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This salt formula will install and configure Microsoft Netbanner. Local GroupPolicy Object (LGPO) files will be updated so that Netbanner can be managedfrom the Local Group Policy Editor (i.e. gpedit.msc).

To look for recent updates, visit Windows Update. In addition, make sure you have Windows Installer 3.1 installed before you install this service pack; Click the Download button on this page to start the download; To save the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save. To cancel the installation, click Cancel. The Microsoft Download Manager solves these potential problems. It gives you the ability to download multiple files at one time and download large files quickly and reliably. It also allows you to suspend active downloads and resume downloads that have failed. Microsoft Download Manager is free and available for download now.


Microsoft does not distribute the Netbanner package. It is rather difficultto come by. Also, the Netbanner license prevents distribution, so we cannotprovide it via Github or a CDN. The only known source is below, and itrequires a government-provided Common Access Card (CAC) to gain access to thesite.


  • Microsoft .NET 4 for Netbanner 2.x.
  • Microsoft .NET 2 for Netbanner 1.x.
  • Salt 2015.8.0 or greater (required for templating winrepo packages).
  • Properly configured salt winrepo package manager, in a master ormasterless configuration.
  • Package definition for Netbanner must be available in the winrepodatabase. The installer can be obtained from the site(s) listed above.

Available States


This state will install Microsoft Netbanner and update the Local Group PolicyEditor configuration so that the Netbanner settings can be managed via LGPO.


This sls file will apply a Netbanner configuration to the system. Netbannerwill be installed if it is not already, via an include statement. TheNetbanner configuration is read from map.jinja, which supports customizationvia pillar. Configuration changes typically require logging out and back into become effective (though sometimes force closing and restarting theNetbanner.exe process will also work).


While the default settings allow the formula to work without any configuration,the Netbanner formula is customizable via pillar. A complete pillarconfiguration would look something like this:


version must match a netbanner version available from winrepo. Knownversions of Netbanner include:

  • 1.3.93
  • 2.1.161

netbanner:lookup:admx_source and netbanner:lookup:adml_source

admx_source and adml_source must be a location where the netbanner.admxand netbanner.adml files are available to the salt file system. These filesare distributed with this formula, so it is expected that the default pathwill work for most use cases.

Download netbanner 3.1 windows 10


The next configuration setting is network_label. The network_labelcorresponds to a group of Netbanner settings that many systems may have incommon. The network_label label and associated settings must be defined incustom_network_labels.


Additional network labels may be created with the custom_network_labelsdictionary in the netbanner pillar. Custom labels will be merged with thedefault labels above. Custom labels are defined in a YAML dictionary andrequire three settings:

  • CustomBackgroundColor
  • CustomDisplayText
  • CustomForeColor

All of these settings correspond to registry entries read by the Netbannerprocess.

CustomBackgroundColor is a number (in string format) from 1-9.CustomDisplayText is the string to display in the banner. CustomForeColoris a number (in string format) from 1-3.

CustomBackgroundColor key:

  • Green = '1'
  • Blue = '2'
  • Red = '3'
  • Yellow = '4'
  • White = '5'
  • Black = '6'
  • SaddleBrown = '7'
  • Purple = '8'
  • Orange = '9'

CustomForeColor key:

  • Black = '1'
  • White = '2'
  • Red = '3'

Unregistered Version Limitations


The unregistered version works as a monitoring application only, and supports no priorities or rules.
For a full list of NetBalancer's features click on the link below:
NetBalancer Features Table


Find here the answers to NetBalancer's Frequently Asked Questions

Old Versions

Older versions of NetBalancer, in case you need one:

Social.technet.microsoft.com › Forums › En-USNetBanner.exe - Social.technet.microsoft.com

Release DateVersionBuildSizeDownload Link
09-Dec-2021v10.4.228997.6 MB NetBalancerSetup_v10.4.2.2899.exe
05-Oct-2021v10.3.428347.6 MB NetBalancerSetup_v10.3.4.2834.exe
08-Jun-2021v10.2.527157.6 MB NetBalancerSetup_v10.2.5.2715.exe
27-Aug-2020v10.1.324307.6 MB NetBalancerSetup_v10.1.3.2430.exe
16-May-2020v10.0.323277.4 MB NetBalancerSetup_v10.0.3.2327.exe
22-Apr-2020v9.17.323037.4 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.17.3.2303.exe
14-Apr-2020v9.16.222957.3 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.16.2.2295.exe
26-Mar-2020v9.15.322767.3 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.15.3.2276.exe
25-Feb-2020v9.14.622467.1 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.14.6.2246.exe
12-Sep-2019v9.13.320807.1 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.13.3.2080.exe
31-Jul-2019v9.12.920377.0 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.12.9.2037.exe
12-Jan-2018v9.11.314726.8 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.11.3.1472.exe
18-Oct-2017v9.10.613866.8 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.10.6.1386.exe
06-Jun-2017v9.9.612526.6 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.9.6.1252.exe
16-Feb-2017v9.8.611426.6 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.8.6.1142.exe
14-Nov-2016v9.7.210486.5 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.7.2.1048.exe
09-Oct-2016v9.6.210126.3 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.6.2.1012.exe
21-Sep-2016v9.5.69946.2 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.5.6.994.exe
24-Jun-2016v9.4.19056.2 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.4.1.905.exe
02-Jun-2016v9.3.38836.2 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.3.3.883.exe
19-Apr-2016v9.2.78395.7 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.2.7.839.exe
15-Jan-2016v9.1.47444.3 MB NetBalancerSetup_v9.1.4.744.exe
20-Nov-2015v8.6.46883.9 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.6.4.688.exe
07-Nov-2015v8.9.76753.9 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.9.7.675.exe
06-Aug-2015v8.8.25823.9 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.8.2.582.exe
15-Jul-2015v8.7.15603.9 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.7.1.560.exe
28-Mar-2015v8.5.44514.8 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.5.4.451.exe
06-Dec-2014v8.4.53394.7 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.4.5.339.exe
30-Oct-2014v8.3.53024.9 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.3.5.302.exe
25-Sep-2014v8.2.32674.9 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.2.3.267.exe
20-Jun-2014v8.1.11704.8 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.1.1.170.exe
29-May-2014v8.0.41484.8 MB NetBalancerSetup_v8.0.4.148.exe
Eons agov7.1.33.2 MB NetBalancerSetup_v7.1.3.exe
Eons agov6.7.13.8 MB NetBalancerSetup_v6.7.1.exe
Eons agov5.2.12.1 MB NetBalancerSetup_v5.2.1.exe
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