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Active1 year, 11 months ago

I'm trying to download and play an audio file fetched from youtube using ytdl and discord.js:

I successfully manage to play the mp3 file in ./music/downloads/ without the ytdl part (ytdl(url).pipe(fs.createWriteStream('./music/downloads/music.mp3'));). But when that part is in the code, the bot just joins and leaves.

Here is the output with the ytdl part:

And here is the output without the ytdl part:

Why is that and how can i solve it?

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Use playStream instead of playFile when you need to play a audio stream.

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You're doing it in an inefficient way. There's no synchronization between reading and writing.
Wait for the file to be written to the filesystem, then read it!

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Redirect YTDL's video output to dispatcher, which would be converted to opus audio data packets first, then streamed from your computer to Discord.

The approach you used wass pretty close to success, but the failure is when you don't synchronize read/write.

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