The 4.2.7 version the map was made on runs on forge version 1.8.9 - and can be found on the Pixelmon Official Site by clicking these numbers (1.8.9 - on the corresponding row to the mod version you are using. Download the Pixelmon Mod by clicking the downward arrow at the end of the same row that you downloaded. Pixelmon Mod, Mediafire Link! 1, Download and open with winrar or winzip or any program you prefer. 2, Drag database folder into.minecraft folder. 3, Open mods folder and drag the pixelmon 2.2 into the mod folder in the.minecraft. 4, Start your minecraft and let load.

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Install the Mod “Pixelmon” for Minecraft to upgrade the game version Pocket Edition. It will expand the functional potential. New heroes will appear. Among them are crazy monsters as well as other peculiarities of pokemon – ball, coach, house. The game turns more interesting and captivating with them.
Pixelmon mod for Minecraft will allow you to catch monsters by balls. Teach them how to attack. If you want to change the pixel world, it is better to start with yourself. For example, change the skin colour of the main character. Do you want to become a sack-coach? It’s enough to click once to fulfil this desire. There is no problem to download Pixelmon for Minecraft. The modified extension contains manuals and can be installed and removed automatically. There’s no need to wait for updates of the standard version as it’s possible to dilute the current game with different tricks and characters. Download the installation file, and the pixel world will be opened to you from a completely different side. Monsters-submarines, poke-house, monster training, new battles are the subjects, a devoted fan of Minecraft will gladly test.

Pixelmon Mod 1.11.2 Download

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Pixelmon Mod Download 1.11
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