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  1. Mario Teaches Typing

Mario Teaches Typing

DOS - 1992

Also available on: Mac

4.4 / 5 - 2189 votes

Description of Mario Teaches Typing

A great typing tutorial that is best described as Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing for kids, Mario Teaches Typing is a full-featured typing program that has something for everyone, although kids with no typing experience will get the most from the program-- while enjoying cute antics of Nintendo's popular Mario brothers.

After you sign in, you can choose from many activities that suit your level of typing proficiency. If you are a beginner, the game will teach you from the ground up, letter by letter. The interface is one of the best I've seen in this type of program: you will see two cartoony hands at the bottom third the screen, which will flash the finger you should use to press keys when the letter shows up in in the top screen.

The top two-thirds of the screen is taken up by attractive graphics, showing Mario (or Luigi or the Princess, whomever you choose) doing his cutesy Mario-things (e.g. knocking blocks, jumping on turtles, etc.) when you press the correct key. Do it right, and you will see Mario advance to the next level, just like in the Super Nintendo version.

In addition to many difficulty levels you can choose from, one of the program's best features is the Report Card, which not only displays your accuracy in percentage and your WPM (words per minute) count, but also 'problem keys,' i.e. keys you have most trouble with. And as if that is not enough, many sentences you will be typing are taken from famous plays, novels, or historical documents, with the source always given at the end. This adds extra educational value to the package, and make you want to come back to it even after you have mastered typing.

Overall, Mario Teaches Typing is a very enjoyable typing tutor that no house should be without. Two thumbs up!

Review By HOTUD

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Comments and reviews

Ourn samnang2021-11-271 point

this game is the best

aNAKEDcupcake (draqonb0rn)2021-11-091 point

Ha! I remember this game as a kid. I remember most of these games actually. Thanks for having these classics available!

zherean2021-09-262 points

me when i pro typer because mario

jmanb2021-08-190 point

there was a windows version of mario teaches typing original but it is missing

socheata2021-07-30-1 point

i love this mario games so much bc it ake me learn alots and make me tap faster that another years

Sovanden2021-07-290 point

Mario games for computer download

Good for computer study

Chan Rath2021-07-180 point

Thank you for your app

Hatty2021-06-30-1 point

i want to take skill typing on this app

John2021-06-06-1 point

It's too great English typing for training to now how to write well and Know how to type well.

ren2021-06-03-3 points

I need typing quickly

Jacky2021-05-181 point

I want to learn English literature and improve my typing also. thanks

Tey2021-05-02-2 points

I want to larning

Chanheng2021-04-150 point

i would like to learn for typing Mario

Mr. Siveth2021-04-100 point

Thanks you

nith2021-03-270 point

i want to improve my typing test

rika2021-01-131 point DOS version

i want to write letter fast

Vuthy vuth2021-01-080 point

I want to know how to type faster

Lalin2020-10-190 point

I want to improve my typing.

piron2020-10-15-1 point

thanks for this games

jenny2020-10-011 point

i would like to learn fast typing

Neath2020-09-13-1 point

I want to keying faster than.

Mario2020-09-04-2 points

This is Cool

sonia2020-08-191 point

I want to improve my English get well .

NICKMAME2020-08-08-2 points

sound us scratchy

Paper2020-06-111 point DOS version

5/10 No mario head

Prak2020-05-300 point

I want to teach the kind how to type in the computer.

soynuth2020-04-221 point

Thank you for arrangment for every people around the world.

thehurtpocket2020-04-194 points

i learned on this game. time to dust it off for my kids. and see if i can beat them.

Chris2020-04-1212 points

I'm gonn' a' fly for a' you!
*Flying Noises*

WWW2020-04-091 point

Best way for kids to learn typing....still!

Red Blaze2020-03-290 point

I loved learning to type with mario teaches typing when i was a kid and teen

Anthony2020-02-150 point

I like this application

Malccie2020-01-15-2 points

I just want to play the game because it looks interesting.

