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Another best free music download websites that allows you to download music is SoundCloud. It offers an incredible platform to music lovers and provides music for free. It started in 2007 and has one of the largest communities of artists, music creators, bands and podcasters. Use it to upload your creations and download music from other artists. Indie Shuffle is a music blog that helps you discover new music and playlists: indie rock ✓ hip hop ✓ electronic ✓ and more. Wizkid Wins The 'Best African Music Act' At The MOBO 2021 Awards - Everton v Arsenal: English Premier League Match, Team News,Goal Scorers and Stats - President Buhari's Supporters Are Pulling Him Down By Their Actions - Gov.Yahaya Bello Reveals - You’re Nothing Without African Players – Senegal’s Cisse Blasts Klopp Over AFCON Comment - It’s An offense To Make Noise When Having S3x.

  • I am a totally a big fan to music blogs as I can easily get access to the latest news about new music and the singer I like, as well as listening to them. However, the music blogs don’t support me to download its music that being played. How do I download music from blogs? Any advice? Thanks!


    In today’s music industry, there is a bunch of stuffs that we need to keep up with, unlike other online radio stations such as Pandora, Spotify that only only serve streaming music for listening tons of music, Music blogs can help you to keep up to date with with the ongoing music that follow up the lately releases in this industry.

    For those people who frequently enjoy music on music blogs, they might find it’s a little bit annoying that they can only stream the music but not save it on computer for listening offline. Under such circumstance, an audio recorder can best help to download music from music blogs.

    Streaming Audio Recorder is a multifunctional audio recorder that also features audio editor, audio converter, CD burner etc. With it, you can record any audio being played on computer as well as identify audio track information automatically. It means that the audio that being recorded on your computer can be tagged with title, artist, album and year etc.

    Another bonus of this audio recorder is its entertainment feature. You can enjoy listening to the latest popular songs and albums, along with radio from dozens of genres. Plus, you can also create playlist with your favorite local music files.

    As on how to download blog music successfully, you can follow the simple steps below.

    • Install and run Streaming Audio Recorder.
    • Change the default settings as you need. You can decide which output format or output folder you would like to choose from, or even configure other advanced settings.
    • Open a music blog on your browser and find the song you’re interested in.
    • Hit the “Record” to begin the recording.
    • Back to the blog music you have chosen and play it.
    • Click “Stop” to finish your recording.

    Once these steps are all done, you could have successfully downloaded music from blogs.

    Three Undeniably Awesome Music Blogs

    1. Today’s Blog Music -The Hype Machine

    Keeping track of even a small handful of music blogs on the Internet can be a pain, while The Hype Machine can help you out, because it supports an innovative way of exploring new music, which means that you can quickly find and read a list of blogs that related to the music you searched.

    2. Stereogum

    Stereogum, known as the leading music blog in the world, had won the 2008 Plug Award as the best music blog. It provides you the latest stories, photos, mp3s and videos that related to music. Even better, it can inform you about the recent concerts being held.

    3. The Music Ninja

    The Music Ninja is a new blog music website that notable for the multi-genre music it provided which ranges from folk, indie to hip hop. With it, you can enjoy its online music freely, while if you want to save the streaming music it provides to your computer hard disk, you need to purchase it.


    Great topic folks, thanks! I use google to search for my fav music and then it is simple.

    And I use freehardmusic – metal download to download my music.


    As there are many platforms but unfortunately very few of them provide the option of downloading as I use a couple of platforms for downloading music which is quite disappointing. The platforms which provide the option of downloading music and videos force us to follow some annoying lengthy procedures. So, at last, I found the ultimate solution in the shape of PlayTube. All you need is just to click the download button and download will be start automatically without following any lengthy procedures. Hope you will enjoy.


    I think we can use GoogleTune for same use which is totally free and easy to use try it out. 🙂


    I love Tumblr blog and currently I used the audio capture to help me capture audio from Tumblr.

    Thanks for developing the great tools.


    Thanks for developing the great tools.


She is the daughter of the late great New York jazz guitarist, Al Cappi. Louise and her band pack the house on Friday and Saturday nights at her weekly residency at Mahogany Jazz Hall, in New Orleans. She has also been a regular performer on the NYC music scene. Cappi has received global rave reviews of her music. Dec 02, 2021 Indie Shuffle is a music blog that helps you discover new music and playlists: indie rock ✓ hip hop ✓ electronic ✓ and more.

Singer, songwriter and actress Aliana Lohan is making her return to music with the soulful cinematic single “Without You.” This gospel inspired original sees her soar and re-establish her space within music after a public hiatus, although Aliana has been working her magic behind the scenes continuously writing.

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“Without You” is powerful, yet chill with orchestral instrumentation that gives the song a larger than life feeling to it. Aliana’s performance is stunning, at first luring you in with a subtle verse that explodes into a hook that will leave you with goosebumps. As the weather starts to turn cold, this is just the right kind of song you want to cozy up with as you stay warm inside. Expect more from Aliana as we move into the new year as she has some other releases already locked in. On top of that, she’s also set to return to acting in an upcoming Christmas romantic comedy alongside her sister Lindsay. Big moves incoming!

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