Ways to Increase Internet Speed using cmd in windows xp/7/8/8.1/10 1. Speed up the internet using cmd. Go to Windows logo and on search option type cmd or command prompt (do not run). Right-click on cmd and select run as administrator; Now Enter the following commands; Netsh int tcp show global and press Enter.

If you need to troubleshoot an issue with slow Internet access on your Linux system, it would be a good idea to measure the current Internet speed.

In this article you’ll find how to test Internet speed from the Linux terminal, using speedtest_cli – a simple command-line client written in Python for measuring Internet bandwidth by using Speedtest.net infrastructure.

$ speed-test -help Usage $ speed-test Options-j, -json Output the result as JSON-b, -bytes Output the result in megabytes per second (MBps)-v, -verbose Output more detailed information. Package author: Sindre Sorhus. As always, follow for more! Jul 18, 2017 With speedtest-cli you can run a test in the command prompt, on any operating system. We’ve shown you how to test your internet connection speed using a web browser, but there are a few reasons you might want a command line tool instead. Maybe you’re remotely connected to a server via ssh, and want to test speeds on that machine.

I’ll show how to simply check download/upload Internet speed to the geographically closest server, how to measure the network speed to specific server and how to share the results of speed test via Speedtest.net.

All these tasks can be performed using the Linux command line only.

Your new PC is too slow already? No problem, here are some great tools to speed up Windows 8: Hey folks! As we wait for the release of Windows 8.Your new PC is too slow already? No problem, here. Windows 8.1 Running Slow? How to Speed It Up 'My laptop is unbelievably slow, especially while gaming. I don't have the money to buy a lot of programs to speed up my computer, but I am getting to the point where I want to throw the dang thing out of the window. Speed Up Computer Windows 8 downloads - Free Download Windows 8 Speed Up Computer - Windows 8 Downloads - Free Windows8 Download. In this post, we reveal 14 things you can do to speed up a slow laptop or PC using Windows 10, 8, or 7. For this article in particular, we’ll be focusing on system performance issues rather than those related to the network you’re using. We’re running Windows 10, so we’ll be using this version for the directions and screenshots.

Test Download/Upload Internet Speed in Linux

Use the following command to Test Internet Download and Upload Speed from the Linux Command Line:

Sample output:

Test Internet Speed From the Linux Command Line

If you are planing to measure Internet bandwidth often, you can install speedtest script on your system:

After installation, you will be able to test Internet speed from the terminal by simply running speedtest command, as follows:

Share the Result Of Speed Test via Speedtest.net

Speed Up Windows 10 Freeware

If you want to share the result of speed test, run speedtest command, as follows:

Get the List Of Available Speedtest.net Servers

Run the following command to get the list of all available Speedtest.net servers around the world:

Measure the Network Speed to Specific Server

You can manually specify server ID during testing, instead of using the geographically closest one.

Let’s test the link to “1746) Vodafone DE (Frankfurt, Germany) [1937.90 km]”:

Slow internet speed is really frustrating especially when you are doing some urgent work and your internet keeps on displaying a blank white screen.

Here in this article, you can easily increase internet speed using cmd. Using cmd I have seen many PC users doubled their internet speed and also the performance of other applications really improved.

How to Increase Internet Speed Using CMD in Windows PC

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For having good internet speed you must have good RAM on your PC. I recommend you to have a good Anti-Virus on your PC.

Some of the best Anti-virus are BullGuard, Panda Antivirus, Norton and much more. You must also be aware of Junk files that make your PC performance slow by consuming unnecessary storage, along with this article I suggest you, see how to remove junk files from your PC, to erase all the temporary files stored on your PC.

Follow these 4 Best Ways to Increase Internet Speed using cmd in windows.


How to check internet speed on your PC using cmd

You can easily check internet speed on your PC using cmd by following steps

  • Close all programs running on the internet.
  • Open Run Windows by opening the Windows logo and type R.
  • Type cmd (without space) on Run windows dialogue.
  • Now type ping and next to it type the website you want to check speed (see below screenshot)

This will show you minimum, maximum and average speed in the millisecond.

Ways to Increase Internet Speed using cmd in windows xp/7/8/8.1/10

1. Speed up the internet using cmd

  • Go to Windows logo and on search option type cmd or command prompt (do not run).
  • Right-click on cmd and select run as administrator
  • Now Enter the following commands
  • Netsh int tcp show global and press Enter.
  • Netsh int tcp set chimney=enabled and press Enter.
  • Netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal and press Enter.
  • Netsh int set global congestionprovider=ctcp and press Enter.

2. Speed up the internet by DNS Cache

When we use the internet our computer store lots of IP address of the different website to access them by users easily.

By the time they may not remain longer in use by the users. So it is better to flush them from time to time.

Initially, you might see some slower in speed as the new DNS server will be there for an individual website. But with the time you can see good speed.

  • Go to Windows logo and on search option type cmd or command prompt (do not run).
  • Right-click on cmd and select run as administrator
  • Now type ipconfig /flushdns and press enter.