Takmor2020-01-151 point

it's a good typing that i ever use before . it old but still the best , thank u !

kimlaing2020-01-111 point Mac version

typing skill is good

kong somprathnar2020-01-031 point

i want to study in your game

TitianDerp2019-12-010 point DOS version

Even though Mario Teaches Typing is overshadowed by it's sequel and it has decent reviews the game is still fun and has a very friendly design. It's so simple but it still does what it needs to do, it teaches youth about typing so in their future lives they will have some computer skills. I actually had a lot of fun with this game, even though other kids in my generation would absolutely despise the game. However, the music is not that good, and after a while it hurts my head. Also, Mario Teaches Typing was released for the DOS. That infuriates me a little because the DOS, in my opinion, is totally garbage. Yes, it was also released for MAC but is that much better? Sometimes, some sprites can look pretty ugly and some areas lack detail too. Overall, the game is pretty good, if you can get the game to run, lol.

Siren2019-11-270 point

This game taught me how to type when I was 12. It is still the best typeing game I’ve ever seen and I recommend it to anyone that needs to learn how to type

Nano_Neth2019-11-231 point DOS version

really cool !

belle kibitang2019-10-250 point

it help me types better

pahna2019-10-200 point

Thank you for your support

Udom2019-10-05-2 points

I want to play this game for my fluently typing

vicky2019-09-140 point

all dos games are not running i am using window 7

reee2019-08-200 point DOS version

The sound doesn't work for some reason

digletd2019-08-060 point DOS version

This is not the CD Version that was relased in 1994. This one doesn't contain the infamous Mario Head nor Charles Martinnet voicing him. So yeah this version is just a boring education game without that corny Mario Head that made it so legendary bad.
You still wanna play this for nostalgia if you played this before or just curiousity about the very few officially licensed PC games with any kind of Nintendo's IP.

Vichea2019-07-110 point

want to learn by Mario typing

Kesey2019-04-191 point


flamin hot cheetos2019-04-09-4 points

this game is okay. but you consider flamin hot cheeto instead? cheeto is dangerously cheese and way better thaen maroi teach type

odeteam.com2019-02-270 point DOS version

Mario's creator and the attack on pearl harbor are both Japanese. Coincidence?

Alf2019-01-02-3 points DOS version

I Want to learn Typing. thank you.

Chan2018-08-31-7 points

I'm beauty, I know :

M A T2018-08-121 point DOS version

Thank you ;)

reksa2018-07-251 point

good lesson

Nary2018-07-100 point

I Want to learn Typing

ABILIO DE CARVALHO2018-06-083 points


krisztian082018-05-27-4 points DOS version

why is sound 8-bit?

[email protected]2018-05-061 point

run in launchbox

awashnut2018-02-280 point

why interplay why!

smey2018-02-160 point

i like Mario typing because it can give me write fast

Space man 1007892018-01-281 point

Horrible Game!

SortingHat2017-11-290 point

Why is this game stuck on PC Speakers. Another game on here Flix Mix (Puzzle) uses full Sound Blaster 16 and I know that this game had that capability.

SortingHat2017-11-291 point

The only problem with this and others that made *Edutainment* a cuss word in the eyes of the corporate lingo was a lot of school faculty at the time didn't know diddly squat about computers so just used them as reward time plus Reader Rabbit gave these software titles a bad taste as schools had discounts if they used it as a mascot.
Lot of them were old and getting ready to retire or a young women in their 20s who couldn't/wouldn't even turn them on.
Today's generation missed out on it alot and went straight from game machines to phones which DIDN'T and don't have much if any educational value. Some will argue 'But it teaches hand to eye cordination blah blah blah blah! But truth is that's really stretching it there buddy. And did I just see your nose grow a tad longer from that statement or was it always that big?
Phones are tiny and unlike full programs of days goneby apps are just things that run in the background like photo viewer
Smartphones are made for people as smart as Boboklins or dumber if there are any. You know with the ? or ! marks over their heads.

Slinking2017-11-181 point DOS version

Rusty, the game runs on DOS so you can try using DOS Box. Google it and learn how to mount the game. Windows 10 and 8.1 doesn't support full DOS anymore.
And for those that gave him a negative rating, why? C'mon let's help people not put them down.

Sarith HdR2017-10-300 point

i am strongly like this game for typing fast one day to one day

dnfree2017-10-230 point

good game for first user

InchWorms2017-09-04-1 point

Where's the CD version? It used a 3D model of Mario's head instead of the sprite at the main menu. It's really weird (The face is) but I was wanting that version as well.

