FonePaw - Solution -- Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone With/Without iTunes (2021 Update)

Step 2: After connected successfully, open Computer, find the Portable Devices iPhone 8 Plus. Step 3: Open the iPhone 8 Plus option and the sub-folder, until you see a DCIM photo folder, which contains several folders that saved your photos. Simply open it and copy the photos and pictures to your computer. Transfer the music tracks to your Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256 Go) There are tons of ways to transfer or download music on your Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256 Go). We don't pretend to give you all of these methods here, but rather to share with you the easiest ways to put music on your phone. Add/Transfer Music to iPhone 8 from PC. Click “ Music ” icon on on the top of interface, and you will enter the Music window by default. You can select “ Add File ” or “ Add Folder ” from the drop-down list. Add File to directly import the detailed songs from PC to iPhone 8. Add Folder to add all the music in the selected folder to. If you want to download music straight to your iPhone, you will need to connect it to your computer first. You can connect your iPhone via USB or Wi-Fi, which means that you can transfer music to your iPhone wirelessly. You will see your iPhone’s name under the iPhone option you’ve chosen once the connection is established. So here you can delete your downloads all in one. And then you need to uninstall and reinstall the apps on your iPhone. Go to Settings General. Choose Storage & iCloud Usage. Tap on Manage Storage to find the app that includes the download files you want to delete.

This post is a full guide to transferring music from computer to iPhone with/without iTunes. If frustrating problems occur while transferring with iTunes, try some fixes in FAQ or just try FonePaw iOS Transfer to import your songs to iPhone quickly and easily.


Just downloaded some wonderful songs on your computer and want to add it to your iPhone for listening on-the-go? The next thing you do should be transfer the music from computer to iPhone. Usually, it’s not a complex task, but can be confusing and sometimes frustrating when you use iTunes and encounter some unexpected problems, like a pop-up window below (which we will talk about later).

In this article, we will show you how to transfer music from your PC to iPhone with/ without iTunes and answer some frequently asked questions about transferring music to iPhone. Read on if you have any confusion about it.

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone Without iTunes

When you transfer music to your iPhone via iTunes, and find it really time-consuming or just cannot work, you may want to replace iTunes with another tool to do the transferring job. Actually, it’s a good idea. Instead of being stuck in an annoying situation, it’s great to try putting your music on iPhone with a third-party tool.

FonePaw iOS Transfer is a good iTunes alternative. This software can help you transfer music from PC to iPhone 13/12/11/XS/X/8/7/6s/6 without erasing the existing songs. You can also use the program to view the detailed music info, and edit all ID3 tags for each song. Moreover, you are allowed to create new playlists while adding music so that you can easily preserve and manage the customized playlists on your computer and iPhone.

If you want a quick reminder, then follow the tutorial in this page to see how to copy music to iPhone.

Step 1. Download FonePaw iOS Transfer

Step 2. Launch iOS Transfer and connect iPhone to computer

Launch the program after installing. Then, connect your iPhone to the computer via USB cable. A moment later, you can see your iPhone appear in the main window.

Tips: When click 'More Info', this program show you iPhone info like model, capacity, version, format and serial number, etc.

Step 3. Transfer music from computer to iPhone

Click 'Music' in the left sidebar. Then, click and select Add File or Add Folder. Select the songs from your computer and click Open. iOS Transfer will transfer songs to your iPhone.

The progress will last a few seconds. After you download music from computer to iPhone, you can listen to the new added songs on your iPhone.

Not only transferring music from computer to iPhone, FonePaw iOS Transfer can be your best music manager whether you want to transfer music or more Apple files from PC to iPhone, from iPhone to PC, or even iPhone to iTunes. Furthermore, this software can backup iPhone Contact, Music, Playlist, Movie, Photo, EPUB, PDF, Audiobooks, Voice Memo, Ringtone, Podcast, TV Show, SMS, etc, which leaves you no worry when losing data.

