Cthulhu – Download old titles like “The Damned” and “The Shunned House” here.
  12. Clear Bits – Get titles like “A Christmas Carol” and “The Picture of Dorian Gray” here.
  13. Candlelight Stories – Download the full set of “Pinocchio” here, and other audio books.
  14. Free Listens – One new audiobook every week for download.
  15. Kids Audio Books – Another site for children’s audio books with over 300 collections.
  16. Robert Munsch – A colorful site that will interest young readers with their titles like “Class Clown” and “Moose”.

Spoken English Mp3 Free Download Songs

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English mp3 songs free, download

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Spoken English In 30 Days

And some of our most visited posts:

Thank you so much for downloading and using my free ESL audio and ebooks.
These ebooks and audios will definitely help you to improve your English. You’ll have to give enough time and a lot of practice.
I’d like to make a few suggestions to help you learn faster and better.
1. Listen. Listen to English talks and conversations as much as possible. Listen to radio and TV programs. Listen to native speakers. Listen to audio courses. You need to listen a lot, really a lot – many, many hours every day. Listen to audio programs even while you are cooking or driving.
2. Speak. You receive the language by listening, and you produce the language by speaking. You become a good speaker only if you speak a lot. You can speak with your friends and family. Or you can even speak with yourself. Have a conversation with yourself. Speak on different topics.
Important: When you’re listening to the audio, pause it now and then, and repeat what the speakers are saying. You can even have a conversation with the speakers on the audio!
3. Read. Read anything you like – novels, comic books, magazines, newspapers, brochures. Reading will develop your vocabulary and sharpen your thinking. It will make you an intelligent speaker.
4. Write. Writing is the last skill. Yet it is important. It helps you to remember things better because it involves muscle memory. Try to write the things you listen on the audio. You can also write short notes, poems, letters and articles. Of course, it will be difficult at first to write anything fluently at first. But remember, practice makes perfect.
Please visit esl.wordzila.com for free PDF and MP3 downloads.
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