Rina2017-08-27-5 points Mac version

I can't download it in my macbook pro.Why??? Please tell me, I really want to play this game again

Sokrrin2017-08-150 point

I teach myself

Rocky2017-07-220 point

Downloading this for my little sister.

Linh2017-06-040 point

Good and interesting

Austy2017-03-30-10 points

I'm trying to download this for Windows 10 but it's not working. How do I install it?

Rotha Ban2017-03-260 point

I want to learn typing

Joaaue1232017-03-161 point

It's a great game

mhelo2017-02-220 point DOS version

its already available on my time, year 1997 when i started to used this teachers typing, and this really help me a lot, and very fun to use

Ensharah HASSAN2017-01-120 point DOS version

The Best for Everyone to LEARN TYPING. I LOVE it. ALL MY Brothers & Sisters learned from it.

kristian2016-12-29-2 points

i now i want this game

jame2016-12-21-1 point

i start stady typing and like mario

Bunhai2016-10-122 points

It's good to know how to typing first. My first time started with it.=Thanks for made it so much.

lol2016-08-240 point DOS version

guys sound sounds good with sb pro

thoeun2016-08-231 point


Jenamae2016-08-050 point

I love it because how to teach typing

Pikayoshi2016-08-041 point DOS version

How do i get perfect sound on this game?
the game sounds exactly like Chadtronic's copy of Mario Teaches Typing

narith kim2016-08-020 point

good at teaching typing

Ah GEE2016-05-040 point Mac version


Ah GEE2016-05-041 point DOS version


danielroxheaps2016-04-133 points DOS version

lol I remember playing this in about 2003/4 and the jumping letters right next to each other were FUC I died laughing so I had to download this again, and it's a Mario game from 1991, unpassable =D

louiselicious2016-02-18-2 points DOS version

i can't download or play in browser... what happen?

samnang2016-02-14-1 point DOS version

I like typing the game to mush.

Pheak2016-01-120 point


hanhnguyen2015-11-130 point


chau2015-11-010 point


kelly2015-10-290 point

for practice my typing

le quang huy2015-10-27-4 points

toi rat muon choi tro choi nay xin vui long ho tro gium toi de toi co the choi tro choi nay

Patrick2015-10-231 point DOS version

This game is very fun

Chanyeol2015-10-17-1 point DOS version


vananh2015-10-080 point

it is very good

Be2015-10-07-2 points DOS version


hẻo2015-10-05-2 points

đồ nứng

Deekay2015-10-03-1 point DOS version

Like and love to know oporating keyboard without looking it

Trương Tố Uyên2015-09-290 point Mac version

mình không biết

Adriana2015-09-211 point DOS version


sopheak2015-09-20-1 point

I like this program, because it fun and make me clear with typing

rkraiem1002015-09-030 point

im not even joking im having framerate issues with this game... yes thats right the computer im using is so ****ing bad that it cant even properly run mario teaches ****ing typing!!!!!!!

sv any2015-07-26-1 point DOS version

good game

Chrise2015-07-020 point DOS version

Thank you for your kind

Winblowz2015-06-291 point DOS version

I've heard a lot of negative comments from friends about this game, but I think it's great!

Lay SInet2015-06-280 point DOS version


Tim_Tam2015-06-180 point DOS version

which options do i have to choose when installing it into my 8GB USB?

pozzdy2015-06-080 point DOS version

good game

good girl2015-05-030 point DOS version

this is a good game to learn typing

tes phirun2015-04-190 point DOS version

skill typing

ammad2015-04-100 point DOS version

my favourite game

slowride2015-04-010 point DOS version

take it esay drr drr take a slow ride

greenbunchmomma2015-03-250 point Mac version

I downloaded the program but it only opens it as a text edit document and I can't seem to run it. help....please

guest2015-03-181 point DOS version

I've installed the dosbox, but when I try to install the install.exe file, I get an error message that says my version of windows won't run this program. What should I do?
BTW, to the commenter below: 'words/min' usually means how many words you type per minute and is a measure of your typing efficiency. I think these days if you can 30 WPM it's pretty OK, especially for normal emails and stuff.

