The steps to get MP3 free download are as following: Step 1. Enter the music, artist, or lyrics in the search box and press Download, or paste the URL to search for the exact music. Click on the Download button beneath the music title. Select MP3 or MP4; then your free MP3 music downloads done! MP3 Download Free.

Free Music Download. 🔴 On the MY FREE MP3 music download portal users will find new music songs to their liking genres - Rock and soul, Pop, Latin, Jazz, Hip hop, Folk, Electronic, Country, Blues, Asian, African and a lot of Remixes. And in order to download music that captured, you do not need to go through a tedious registration process. Nov 17, 2015 Cover music music downloads listed below. Use this background music for videos, youtube, etc. ( Full policy) Instrumental Name. Bourne Identity Flashback Music Cover. Track Versions. Dark, Sad, Cover Music, Short. Talented singer Johnny Drille is out with the mp3 download of Blessed (Cover), a very hot trending song on NaijaNoWell ready to be on repeat on your song playlist. In his very own way, making wave in the music industry. Download and share your views.

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How to add album art to mp3 files? Find the right cover art for your music albums. Most people couldn’t care less about their mp3 collections, whether they have a proper name or an album cover art. For those with OCD problems, an incomplete album cover artwork is a disaster. When we’re using iPhone/iPad/iPod/iTunes to organize our music files, we’ll come up with the problems of lacking information about the music albums. Such a beautiful phone but hideous grey or blank artwork cover.

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Download disc cover mac, disc cover mac, disc cover mac download gratis. Our CD DVD cover software supports custom dimension setting for non-standard disc box to create a custom size cover. For unsupported label stock paper RonyaSoft DVD cover maker features a built-in template designer to create custom DVD cover and CD label templates for all types of boxes: multi-disc sets, Nintendo Wii or PlayStation 3 covers.

  1. For the PC: PTPublisher™, SureThing™ CD Label Software Primera Edition For the Mac: PTPublisher for Mac OS X 10.7 or higher with Disc Cover design software. Media Types: Printable-surface DVD±R and CD-R; standard or water-resistant: Data Interface: USB 3.0 for CD/DVD/BDR: Recommended PC Minimum System Requirements.
  2. Download Disc Cover for Mac to design and print CD/DVD labels and covers for your music, photo and video collections.
  3. Tom Jones Greatest Hits a. Pink - Beautiful Trauma (2017): Inside. Heat (1995): Back. Eagles Hotel California 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition front. George Michael - Listen without prejudice / MTV Unplugged (2017): Inlay.

If the users rip songs from CDs or get songs from other ways, they may lack the album info, especially album artwork, which might be the most annoying part for people to add manually. The following post will introduce several helpful methods for people to add album artwork to iPhone/iPad/iPod. Since it tags the album cover to the mp3, it will show up on Android smartphones too. Here is the complete list of the best album art downloaders.

↓ 01 – Album Art Downloader

The Album Art Downloader is a program designed to make life easier for anyone who wishes to find and update their album art for their music collection. The Album Art Downloader performs all the hard work in organizing your music collection; making it consistent, correct and complete with little effort.

It uses an impressive array of sources to find album art and might make the difference when trying to find the correct cover art—particularly for rare albums. Downloading artwork is easy and can be quickly saved to the same folder as your music—which most software media players then use.

↓ 02 – Creevity MP3 Cover Downloader

Easily find and add cover images (album arts) to your mp3 files. No matter to which folder you move your mp3 file, the saved cover will be always there for you. Download now the software that will simplify your life: searching and applying the covers for you with a mouse click. Extended compatibility: covers will be shown in Windows, Mac, Windows Media Player, iTunes and many other players. Works great on Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Apple’s macOS.

↓ 03 – taghycardia

Not limited to album cover, taghycardia is a free MP3 auto tagging utility that fixes the tags in downloaded music with a few clicks. Automated repair of tag problems causing albums inaccessibility on iPhone/Android/Windows Phone or other tag-sorting portable media players. Auto cover art downloading/embedding and tag image removal modes.

The program also detects corrupt/missing track numbers trying to substitute the faulty ones with the numbers extracted from filenames. Last but not least, Taghycardia is also able to get lyrics from online sources automatically to embed into the tags for reading song texts on your mobile device while it plays the music.


↓ 04 – Cover Retriever

Cover Retriever is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to help you find covers for compositions in “MP3/FLAC” formats and saving them onto disk or in audio file. The app seeks out missing album covers and saves them on a disk or in an audio file. If multiple options are found, the tool asks you to choose the best solution from the album art found.

