A lot of RCS styles forRMCA Pro,Jam partnerandMAAScan be found in theRCS Style Library. It's a collection of free downloadable styles of the most different music directions (Jazz, Pop, Rock, Latin, Waltz, Boogie, Country etc.) The page offers altogether 800 styles, subdivided into 10 style packages (no. 01 - no. 10) which can be freely used for personal purposes. Moreover you can download for these purposes the packages, listed below. The styles were converted, remixed and rearranged from free downloadable MIDI material, and their filenames also contain package numbers (*pn-*), starting with 11 (*11-*). This makes it easy to copy all style packages into one directory.
In addition Jam parner and RMCA Pro since 04/2016 also support styles for YAMAHA® arranger keyboards. Tens of thousands of those styles areavailable on internetfor free download and most of them can be processed (time-limited) also with RMCA Pro's or Jam partner's DEMO version. -More ...

To get an impression of RCS-styles and of random chord progressions, please listen to theaudio medleysand take a look on thevideo clips.

Music maker jam styles download free

Among the most popular alternative music styles are jazz and country. Both music styles originated in the USA. Jazz is characterized by wind instruments. The music is full of emotion, the lyrics are very expressive. Country is the music of the freedom-loving man. The genre is associated with the Wild West and life in the great outdoors. Music Maker JAM: the music maker & beat maker free music app for all music creators, DJs and producers, whatever your level is. Music Maker JAM is an easy-to-use song maker: create or remix amazing music beats and tracks using loops from a variety of musical genres including Trap, EDM, Rap, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, House, Garage, Pop, Rock, and more.

From here you can download all styles of packages no. 01 - no. 20 for
RMCA Pro, Jam partner & MAAS as a single zip file - 6,97 MB (recommended)

All styles should be extracted into the respective style directory
of RMCA Pro/Jam partner or MAAS (...RMCASTYLES or ...MAASSTYLES).

Registered RMCA Pro or Jam partner users can also perform the installation
via main menu -> Style - Style-Packages (recommended !).

However, please note that all these RCS-styles can only be
processed with registered versions of RMCA Pro,Jam partneror MAAS!


55 x 2 styles as package no. 11 - 413 k - Contents
50 x 2 styles as package no. 12 - 468 k - Contents
45 x 2 styles as package no. 13 - 372 k - Contents
50 x 2 styles as package no. 14 - 340 k - Contents
50 x 2 styles as package no. 15 - 423 k - Contents
50 x 2 styles as package no. 16 - 393 k - Contents
50 x 2 styles as package no. 17 - 441 k - Contents
50 x 2 styles as package no. 18 - 457 k - Contents
50 x 2 styles as package no. 19 - 455 k - Contents
50 x 2 styles as package no. 20 - 434 k - Contents

Music Maker Jam is an app that allows you to create music directly from your Android device. You can also share any songs that you create and even listen to compositions from other users of the app.
You’ll have more than two hundred musical style packages to work with. The music editor comes with an eight-band mixer, letting you record your music directly using your Android device. The only thing you need to create your music theme is a little time ... and some talent, of course.
Even if you’re not great at composing music, Music Maker Jam also lets you listen to the compositions of the rest of the app’s users. You can ‘like’ their creations and even create your own lists from the pieces composed by other users.
Music Maker Jam is an excellent app that you can use to create, discover, and share music.

Music Maker Jam Styles Download Free

Reviewed by Juan Jesús

Music Maker Jam Online

Translated by Pasitos Wells
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