TomyYoung2015-02-200 point DOS version

too bad is try again!

tharo2015-02-18-1 point DOS version

i think that is so good for me

lol2015-02-150 point DOS version


deth2015-01-311 point DOS version

Is good for all the people

helpdeskdan2015-01-260 point DOS version

It even shows which finger you should be using. A good game to learn typing.

sothearit2014-12-21-1 point DOS version

i would like to ask about word/min on result, What it's meaning?

DickfaceDownloader2014-12-060 point DOS version

Very good textures, but this accomplishment is overshadowed by a very complex moveset. Did not learn full moveset until game was finished.
Overall I grant this game 2/5

sal2014-12-052 points DOS version

get dosbox0.74 install it on any windows version including 8.1 and mario will run on it

Jay2014-11-28-1 point DOS version

This is how I learned to type! It is much better than those generic typing games. ...wait...Twilight Sparkle? How are you typing? And where did you get a computer?

NerdGamer992014-11-232 points DOS version

it says it doesn't work on my version off windows HELP!!!

twilight sparkle2014-11-220 point DOS version

this game is teaching me how to click with 10 finger is so great i like is game.How about you do you like this game,do you learn some think about this game?

I LOVE YOU2014-11-040 point DOS version

tôi rất thích phần mềm nay nhưng tôi không tải được

Ly2014-11-030 point DOS version

I cannot download it in my iPad either my PC, what to do next?

cún2014-10-250 point DOS version

lam the nao de taiduoc mario

Rae2014-09-290 point DOS version

OMG the feels and the memories.. Good stuff!

TOM THE BOST2014-09-250 point DOS version


Trang Trinh 20052014-09-23-1 point DOS version

Dac Lac

Danny2014-09-220 point DOS version

It doesn't work for Win8.1 D: I wanted to show it off...

sorry I Can Open.2014-09-110 point DOS version

sao e ko vào dc vậy?

paulo jose2014-09-100 point DOS version

for the public young is good to lerning more

tran yen vy2014-08-290 point DOS version

game is good, I love this game

nguyen kim thoa2014-08-290 point DOS version

toi rat vui khi choi game nay o truong

yeh phoi nghi2014-08-290 point DOS version

game nay rat la vui vi tui da hoc o truong tieu hoc

sillet102014-08-280 point DOS version

How do you download the game wwhat do you press

thai2014-08-270 point DOS version

thai lun

bella2014-08-230 point DOS version

loool i remember this!

vinh2014-08-190 point DOS version

it is good

chan2014-08-180 point DOS version

i want to bout mario

bob2014-08-100 point DOS version

where is mtt2?

DARA2014-07-260 point DOS version

I want learn to type the words in the computer.

DangerKitty2014-07-140 point DOS version

I can't this game to install. What am I messing up, here?
D-Fend Reloaded error message: 'There is no new folder in the games directory from which a new game could be added. Do you want to start the installation program again?'
I've tried installing this game over half a dozen times now, and it still won't work. Help?

frankwiddle2014-07-030 point DOS version

@ MT6
'Sh!t i can't run it it says make sure you have downloaded the appropriate version of this file x64 or x86./... :)
But thanks for this amazing share :)'
just a rule of thumb, anything Windows XP and newer wont run dos programs. Microsoft has remove quite a great deal of dos. actually i believe Windows me was the last time i ever saw mario teaches typing on a native system. what you can do is search for DosBox. either here @ my abandonware or google its one of the best dos emulators and yes thank you guys and gals at my abandonware for mario teaches typing loved it as a kid now want to show it to my kids

annie1232014-06-040 point DOS version

mario teaches typing is great.i want to download it

virak komsot2014-05-220 point DOS version

i like it so muh now i can use computer by test it.

