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Download Recommended 1.12.1 - Note that the downloads in the list below are for getting a specific version of Minecraft Forge. Unless you need this, prefer the links above. Show all Versions. Version Time Downloads. OptiFine mod 1.14.4, 1.13.2, 1.12.2 is a Minecraft mod which optimizes game to gain better performances. So, it helps Minecraft to run better and faster, even look better with full support for high definition textures with many graphic configuration settings. It is important that you start minecraft and run 1.12.2 once before proceeding with optifine. I'm not sure how to remedy the problem but I've always followed the steps outlined under 'Downloading & Installing OptiFine' at the link and never had a problem. April 26, 2018 1.12.2 1.11.2 1.7.10 1.10 1.6.4 0 30 40 Jaker. Optifine is the best toool to make your game performace better. Nowadays it is enjoying popularity as it improves some bugs of the game and removes lags. One of the most important functions of Optifine mod is that it helps launching shaders and improves.


Optifine 1.16.5 Mod Download

Optifine 1.12 Download

Optifine 1.12 Download Jar

OptiFine 1.12.1_HD_U_F5
- fixed crash when reloading textures (#3125)
- fixed invisible mobs around the player
- fixed shaders integer texture formats (#3109)
- fixed CEM for horse, villager and illagers
- fixed CTM corners with innerSeams
- compatible with Forge #2485
OptiFine 1.12.1_HD_U_F4
- fixed shaders to stop chunk updates on shader pack reload (#3001)
- fixed Forge patch for IntegratedServer (#2990)
- fixed Emissive Textures with Astral Sorcery (#1581)
- added Random Entities check for moon phase, day time and weather (#2931)
- added Random Entities check for health (#2958)
- translations
- fixed Cape Editor screen to allow copy link to clipboard on error
- added Random Entities check for baby mobs (#2832)
- fixed Smart Animations for blocks in minecarts (#2731)
- added shaders program 'gbuffers_entities_glowing' (#2328)
- translations
- fixed texture resizing with mipmaps
- fixed lag spike on autosave
- fixed autosave interval (#1995)
- moved time, weather and clear water checks in IntegratedServer
- fixed CEM handling of attached models (#2323)
- added CEM model adapter aliases (v1132_U_E5_pre3)
- added shaders instancing for composite programs
- added shaders instancing as alternative to geometry shaders
- fixed shaders #include on first line
- fixed crash in CIT (#2624)
- added support for raw shader textures (#2631)
- fixed geometry shaders on Intel/AMD (#2359)
- fixed leashed horse GUI with shaders (#2545)
- fixed shaders horizon rendering (#2522)
- fixed sign edit screen in multiplayer (#2422, #2091)
- added Random Entities check for wolf collar colors (#2447)
- fixed CTM overlay crash (#2436)
- fixed cape position when flying up
- fixed parsing of shaders macro: #if 0
- fixed shader programs above composite9 and deferred9 (#2251)
- fixed translucent block ordering with shadowmap (#2287)
- fixed structure void rendering (#847)
- added custom uniform parameters: temperature, rainfall
- fixed cape elytra when changing dimensions (#2203)
- extended shaders custom textures with normal/specular variants (#2120)
- fixed shaders list sorting
- fixed CEM for armor stand (#2057)
- fixed particle tick lag (#2022)
- fixed CTM method repeat for bottom faces (#1845)
- fixed shader dimensions on world change (#1844)
- added custom clear color for shader buffers
- removed shaders programs deferred/composite_last, added deferred/composite_pre
- reorganized shaders buffer flipping
- fixed shaders deferred pass breaking water
- fixed world memory leak
- added optifine cape customization (server login + redirect to website)
- fixed support for optifine cape elytra
- fixed shaders entity mapping to be optional (1.12)
- fixed shaders block mapping to be optional (1.12)
- added stack trace and rate limit for OpenGL errors
- fixed shaders block entity mapping
- fixed particle.water and spawn egg colors
- added shaders entity mapping
- added support for elytra matching the optifine cape
- added shaders item mapping
- added macro processing for shaders properties
- optimized sign and item frame rendering