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3. Speed up the internet by netsh int ip reset

  • Go to Windows logo and on search option type cmd or command prompt (do not run).
  • Right-click on cmd and select run as administrator
  • Type netsh int ip reset c:resetlog.txt and press Enter.

Speed Up Win 8.1

4. Speed up the internet by pings to the default gateway

  • If you don’t know your default gateway type ipconfig
  • Once you know your default gateway keep on running ping continuously by ping -t <your default gateway address>. For example in my case ping –t

By following the above steps you can easily see an increase in your internet speed. Using cmd commands it becomes quite easier to speed up the internet speed.

As the above methods are for those who are very much familiar with command prompt. If you don’t know anything about command prompt then I recommend you to use the professional quality software to speed up your internet speed.

The product from Macpaw named CleanMyPC (discount link) is the best tool to clear all your hidden memory, cache, temporary files that ultimately increase your PC speed.

CleanMyPC is so simple to use that with a single click you can clean all your PC’s junk. MacPaw CleanMyPC offers so many features such as Registry maintenance, Uninstaller, Hibernation, Extensions and much more.

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Speed Test Command Prompt Windows

Speed up your PC using CleanMyPC

Speed Test Command Prompt

  • Launch CleanMyPC on your PC.
  • Tap on My Computer
  • Tap the Scan button

That’s it. You are done with cleaning your PC and see the speed of your computer.

This is simple and quick to use for everyone. The command prompt is a little bit difficult, go for CleanMyPC.

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Speedtest Via Cmd

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Internet Speed Test Cmd

Internet Speed Test Cmd

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Summary :

When you are browsing the internet using browsers like Google Chrome, you sometimes need to download pictures, documents, and programs. At that time, if the download speed is very slow, people will be annoyed. This post will talk about how to speed up Google Chrome downloads in several different ways so as to improve efficiency.

It’s one of the most annoying things to wait for a page to load after clicking a link or trying a URL into the address bar of browser. Since the internet helps to put everything at your fingertips, you expect that the information you need can be shown to you in a flash (or at least as soon as possible). But the facts often don't go as planned.

Chrome Download Speed Slow

Google Chrome (also known as Chrome) is one of the most popular browsers in the world. People like to use Chrome due to its fast information fetching, simple user interface, etc. In general, you can get what you want after typing a URL to the address bar or keywords to the search box in the middle of the page; and you can download things (photos, documents, tools) quickly. However, some people are bothered by Chrome downloading slow; they want to know how to speed up Chrome downloads effectively.

Tip: Please don’t worry; MiniTool will take good care of the things you download.

How to make Chrome download faster? There are a lot of measures you should take. I’ll focus on displaying the methods for Chrome increase download speed clearly in the following content.

*1. Tweak Chrome Advanced Settings

How can I increase download speed in Chrome by modifying the Advanced settings? It contains 2 steps.

One: navigate to Advanced settings.

  1. Open Chrome in the same way you always do.
  2. Click on the three dots button in the top right corner.
  3. Choose Settings from the drop-down menu. (You can also open Settings page by typing chrome://settings into the address bar and pressing Enter.)
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the Advanced button.

Two: tweak relevant options.

You may enable the following features:

  • Predict network actions to improve page load performance.
  • Send a ‘Do Not Track’ request with your browsing traffic.

Or disable these entries to fix Chrome download speed slow:

  • Use a web service to resolve navigation errors.
  • Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar.

*2. Enable Parallel Downloading

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Type chrome://flags into the address bar and hit Enter.
  3. Type parallel downloading into the search flags box in Experiments window.
  4. Select Enabled from the drop-down menu to replace Default.
  5. Click on the Relaunch button in the prompt window to make changes take effect.

*3. Disable/Remove Unused Extensions

How to increase download speed in Chrome by disabling or removing extensions:

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Type chrome://extensions into address bar and hit Enter.
  3. Find the unused extensions from the list.
  4. Toggle the switch to Off or click on the Remove button.

*4. Clear Browsing Data

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Click on the three dots button.
  3. Navigate to More tools option and select Clear browsing data.
  4. Choose All time as the time range.
  5. Check Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files.
  6. Click on the Clear data button and wait.

*5. Disable the Background Process

  1. Open Chrome -> click on the three dots button -> choose Settings.
  2. Scroll to the bottom to click Advanced.
  3. Look for the Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed option under System.
  4. Toggle the switch to Off.
  5. Look for Use hardware acceleration when available and toggle its switch to Off.
  6. Relaunch Google Chrome.

How do I make my Google Chrome download faster in other ways:

  • Change network settings.
  • Disable Image Content.
  • Scan for virus or malware. (Can you recover virus deleted files?)
  • Update Chrome to the latest version.
  • Add extensions designed for increasing download speed.

Speed Up Windows 8.1 Download 32 Bit

That’s all about how to speed up Chrome downloads.

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