MT62014-05-190 point DOS version

Sh!t i can't run it it says make sure you have downloaded the appropriate version of this file x64 or x86./... :)
But thanks for this amazing share :)

San John2014-05-070 point DOS version

i like this very mcuh

NRAY2014-05-070 point DOS version

i want to play this typing so much becuse i like typing mario

Mak2014-05-060 point DOS version

I want to practise typing

COOOL2014-05-050 point DOS version

i like it so much

gsdhvb2014-05-040 point DOS version

good game

baccon19822014-04-250 point DOS version

i want to ,maripo

seyha2014-04-240 point DOS version

Good for learn

Iftin2014-04-210 point DOS version

its vantastic

julay2014-04-170 point DOS version


thuytien2014-04-050 point DOS version


deno2014-04-010 point DOS version


Winter2014-03-300 point DOS version

Free Super Mario Games Download

I love mario and princess peach.

Paz2014-03-28-1 point DOS version

I want this game! i hear that is so good!

serey2014-03-240 point DOS version

good typing

saif2014-03-230 point DOS version

i love to play mario

ngocvy2014-03-220 point DOS version

i like it

Mario Game Free Download For Windows

dawnshine2014-03-220 point DOS version

I want to download it

Mavis Beacon2014-03-160 point DOS version

0/10 would not reccomend

Zabeer.Ziyad2014-03-150 point DOS version

i like it

theary2014-03-150 point DOS version

that is make me easy to type the letters

linhtrangcoffefood2014-03-100 point DOS version


Awsisazeen2014-03-080 point DOS version

I did not download this but im sure its gonna be great :)

linh2014-02-220 point DOS version

trò chơi này rất thú vị và bổ ích giúp trẻ em có thể tập được cách gõ 10 ngón tay .Giúp trẻ em nâng cao thông minh và được vui

menglay2014-02-210 point DOS version

thank for give me to download

ubaid2014-01-290 point DOS version


SethBling2014-01-260 point DOS version

Heh, I remember this!

Bin2014-01-190 point DOS version

Trò chơi này rất hay và bổ ích

Timothy2014-01-180 point DOS version

Koopa is a fast writer. He could write Russian. hallo

anonimo2014-01-07-1 point DOS version

i cannot wait the game weegee teaches typing

anonimo2014-01-070 point DOS version

i used this game for my daughter we have 8 months old

seyha2014-01-060 point DOS version

pleas play

NomPang2013-12-220 point DOS version


mario2013-11-290 point DOS version

tải phần mềm về máy

Babygirl2013-11-260 point DOS version

very gôd!

bloom2013-11-260 point DOS version

muon tai ma tai khong duoc ! tuc day nay binh luan gi ma khong tai di

thuong phuoc tien2013-11-230 point DOS version

mario teaches typing game very well and help people become more intelligent

Zak2013-11-230 point DOS version


Eno Kim2013-11-210 point DOS version

It's very well

yo2013-11-150 point DOS version

It doesn't work because its for DOS. Get DosBox or run on an old computer.

tiger2013-11-130 point DOS version


Moazann allah2013-11-120 point DOS version

duh because it is not for windows 7 it is for 8

conan2013-11-080 point DOS version

cho troi nay rat hay

MORON2013-11-080 point DOS version


anonymous2013-11-03-1 point DOS version

this game is so stupid, it wont even run on my computer.

cun2013-11-030 point DOS version


[email protected]2013-10-300 point DOS version


PhoenixLegalLogistcs.com2013-10-270 point DOS version

I want to use this product for when my team has stand by time, let them take a break from the rigor of being on duty. but as a team leader I want to get something back (better typing skills). It has already made a difference on the XP's Users, they have not noted that it has made a difference.
I have had no problem with our XP's. It went just fine, installed just how the instruction say.
The window 7 unit though are stuck at set 3 to 4. at this point d-fender display an error in void file path.

Super Minh2013-10-240 point DOS version

How can we install that when finish downloading?????????

doun2013-10-160 point DOS version


hoachampha2013-10-130 point DOS version

minh that nhat la choi mario

Eirak sopheak2013-10-120 point DOS version

I really like your typing game. It improve my typing faster

buithanhha4352013-10-110 point DOS version

I want to download this

john2013-10-110 point DOS version

It's Very Good Typing

Flippers2013-10-060 point DOS version

Those who just don't know how to play this kind of game should first learn how to use DOSbox. Once you got that figured out, playing this game is a walk in the park. Btw, you don't INSTALL the game, you just type in the correct path to the game and BOOM. So yeah, Google up 'How to use DOSBox', newbies.