Mp3 Music Cover Download

↓ 05 – The Crab

As you might already know – The Crab is a small utility that can help you organize your music albums using various music data sources, such as Amazon or Discogs. In fact, you can write your own data access plugin! All of the most popular audio file formats are supported and if your favorite format is not – you’re also welcome to write your own tagging plugin.

No matter what's in the box, shoppers will not value it if the box doesn'thave a captivating cover. A great cover conveys a compelling messagethat the product under the cover is worth their attention...and their money.

Professional Looking 3D Box Shots and Mockups in No Time

No doubt you can create a great looking box shot in Adobe Photoshop.The question is: how much time are you willing to invest in learning how toachieve this seemingly simple task?
Cover Commander offers more precise controls over the process ofcreating a perfect 3D box shot and mockups: DVD box, e-Book, 3D text, Business card, Brochure, Laptop, iMac, iPhone, iPad Pro, Nexus, Blu-ray disc, Display, etc., while removing the steep learning curveassociated with any general use graphics editor.
Draw even more attention to your product with an animated 3D box, cover or screenshot (WebP, APNG, GIF, etc.).Just a couple of extra clicks will create a dynamic animation flashing allkinds of effects that would captivate your customer's eye.
You can boost yourproductivity by times with Cover Commander's command-line options: parse sameproject with different sets of images, create multiple projects with a singlecommand, and do much more - just untie your imagination. Command-line optionsare a real 'panacea' for 'heavy' projects - catalogs, stores, etc.

Reasons to Go with Cover Commander

  • Compose a scene from several 3D objects.
  • 3D mockups: 3D text, 3D primitives (Sphere, Cylinder, Cone, Pyramid, Cube), Box, Box with disc, Disc, Screenshot, Curved screenshot, DVD box, DVD box with disc, Book, Softcover book, Business card, Brochure, Flyer, Postcard, Plastic Card, Book with rounded corners, Manual, Vista box, Spiral book, Laptop, iPad Pro, iPhone X/6s/SE/5c, iMac, Samsung Galaxy S6, Nexus 9, iPad 2/3/4 with cover, Display, Blu-ray box, Blu-ray with disc, Monitor, TV, CD box, CD box with disc.
  • Let the built-in wizards do the dirty work for you and focus on the artistic details of the cover.
  • Create multiple projects, parse multiple images - with a single command (batch mode).
  • Save the result image with transparent background and use the picture for the complex web or print designs.
  • Save the light, shadow, and reflection settings under a unique name and use those settings in other projects.
  • Set the result image size (up to 4000 x 4000) and margins in pixels.
  • Draw your customer's attention with an animated (WebP, APNG, GIF, SWF, AVI) box, cover or screenshot.
  • Don't pay more than what it actually costs to create a great cover. Create additional covers at no cost at all!

Speaking Their Language

Cover Commander user interface is available in multiple languages,so no matter where you live and what language you speak – you can stillcreate high-quality covers that would sell your product and help youbecome the number one in your market.

Mockup Samples


I downloaded and used about 12 different cover creator software packagesbefore I found Insofta Cover Commander. The ease of use, the quality 3Dengine, virtually instant rendering, almost unlimited options, andprofessional interface, make the Insofta product the best by far.And I think these guys have only just begun - further enhancementsdown the track will make this an UNBEATABLE product for the amateurand professional alike.

Myspace Music Cover Codes

I specifically chose Cover Commander as my cover creator software of choice -after reading a highly complimentary review on a SitePoint newsletter. Most ofthe competition 'look the same', but Cover Commander has a crispness to it anda very modern feel to the 'boxes and books'. Be very careful as some of theother products on the market have a finished image quality when exported thatis less than professional looking.
Cover Commander is very easy to use - notlike much of the competition which are based on Photoshop 'actions' - and theamazing number of different 'projects' allows books, reports, DVDs,software boxes ... you name it. One of my clients remarked how professionalhis new book looked on the web! (Little did he know it took me about 2 minutesflat to create it!) Most importantly to me, on the one occasion where I had anissue with the product, the service turn-around has to be experienced to bebelieved - it'since to discover in an internet full of hype-merchants thatthere are people who do what they say - and products that do exactly whatthey claim. Many thanks!

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Check out Cover Commander in action and see how the covers you get will make you want to grab that thing on the shelf and see what's in it.

Movie Disc Covers

  • Download and install it instantly.
  • Access all the commercial features in the demo version.
  • Upgrade to the commercial version without reinstalling the software.

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