Small Soldiers
Developer(s)DreamWorks Interactive
Tiertex Design Studios(GB)
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Composer(s)Michael Giacchino
ReleaseSeptember 30, 1998
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Small Soldiers is an actionvideo game, based on the film of the same name.[1] Unrelated games were released for the PC and Game Boy.

Command your Toy Soldiers in multiplayer or co-op with Toy Soldiers: Complete! Bring your toys to life in this action-packed, strategy-based game bundle with the original Toy Soldiers, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, and its DLC’S – Kaiser’s Battle, Invasion, Napalm and Evil Empire. Based on the film, Small Soldiers Squad Commander is an action-strategy game for kids. Players choose to control either the mighty Commando Elite or the noble Gorgonites in up to 20 challenging, nonlinear missions. The mission scenarios are new to the game but use the characters and environments from the film. Small Soldiers: Squad Commander carries on the story introduced by 1998 summer's cinematic hit, Small Soldiers. A highly intelligent microprocessor has been installed in the latest GI-Joe type action figures. The mistaken installation brings to life the Commando Elite, a band of merciless soldiers, and their sworn enemies, the Gorgonites, a.



The game is set where the Commando Elite are trying to eliminate the Gorgonites and destroy their home. Players take the role of Archer, as he battles against the Commando Elite, led by Chip Hazard. The player is equipped with a rapid-fire crossbow, which can receive new ammunition types and which has several accuracies, and strengths. Players can also use turrets and vehicles.


SoldiersSmall Soldiers Computer Game Free DownloadDownload

In multiplayer mode, players can play as either Archer or Chip Hazard. The gameplay is the same as single-player; only without allies and enemies. For Chip Hazard his default weapon is a rapid-fire pistol, which can receive new ammunition types.

There are two game modes in multiplayer mode; frag mode where a player must score five kills before the other player does so and flag Mode; where a player must return all three flags to their base.


The soundtrack for the game was composed by Michael Giacchino.



Game Informer gave the game an overall score of 7.25 out of 10, praising that the challenging action and easy puzzles but criticizing the gameplay controls, especially when the player gets stuck on invisible barriers concluding it is 'fun, but it's nothing to get excited about.'[2]

Tracy Collins of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette rated the game a 3.5 of 5.[3]

Small Soldiers Computer Game free. download full Version


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Small Soldiers Computer Game

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Small Soldiers Computer Game Free Download

Small Soldiers Computer Game Free Download Pc

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