cool yoav2013-10-050 point DOS version

how dowe install it

loctukute2013-10-040 point DOS version

so cooll

Mario Game Free Download For Windows

pech2013-10-040 point DOS version


Nguyen Minh Chau2013-10-020 point DOS version

mount c c:/
cd mario

thu huong2013-09-290 point DOS version

dao loat phan mem ma ri o kieu j gio

hoai phuong2013-09-270 point DOS version

minh kho biet tai bay voi

hoangnghi672013-09-200 point DOS version

ok fine

Kim Ngan2013-09-190 point DOS version

La 1 goi de tinh

yakatak2013-09-180 point DOS version


Oddbrother2013-09-180 point DOS version

You have to admit that the game is quite educational.
But the music and sound effects are awful in the ears!

trung20052013-09-150 point DOS version


girl2013-09-070 point DOS version

how can i play mario teaches typing

angel van2013-09-071 point DOS version

this program doesnt work
please i need to know why

Leng Srouy Heang2013-09-050 point DOS version

how can i download this mario typing?????

ira2013-09-010 point DOS version

Works fine with me. I used DOS BOX emulator to run and install this game in Ubuntu 12. Also tried it before in Windows 7.

10hokage2013-08-270 point DOS version

I am gonna check this software. Thank you.

BBC6002013-08-241 point DOS version


EJ2013-08-230 point DOS version

How is it going guys

Makara2013-08-221 point DOS version

this program good for me and my people . because can help they get skill typing

Ba Rang2013-08-140 point DOS version

Why can't I install it into my PC running on windows 7 !

Cheata2013-08-120 point DOS version

i want to have a quick types and its fun too

Chetra2013-08-050 point DOS version

Does it support to Win7?

Basul2013-07-020 point DOS version

Great game

the pussy destroyer2013-06-11-1 point DOS version

this game is shit !!!

sarath2013-05-150 point DOS version

want to learn and be quick type

Narin2013-05-110 point DOS version

Good typing for first study computer

gradesauce2013-05-070 point DOS version

sweet sweet game

dsad2013-05-020 point DOS version

i like typing

Jackie2013-04-160 point DOS version

Everyone tends to comment on how well I type, for example they say I respond really fast to instant messages. I tell them it's thanks to Mario Teaches Typing!

bajezai2013-04-090 point DOS version

mario typing tuter is best for seeking typing.

mum2013-03-210 point DOS version

good game

Kry2013-03-040 point DOS version

I want it.

Late80sTotGamer2013-03-020 point DOS version

@'hi' This looks like a Windows version.
I originally played this on an early, pre 256 mac performa. Kind of annoying at the time, as it was just typing, and could not really pay attention to the graphics, and practice typing well. It did get me to try typing a bit more, but it was not until an early release of Mavis Beacon a couple years later, that I really learned the full basics of typing. MB was less distracting, and much more helpful.

Edson (aka Dentson)2013-02-250 point DOS version

My son should play this game.

art2013-02-250 point DOS version

i like to learn typing

hi2013-02-230 point DOS version

I have a mac book pro, I can't open or install the program after I downloaded it. Any Ideas?

tavio2013-02-16-1 point DOS version

i think this game its great to teach tiping, Thanks!!

chungsut2013-01-220 point DOS version

toi thay tro nay co loi cho con toi ,vi no dang tap go

amie2013-01-210 point DOS version

cool game bro

rano2013-01-010 point DOS version


Guy2012-12-310 point DOS version

I remember playing this game in the 4th grade, back in 1999

rathana2012-12-260 point DOS version

hi friend ...

giang2012-12-150 point DOS version

toi tai cai na

Hoksolinvan2012-12-150 point DOS version

Thank u for downloading mario

safeer2012-12-030 point DOS version


WiTT3D2012-11-280 point DOS version

it's soooooo cool i found of it very much

Phongvu20042012-11-280 point DOS version

I like this game

pannsanvisal2012-11-180 point DOS version

hi mario word
is good to see your typed game

supervuaphapsu2012-11-170 point DOS version

cool vkl

nguyendangphuongvy2012-11-130 point DOS version


hay2012-10-270 point DOS version

hay wa ratttttttttttttttttttttttt la hay co khac

hoa2012-10-210 point DOS version

toi muon tai ve may
minh phai lam sao

dany2012-10-110 point DOS version

i just want to improve my typing skill

lamlq2012-10-040 point DOS version


duyen2012-09-280 point DOS version

muon tai ve may

mankok2012-09-150 point DOS version

toi muon tai ve

nok2012-08-090 point DOS version

that good

lyons232012-08-060 point DOS version

yeah mario!