How to Add Music from Computer to iPhone with iTunes

Although there are downsides, transferring music to iPhone with iTunes is still a mainstream method. You may fail to put the music on your iPhone just because you are not familiar with iTunes. Here we will also provide a step-by-step guide for you to sync music from iTunes to iPhone 13/12/11/XS/X/8/7/6s/6.

Step 1. Add songs to iTunes from computer

Open iTunes on your computer and click the 'File' button on the top left corner of the interface, then you can choose 'Add File to Library' or 'Add Folder to Library'. The former allows you to add music files to iTunes one by one while the latter will add all song files in a folder to iTunes at one time.

Step 2. Transfer songs from computer to your iPhone with iTunes

After connecting your iPhone to computer with its USB cable, you'll find a cell phone icon besides content menu on the top. Click the cell phone icon and choose 'Music' in the 'Settings' menu.

Then tick 'Sync Music' so that you can choose either 'Entire music library' or 'Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres'. If choosing 'Entire music library', click 'Apply' in the bottom right corner, then all songs in iTunes music library will be transferred to your iPhone.

If you prefer to sync some of songs in iTunes music library to iPhone, choose 'Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres' and all songs in the music library will be listed, from which you select songs that you would like to have in your iPhone. After you have chosen the right songs, click 'Apply' and wait a few seconds for the synchronization to complete. This is how to transfer music from PC to iPhone using iTunes so you can enjoy songs now.

Tips: If you want to transfer music to iPhone using iTunes but without syncing, you can go to Summary > Manually Manage Music and Videos to apply the manually transfer feature, and then go back to Library, choose and right-click the songs to add to your iPhone device (drag the songs and drop at Your Device > Music section is also available).

FAQ: Problems that May Occur When Transferring Music with iTunes

Here we collect some common problems when you try to import songs to your iPhone with iTunes. Have a check if you need it.

Q1: Why am I asked “Do you want to erase this iPhone and sync with this iTunes Library?”

This warning comes up stating that all existing music will be erased on your iPhone because you are using a new computer to sync music from iTunes Library to iPhone. Don't be too worry. The “erase this iPhone” just means that all the data synced with the last iTunes will be wiped from your iPhone, for example, the songs, videos, etc. The other settings of your iPhone like Contracts will not be affected.

This isn't a big deal if your new iTunes Library also contains your old music, because these files will sync back to the iPhone. However, if you have deleted your old music from your library or are attempting to add music from another computer, you'll lose the old files.

Therefore, one way is to sync your phone with the new library and then download back the files in the old library. Or, you can try to manually add the songs to your iPhone without syncing. But to avoid data loss and make it easy, the most recommendation is to use a third-party tool and transfer music to your iPhone without iTunes.

Q2: Why some of the songs cannot be added to iTunes?


Problems like that may also happen when you are going to transfer some music files that Apple devices don’t support with iTunes. Although iTunes can help you convert some unsupported formats, for example, WMA to MP3/AAC, there are still restrictions, like the DRM protected songs.

In order to add the music to iTunes and transfer it to iPhone successfully, you can try to convert the music format first. If you want to skip the converting process, we also recommend you try FonePaw iOS Transfer, which can automatically convert the unsupported formats.

Q3: Why is iTunes not syncing with iPhone?

This transferring problem can be caused by several reasons. We recommend you to update your iTunes to the latest version first, and check whether your iTunes and iPhone have signed in to the same Apple account.

Besides, if you have subscribed to Apple Music and applied iCloud Library, it’s probably the reason. Try to turn off “iCloud Music Library” or “Sync Library” on your iPhone and iTunes, and then sync the songs again.

If what mentioned above doesn’t work, try to transfer songs from iTunes to iPhone manually, or use FonePaw iOS Transfer to help.

That’s all you need to know about transferring music from computer to iPhone with or without iTunes. Using iTunes to transfer is not difficult if everything is ok. If you encounter some problems or want the transfer to go easily and quickly, iOS Transfer can be your first choice. Feel free to reach us if you have any concerns.

