Open website and click on the search box. Type game name whos you want to download. Read full article. Click on the download button. Fill captcha code. Download ps3 game for free. Website Link - PS3 Games Free Download. Visit Now This Website and Get All Games For Free. Winrar for ps3 Free Download, Winrar for ps3 Software Collection Download. 7 winrar 330 plus ps3 games ps3 winrar 3. 5 winrar com winrar 2. 9 Rar download games to ps3 how to install ps3 game from. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Download here:): Search for.

How to Install PS3 Game

Ps3 Rar Games Download

Ps3 Rar Games Download Free

1. If the download is a. ISO:

What we need? WinRarWinRar, UltraISOUltraISO, and PSJaillbreak with Backup Manager

A. Extract the file. ISO with WinRar
B. Open the file. ISO with UltraISO or a similar program
C. Extract all the contents to a folder named as the “identification” of the game itself
D. Copy the folder (with game ID name), with all its contents extracted in the directory “GamezGamez” in HDD
E. Open the game with Backup Manager (obviously taking PSJaillbreak)


2. If the download is a folder:

What we need? WinRar, PSJaillbreak with Backup Manager

A. Create a folder with the name “ID of the game”
To find the ID you just have to open the “PS3_DISC.SFB” with notepad and see the ID
B. Extract all the content downloaded to the inside of folder you created
C. Move or copy the folder (ID of the game), with all its contents extracted in the directory “Gamez” in HDD
D. Open the game with Backup Manager (obviously taking PSJaillbreak)


Ps3 Rar Games Download Windows 10

Games Rar File Download


Ps3 Rar Games Download

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