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Music for Elevators vol. 1

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  1. Elevator Background Music Free Download. Elevator Background Music Free Download. Royalty free Elevator Music Free Download mp3. Free use in all projects and media. Use for commercial purpose (monetization) Only tracks with symbol require attribution.
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  3. 歌曲名《Background Music for Elevators》,由 Jazz Art 演唱,收录于《Acoustic Jazz Analyzed》专辑中。《Background Music for Elevators》下载,《Background Music for Elevators》在线试听,更多相关歌曲推荐尽在网易云音乐.

A mahorka compilation featuring tracks from 13 artists, presenting different approaches to ambient music.

01. mendigo - triangulo
02. sticking drops - blue jeans music for kids
03. popcrash - tram14
04. nfc - ddopl
05. res - 5th floor
06. skylined - oiece
07. player sekwent - r.zap (live)
08. sevensy - beacon
09. second body - allow attack 09 (birds)
10. avn - pnsrng
11. iversen - barque dans les vagues
12. l. lyutakov - la scarpa che respira
13. tomoroh hidari - fahrstuhl zum schafott

Background elevator music

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Music For Elevators Download

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This album is odd. As the title of this review suggests, it will polarise opinion right down the middle.
The first time I listened to this I felt the same way as the previous reviewer - I wanted some 'easy listening' soft-rock ballads as Anthony's cameos on Buffy promised, and this is anything but. There are a couple of guest voices from Buffy co-stars, but that is as far as the connection goes and I was faintly disappointed.
Then I listened to it again ... and haven't stopped. I had the same feeling you get as a child at Christmas when you don't get the gift you really wanted, but then on Boxing Day you begin to discover that what you actually got was even better. This album is completely unique and utterly indulgent. I would say it has a contemporary feel, but contemporary to what? There are faint echoes of David Bowie, Pet Shop Boys, Stereophonics, Keane, Portishead, but each track has its own flavour. The dissembled reworking of the Beatles classic 'We Can Work it Out' is shocking and unnerving ... also inspired and masterful.
If you want something soothing and familiar then this album is not for you; if you want something that will make you sit up and actively listen then give it a go. My advice would be to buy it with no preconceptions and don't judge it on the first airing. Sometimes the unexpected can be unwelcome, but sometimes it is a pleasant surprise. For me it was the latter.
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