An iPhone always has been the best choice for music as it’s the successor of the famous iPod, particularly designed to play music. Even though the device offers enhanced sound quality and immersive experience, moving music files to an iPhone has never been easy. Everyone who has ever bought an iPhone has stumbled upon the question, how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone.

The Music app comes built-in with iOS devices, housing all your music in a single app. But before you can enjoy your music collection, you’ll need to first get music on to the phone. Want to transfer your music from an old iPhone to a new one or would like to share an album with a friend who liked the soundtracks can be a little tricky on the Apple ecosystem if you don’t know how to transfer apple music from iPhone to iPhone. So, don’t sweat if you want to share or preserve your music when you get a new iPhone, move it across without tips and guide.

Part 1: How to Transfer Music from iPhone to iPhone on your computer

Method 1: how to send songs from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes

  1. Connect your old iPhone to the Mac or PC having iTunes installed via USB cable.
  2. Open iTunes. If the device is connected properly, an icon showing the connected device will appear in the top-left corner of iTunes.
  3. You can either click the mobile icon or go to the “Devices” sidebar and click on the name of the connected iPhone. You’ll see all details of the device.
  4. Now open the File menu and then go to Devices, then Transfer Purchases from [name of your iPhone]. This will transfer all the music purchased from iPhone to iTunes. Disconnect the old iPhone once the transfer process completes.
  5. Connect the new iPhone that you want all your music on.
  6. In iTunes click Music and then check the “Sync Music”. After that select all the music that you want to transfer from iTunes to the new iPhone.

Method 2: How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone with MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

MobileTrans – Phone Transfer is a powerhouse toolset presenting various professional features that can expedite your mission of how to transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone. The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac. This amazing software tool is compatible with all the major mobile operating systems out there such as Android, iPhone, and Windows.

MobileTrans – Phone Transfer can be used to share and transfer data from any of the combinations of mobile devices such as iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Android, iPhone to Windows, and vice versa. The tool supports all types of files from music to videos, and apps, photos, messages, etc. The supported device list is above 6000 with a whopping 700 thousand active customers.

This proficient tool can solve our problem of how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone while involving only a few mouse clicks and no prior computer skills or knowledge is required.

  1. Download the MobileTrans – Phone Transfer tool and install it on your computer system either a Windows PC or a Mac. The many options will blow your mind but don’t worry I’ll go through each step to guide you.
  2. Using a USB cable connects both the sender and receiver iPhones to the PC. They automatically will be detected and displayed on the MobileTrans window.
  3. Now choose the “Phone Transfer” option to transfer your data between both the iPhones.
  4. One iPhone will appear on each side of the MobileTrans window after being detected automatically. You can “Flip” between the devices to make sure the source and destination iPhones are in the right place.
  5. On the same screen, you can select the type of files that you need to transfer from one iPhone to another iPhone. All the transferrable files are highlighted in blue and can be selected. Select the music files that you want to transfer.
  6. Press the “Start” button. You need to ensure both the devices are charged and don’t disconnect either device during the transfer.

Part 2: How to move music from iPhone to iPhone without computer

Connecting or bridging two iPhones to transfer music from one to the other is rather a difficult thing to do and required either a paid subscription of Apple services or the process requires rigorous effort to build up the link. Now if you’re wondering how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone without a computer then you’re at the right place, as I’ll be explaining all the possible options for you to do so.

Method 3: How to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone with Bluetooth

Bluetooth offers another channel for transferring music from one iPhone to another. Syncing music files via Bluetooth is known as Bluetooth tethering as it provides a stable and secure short-range connection between the two iPhones. Though the speed to Bluetooth can’t match that of Wi-Fi connectivity it can indeed counter other remote solutions that require uploading and downloading of the same music file to be accessed. To transfer music from iPhone to iPhone using Bluetooth follow the steps here.