- fixed properties files parsing to ignore trailing spaces
- fixed zoom key conflict
- optimized chunk loading
- fixed missing chunks when loading the world
- fixed shader options sliders
- fixed Better Grass for grass path block (#1684)
- fixed rendering of players with non-latin usernames (#1637)
- fixed crash in Statistics
- fixed Fast Math accuracy
- added shader uniform 'fogDensity'
- fixed crash with Chunk Pregenerator (#2116)
- fixed world memory leak (#1835)
- added native memory info in debug screen
- fixed out of memory crash with shaders
- fixed parsing of full CTM paths (#1700)
- fixed Dynamic Lights to correctly reset on enable/disable (#1680)
- optimized memory allocation
- optimized chunks loading, about 2x faster now
- extended Show FPS and debug screen to show minimum FPS
- fixed shield and bow model variants (#1516)
- fixed distant higher chunks disappearing in multiplayer (#1522)
- fixed crash with Voxelmap and Smart Animations (#1524)
- fixed shaders to correctly restore custom gbuffers textures after deferred programs
- fixed shader uniforms entityId and blockEntityId in shadow program
- fixed handling of relative paths for ZIP shader packs
- optimized rendering of item models with many predicates (#1500)
- compatible with Forge #2485
OptiFine 1.12.1_HD_U_E1
- fixed armor slots with player on fire and AA/AF enabled (#1495)
- fixed fire in first person with Smart Animations (#1487)
- fixed experience bar transparency (#1471)
- fixed emissive texture loading
- fixed crash in chunk visibility check (#1413)
- fixed entities on fire with AA/AF/SmartAnimations (#1415)
- fixed shaders custom textures in gbuffers_water (#1425)
- increased composite and deferred shader programs to 16
- added interpolate and frame skip to Custom Animations
- fixed sign text render distance to depend on screen resolution and FOV
- added system property 'log.detail=' for extended logging
- reduced logging when loading sprites (custom loader, sprite dependency)
- added CTM tile name
- added option Smart Animations
- added dynamic lights for mods
- fixed disabled shader programs in dimension folder
- fixed OpenGL error when disabling Fast Render
- reorganized shader programs
- reorganized source packages
- fixed sampler binding for programs 'gbuffers_beaconbeam', 'gbuffers_item' and 'gbuffers_armor_glint'
- fixed shaders uniform 'isEyeInWater' to work in 3rd person view
- fixed horse random textures (#1357)
- added CEM support for bed and parrot (#1117)
- fixed crash with Galacticraft (#1366)
- fixed shaders projection matrix when underwater (#1344, #827)
- added option Show OpenGL Errors
- added support for geometry shaders '.gsh' (#1355)
- extended CIT to check for alternative shield models (#1169)
- added shaders uniform blendFunc (#884)
- fixed End loading bug (#1326)
- removed width and height limits for CTM method 'repeat'
- fixed shaders uniform 'depthtex1' in program 'gbuffers_water'
- extended new version message to include link to optifine.net
- custom shader textures by location (resource pack, dynamic textures) (#1304)
- fixed compatibility with PortalGun mod
- fixed water fog density/color for Respiration > 3 (#1289)
- fixed chunk visibility culling for custom view entity (#1286)
- added shader profile tooltips
- fixed a very cool chunk loading bug (http://y2u.be/QUI7iRR9FD8)
- added shaders version check
- added shaders property 'frustum.culling'
- fixed shaders camera position in shadow program
- added shaders option 'separateAo'
- fixed water old lighting with shaders
- fixed shader uniform atlasSize in program gbuffers_hand
- added full macro processing for #if and #elif expressions
- fixed multi-pass CTM with missing intermediate textures (Halcyon Days)
- fixed loading of GitHub zipped shader packs with world folders
- optimized shaders shadow culling
- fixed shaders to work properly at high coordinate values (#1240)
- fixed flickering water bottom texture with AA/AF enabled
- extended shader configuration parsing to be affected by preprocessor conditional directives
- added option Render Regions
- optimized VBO rendering
- optimized visibility cullung
- optimized loading of visible chunks (F3+L)
- extended shaders to define custom block render layers (#1210)
