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  • Uno is a very simple Crazy Eights-style card game, with a bunch of strategy cards thrown in to make it interesting. Brace yourself for the fast paced Uno card game. The idea of the game is to get to your last card, shout Uno before another player realizes you didn’t, and then attempt to play your last card on your turn to win the round.
  • When did you try to use it? You should click on the UNO button when you have two cards in hand and before throwing on of them card. When you have only two cards left, before throwing a card, you should first click on the UNO button and then throw the card. If you throw a card and click on the UNO button, it is a penalty.
  1. Play Uno Card Game online, free No Download Full
  2. Play Uno Card Game online, free No Download Full

Play a fun and addicting virtual version of the fast-paced, family-friendly card game Uno! Classic Uno Cards captures all the chaos and drama of the real-life version of Uno as you take on two computer-controlled opponents in a race to ‘play’ / get rid of all of your cards!

Popular card game UNO online, play for free, playing with computer interactively this game of numbers and colors. The aim of the game is run out of cards, and when you have one card left say UNO. In this case you only have to click on the cards and drop them into the pile, or catch passes and when you do not have a card to put on. Online Card Games. Play a range of card games online against other players! You can play cards with two or more players in popular family classics like Uno Online. In this game, you can play against either the computer or other people online. If you’d rather play a game of chance and skill, then put on your best poker face and try Goodgame Poker.

Background info: For those unfamiliar with Uno, it's a color-coordinated, matching-based card game of chance. You and your opponents begin with 7 random cards each, and must try to get rid of them by matching their color or number with the card on top of the ‘Discard’ pile in the center of the play zone. However, as well as normal numbered cards, there are also all kinds of wacky ‘Wild’ and ‘Action’ cards which shake up the game play.


Reasons to play this virtual card game: If you're a fan of Uno, and have enjoyed playing it with friends or family before, you should relish the opportunity to tackle this awesome online version. The rules and game play are exactly the same – so expect dozens of twists and turns as players race to empty their hand while attempting to thwart opponents with well-placed Wild cards!

Strategy to win: Although you need a generous share of luck to succeed at Uno, you can increase your chances of victory with good awareness, strategy and tactical play. Keep an eye on how many cards your opponents have left! If an opponent is down to just one card (Uno), maybe play a ‘Skip’ or ‘Reverse’ card to deny them the chance to play that last card! Careful, smart use of your Wild and Action cards is vitally important!

How to Play: The aim in each round is to get rid of all of your cards before your opponents. The winner of the Round earns points based on how many cards the other players have left in their hand at the end of the Round. The player with the most points after a few rounds is declared the winner!

The aim of the game is to get rid of all of the cards in your hand. You begin each Round with 7 cards. There are normal, numbered cards from 0-9 in four different colors: Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow (There are also various ‘Action’ and ‘Wild’ cards, which are explained below).

Play Uno Card Game online, free No Download

The ‘Discard’ pile in the center of the play zone is the key to how the game goes. To play a normal numbered card, you must match the color or number of the card on top of the Discard pile. For example: If the card on top of the Discard pile was a green 4, you could play any green numbered card, or a red / yellow / blue 4. Using your computer mouse or touchpad, Left Click on the card you wish to play. You and your opponents take turns to play cards.

As well as the numbered cards, there are also various Wild and Action cards which alter the normal game play:

  • Reverse: This reverses the order of the play from clockwise to counter-clockwise, and vice versa.
  • Skip: The next player in line to go is skipped.
  • Draw Two: The next player misses a go, and is forced to take two cards from the main deck.
  • Wild: The player playing this card declares the color to be matched from that point (Click on Blue, Green, Red or Yellow if you play this card).
  • Wild Draw 4: The player playing this card declares the color to be matched from that point, and the next player in line is forced to take 4 cards from the main deck.

If none of the cards in your hand match the color or number, and you have no available Wild Cards, you must take a card from the main deck. To do this, click on the blue button to the left of the Discard pile. If this card is playable, you can put it down straight away. Otherwise, the turn passes to the next player.

When you have just one card left in your hand, you must declare this by clicking on the button in the middle of the game table. Failure to do this results in a penalty whereby you miss your next turn and are forced to take two cards from the main deck. Ouch!

You can choose to play against the computer or people online!

This HTML5 game works on PC/Mac and mobile device browsers.

Before you submit an error report, please review these common issues & solutions:

  • Note:If the game is taking a while to load, please press Ctrl and F5 buttons on your keyboard at the same time to refresh the page without local cache.
  • Try using a VPN or Proxy service in case you are having a problem with Blocking or Connection Reset or see that Game does Not Load properly.
  • If you see a GAME BLOCKED message or if a game does NOT LOAD in 3-5 minutes even after page refresh - this is not blocked by us. Please speak to school/office administration or your network provider. They are blocking it.
  • If the game DOES not FIT the screen (part of the game area is below above the browser) - see the GO FULL SCREEN button just at the right above the game. This should solve it.
  • Make sure that Javascript is Enabled in your device browser.
  • You may only see a blank screen / or no game screen at all if advertisements are in any way restricted on your browser.
  • Make sure that No Ad Blocker is enabled on your browser (Many game developers only income source is through ads, so they don't make the games available if ads are blocked).
  • Even if your Ad Blocking software is disabled, it may cause an issue with loading an HTML5-based game.
  • You need a High Speed internet connection because some games use large files which take a minute or two to load for the first time.
  • Some games require you to tap/click on the game screen area when they load in order to start.
  • Playing on a different device or browser (with different settings) can often solve the issue.
  • Games are not available in all jurisdictions outside of the USA.
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Play Uno Card Game online, free No Download

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UNO!™ is a Card game developed by Mattel163 Limited. BlueStacks app player is the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience.

Play Uno Card Game online, free No Download Full

Get ready to scream UNO! at the top of your lungs as you slam down your last card. Play UNO! on Mac and PC with this new and wild twist on the classic card game. The world’s most popular card game pops to life on your computer screen with bright colors, wild games, and a ton of other hardcore UNO! fans.

Play Uno Card Game online, free No Download Full

Take a ride through the new UNO! and explore the multiple game modes including various versions of PvP play modes. Try your hand at one of the new UNO! games or simply sit back and relax with a classic UNO! match. Unlock new avatars, new frames, and send tons of sweet and cuddly gifts to other players and team members when you play UNO! on PC and Mac.

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