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- Ya Nabi Ya Rasool
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- Sarkar Da Roza Waikhan Ga
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Hafiz Tahir Qadri was born on 9th of January in Karachi. He is a very skillful naat khawan. His accent and tone have a beautiful combinition. When he praises the Prophet Mohammad SAW the audience silently drown in the love of him. Alhaj Hafiz Tahir Qadri was inspired by his father, who always motivated him to recite naats. This motivation made him to recite naats in a very young age. Thair qadri do not recite naat to earn money. however he has a successfull abaya making chain named “Tahir Qadri Arabic Abaya”. He recites naats in many different languages and often appears on TV shows and program of Ramzan shareef to recite naat online. he is also greatly inspired by Ahla Hazrat Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi , His kalam is very notable among people of ahle sunnat. We compiled a library of <b>Hafiz Tahir Qadri mp3 naat </b>here which you can listen online. Also <b>Download Tahir Qadri mp3 naat </b> in high quality audio format.

Download Naat Sharif Video Audio mp3 for Android to no Ads & free you can view and watch in this app more than 20000 videos audio mp3 naat sharif online islamic naat shareef in Urdu English Arabic. He is from Karachi Pakistan where as he is a regular naat khawan of Dawat e Islami Pakistan. Assad Raza attari Naat sharif download links are exclusively available here. You can listen to all mp3 naat shareef here for free. We will cinsistantly be updating our naat library to provide you all latest mp3 naat shareef here at one platform. Naat Collection - New Naat Sharif by famous Pakistani Naat Khuwan including Junaid Jamshed, Owais Raza Qadri and more. Naats in Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto & Balochi. Listen online or download in MP3 format. Latest MP3 Naat Audios with Lyrics. Naat is an Arabic word which means praise and admiration. In other words Naat is an Islamic poetry that particularly said in praise and honor to Last Prophet Muhammad Mustufa P.B.U.H. Naat is often called Naat-e-Mustufa, Naat Shareef and Naat-e-Pak etc. People who recite Naats are called Naat-Khawan.

Dec 02, 2021 Title Bari Umeed Hai Sarkar Artist Abdul Rauf Rufi Released on 2016 Language URDU Duration 04:40 File Type MP3 File Size 1:33MB Bari Umeed Hai Sarkar MP3 Download Bari Umeed Hai Sarkar is one of the best Naat Sharif by Abdul Rauf Rufi. The soft and melodious voice of Abdul Rauf Rufi is loved by the.

Dar E Nabi Par MP3 Naat download free by Hafiz Tahir Qadri. Listen Naat Online or Find Naat Dar E Nabi Par Lyrics at Hafiz Tahir Qadri has recited this amazing Naat Sharif Dar E Nabi Par in a Deep and Comforting Voice. Download this best Naat Dar E Nabi Par with a single click. Tap 3 dots on the player and then click download.

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Madni Da Dera MP3 Download By Asad Raza Attari


Madni Da Dera MP3 Download

Naat E Shareef Mp3 Download

Madni Da Dera MP3 Naat By Asad Raza Attari

Listen online or download this beautiful Naat sharif in the beautiful voice of Asad Raza Attari.

Madni Da Dera is a Naat recited by Asad Raza Attari. Listen this Naat online or download in MP3 format from

Madni Da Dera is one of the best MP3 Naat by Asad Raza Attari.

Madni Da Dera MP3 Download

Naat E Shareef By Raza Qadri

To Download Madni Da Dera in MP3 format, please click on the below image.

Madni Da Dera Lyrics

Naat E Sharif Ringtone Download Mp3

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