Dara2012-08-040 point DOS version

I like Mario

Meav2012-07-310 point DOS version

I want to play games

hameed2012-07-260 point DOS version

this is very easy game to learn typing

Simon Ludwig2012-07-210 point DOS version

thanks its good
very happy...

van2012-06-300 point DOS version

lucu sekali

Sochesthor2012-06-080 point DOS version


smey2012-06-060 point DOS version

i like Mario

mario2012-05-260 point DOS version


qasi2012-05-030 point DOS version

good typing and most popular games and very easy typing

sam2012-04-210 point DOS version

good for leaning

Itoo2012-02-250 point DOS version

This game is awesome because it's all ages. I just got my 4-year old playing it. She went from 50% errors to 10% errors in 5 trials on the 2-minute level 1. I highly recommend this to all parents.

fightalert2012-02-200 point DOS version


sreypove2012-02-030 point DOS version

need typing mario

amir2012-01-250 point DOS version

the game is fun

anhkute2012-01-200 point DOS version

minh muon hoc gioi

vean2012-01-090 point DOS version

I want to download

qhwhhwqj2012-01-080 point DOS version


mcflyer2012-01-080 point DOS version

Thsi game reminds me when i was little and i used to play it in my computer class in school, i loved it!!
btw, i cant make it work in winzip ):

Ratha2012-01-050 point DOS version

My love tried to learned it when she was 4 years because of this program!!!! Thank you for offering it.

huy pro game2011-12-160 point DOS version

i like it so much

sean steezy2011-12-061 point DOS version

this is how i found out george washington has wooden teeth! Get DOSBOX if you can't get it to work in Windows

w7(x64)2011-11-060 point DOS version

not working on windows7-64bit...
what should we do?

[email protected]2011-11-020 point DOS version

how do we download mario techeis typing

jane2011-10-290 point DOS version

My 22 yr old son learned to type when he was 5 years old
because of this program!!! Thankyou for offering it here for

thorng cam2011-10-170 point DOS version

i like it so much

nhan2011-10-160 point DOS version

cai dat mario

clair2011-10-110 point DOS version

how do we download mario techeis typing

Thea2011-10-110 point DOS version

It's really nice. Thank you so much

vuong trieu vi2011-10-080 point DOS version

hay nhat la mario

huan2011-10-050 point DOS version


hai2011-09-280 point DOS version

I need mario typing practice skills

Liesel2011-09-130 point DOS version

So far this game has worked seamlessly on my Mac, it really brought me back to playing it as a kid on my very first computer- a wonderful game!

jhames2011-09-100 point DOS version

very nice and educational game 11 out of 10

Tha Thong2011-09-100 point DOS version

I like Mario typing

lovely girl2011-08-240 point DOS version

wow i like this game very much because it can make me easy


Sonia Spector2011-08-230 point DOS version

Well I want to learn, but my mom and dad! not fear! Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach are sure. and I'll do it, OK?

James2011-08-200 point DOS version

good to use with a child if you (or person) is older the Mavis Beacon one is also good

Missy2011-07-240 point DOS version

I used to play this as a kid

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chillva2011-06-230 point DOS version

does this DL actually work?

Russ2011-05-240 point DOS version

Its a great way to learn how to use the computer!

da2011-04-100 point DOS version


sarun2011-03-161 point DOS version

i would like mario typing

Dean2011-01-070 point DOS version

I would like to teach my children to type smoothly.

mavoorik2010-11-040 point DOS version


nguyễn thanh phương2010-09-290 point DOS version

cho toi tai game nay

ha2008-08-281 point DOS version

this is great

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  • Year:1993
  • Publisher:MacPlay
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