  1. On both of the iPhone’s go to Settings and then to General and Network.
  2. In the Network settings, head to Cellular and Personal Hotspot.
  3. Now come back to General settings and turn on the Bluetooth from Bluetooth option.
  4. On the second iPhone device, open Settings and also turn on Bluetooth.
  5. The second iPhone will scan the other’s presence and then tap on the name of the first iPhone in the Bluetooth connections. Enter the six-digit number on both devices to confirm.
  6. At last, you can transfer your music from one iPhone to the other iPhone.

Method 4: How to transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone using airdrop

AirDrop is an easy and fast way to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone or any other iOS device nearby. AirDrop uses Bluetooth to discover and connect while the point-to-point Wi-Fi to provide high-speed file transfers. It is a swift, secure, and power-efficient method to send songs from iPhone to iPhone.

There are two possible methods to turn on the AirDrop, the steps are as following

  1. Make sure both the iPhones are in the near vicinity and powered on.
  2. On the sender and receiver device make sure AirDrop is switched on to send and receive the music.
  3. a. Swipe up to launch the Control Center

    b. Press the AirDrop icon, it will pop up a menu for selection. To either turn it on or keep it switched off.

    c. Now press “Everyone” to turn on the AirDrop for anyone in the close vicinity to send music files using AirDrop.

    AirDrop can also be switched on in the iPhone “Settings” by going to “General” and then to “AirDrop” and turning on “Receiving” to Everyone.

  4. Head over to the iPhone from where you want to send the music files. Open the “Music” app and go to the music file or album you want to share. Then tap the “Share” button showing in the details of the music file. At last, choose the name of the target iPhone and send the music.
  5. On the receiver iPhone “Accept” the music.

Method 5: how to transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone using iCloud

iCloud is the cloud storage service from Apple designed to offer private remote storage to every Apple user. We can use the service to backup music on iCloud and access it on any of our Apple ecosystem devices. In our case providing a solution for how to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone without a computer. So, let’s get going.

  1. Open the Settings on iPhone then go to “iCloud”.
  2. Look for “Storage & Backup”, here you can select the files you want to back up on to the iCloud storage.
  3. So, to include our music library into the backup, go to “Manage Storage” and select your device name. It will load some information about the device and backup files.
  4. Under the Backup options, tap the “Show all Apps” and when shown turn on the toggle button for the Music app.
  5. For this backup to take place your iPhone needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network and a power source while also the iCloud will wait for the screen to be off for the backup process to save power.
  6. Now on the other iPhone, you can log in with the same iCloud ID and download all your music stored in the cloud storage remotely without any computer system interference.

Also, if you’ve subscribed either to Apple Music or iTunes Match, all your music can be stored in your iCloud Music Library. That can be accessed anytime and on any of your devices. To turn on the iCloud Music Library on iPhone follow the steps.

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone. Then to the Music menu.
  2. If you have purchased a subscription, you’ll be able to see the toggle button for iCloud Music Library, turn it on.

Method 6: How to transfer songs from iPhone to iPhone using Dropbox

Download Music From Computer To Iphone

Dropbox as per the company is a file hosting system, which essentially means that it provides a cloud-based storage solution for its users. Its remote access allows its users to access any file at any time without the limitation of a device or locality.

  1. Download and open the Dropbox app on both iPhones.
  2. In the middle of the bottom menu, you’ll see the “Create” button, press it, and upload the music you want to share with the other iPhone.
  3. On the other iPhone sign in with the same Dropbox ID as the first one. Once logged in you can navigate to the file where you uploaded all your music and access the songs and even download them for offline access.


How To Download Music To My Iphone 8 Plus 256gb

Apple’s products are famous for an extra layer of security and propriety of all the technology utilized. That’s why transferring and sharing music files on the iOS ecosystem is much harder and require some technical know-how. However, I’ve presented a fairly simple and 1-click solution for you to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone without the need to configure the remote storage solutions or network settings. The MobileTrans – Phone Transfer offers the best solution for all your data transfer needs in the mobile devices’ realm.

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