- added CTM properties 'randomLoops' and 'innerSeams'
- added CTM methods 'overlay_fixed', 'overlay_random', 'overlay_repeat' and 'overlay_ctm' (#1145)
- added shaders configuration for beacon beam depth (#796)
- added shaders configuration for rain/snow depth (#532)
- added vector custom uniforms (#1155)
- added matrix access for custom uniforms (#1155)
- enable or disable programs depending on shader options
- added support for shaders in GitHub ZIP files
- added configurable buffer flip for composite programs (#1103)
- added variable resolution for composite programs (#1103)
- fixed option Portal Particles (#1146)
- added button Download Shaders, opens 'http://shaders.wikia.com/wiki/Shader_Packs' in a browser
- added commands '/reloadShaders' and '/reloadChunks'
- fixed Forge cloud renderer breaking cloud height and shader clouds (#1141)
- fixed normal maps for banner, horse and player models (1140)
- fixed shaders program fallback (sildurs enhanced redone)
- added alpha test and blend mode per shaders program
- updated shaders function 'smooth' to use automatic ID
- optimized shader uniforms (cached location and last value per program)
- replaced Random Mobs with Random Entities, extended to support all entities and tile entities
- enabled shader uniforms 'entityId' and 'blockEntityId' for the shadow pass (#1075)
- extended CTM to check for named tile entities
- fixed crash when disabling shaders (Charset #165)
- limit shaders options tooltips to 8 lines
- added custom block render layers
- added custom loading screens per dimension
- fixed parrot on shoulder with random mobs and shaders
- compatible with Forge #2485
OptiFine 1.12.1_HD_U_C7
- fixed mob spawning rate (#1055)
- fixed underwater color with Forge
- extended shaders custom uniforms to access vector components
- fixed crash with Botania and CTM (#1037)
- fixed shader configuration parsing (vsh, comments)
- fixed crash with Chisel when AA/AF is enabled
- added Custom Sky options: biomes, heights and transition (#892)
- fixed Custom Sky resetting at time 6000 when rotation speed is not an integer (#804)
- removed render distance check for vanilla stars when custom sky layers are available
- added shaders options tooltips (#980)
- extended shaders configuration to re-enable program disabled in parent profile
- optimizaed memory allocation
- added custom shader uniforms (#924)
- fixed race conditions in chunk loading
- added CTM property 'linked' for double plants and doors
- reset shadowmap configuration on shader pack reload
- fixed emissive textures loading, reloading and z-fighting on mob models
- added alternative Mooshroom mushroom model, uses 'assets/minecraft/textures/entity/cow/mushroom_red.png'
- fixed crash when username contains ASCII 0 (#999)
- added option Emissive Textures, moved configuration to 'assets/minecraft/optifine/emissive.properties'
- added emissive overlays for items, mobs and block entities
- extended Custom Colors with support for emissive texture overlays
- fixed missing void when VBO enabled and Y > 64
- relaxed shaders configuration syntax for DRAWBUFFERS, SHADOWRES, etc.
- fixed spider eyes z-fighting
- fixed shaders program gbuffers_spidereyes resetting the entity fog color
- added shaders programs deferred_last and composite_last to reset the flipped ping-pong buffers
- added entity parameters for CEM animations
- added boolean expressions for CEM animations
- added rain and thunder lightmaps (#963)
- added Random Mobs check by name (#620)
- added CTM property 'heights' (#931)
- fixed Custom GUIs check by name (#955)
- added shaders block mapping for Forge mods
- added shaders program 'gbuffers_hand_water' for handheld translucent objects
- fixed shaders option to skip framebuffer clear
- added deferred shader programs
- fixed CIT for custom potions
- fixed shaders normal/specular animations
- optimized chunk loading, speedup 2x
- increased maximum Render Distance to 64 chunks
- added Lazy Chunk Loading for multi-core CPUs
- optimized Load Visible Chunks (F3+L) to work faster
- optimized memory allocation
- compatible with Forge #2485
OptiFine 1.12.1_HD_U_C6
- fixed string width calculation for HD fonts
- fixed custom texture animations not
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