When it comes to playing music on Windows PC, one of the most common platforms used by majority of the users is Windows Media Player. Also abbreviated as WMP, it is an application of media player that enables the users to play audio, view images and videos on their PCs and other devices. Developed by Microsoft, Windows Media Player works on PC with Microsoft OS and mobile devices based on Windows. If you have your collection of favorite songs on Windows Media Player and wish to enjoy them on your iPod, then they need to be transferred to the iDevice first. On the other hand, if you have some of your favorite songs on iPod and you no longer wish to keep them on iDevice, then you can transfer the songs to WMP so that you have access to your favorite playlist. Thus you need to sync iPod to Windows Media Player in order to complete the transfer process.

You need to perform 4 easy steps to migrate between two services: 1 Select YouTube Music as source service. 2 Select playlists you want to transfer. 3 Select Windows Media Player as destination service. 4 Enjoy a cup of tea while MusConv works for you 😉. Once finished, your playlists and songs will be available on Windows Media Player. Windows media player does not support any flv files which are also known as flash videos. Therefore, you might have to rip the videos first from YouTube before you proceed to copy them to the windows media player. Save the copied file to your hard disk.Proceed to select the output format for the files. Sep 28, 2021 In this case, if you want to download Amazon Music to Windows Media Player, the first step you need to do is to remove DRM from Amazon and convert Amazon Music to MP3. There are several ways that you can start the conversion process, and here we’d recommend a third-party tool called Tunelf Amatune Music Converter to you. Oct 07, 2015 I downloaded music and want to move it to my Windows Media Player. However, the download did not go into my 'music' file, but is under downloads in a compressed file folder. I can play the music from this compressed file, but wish to get it into my media player in order to burn a CD for personal use.

The following article will help to know the ways to sync iPod with Windows Media Player and transfer music between Windows Media Player and iPod.

This Music Downloader for MP3 Player helps you get music in 3 ways: built-in music library, download music from over 3000 music/video sites and record thousands of songs from countless radio stations, music sites and videos sites. How to Convert Itunes Music in to Mp3 in I Tunes: Easy and all done inside itunes program. No downloading any software and no limitations. Convert to mp3 or Wav. Done on version Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step 1: Here Is How. Find the song in your library and select it. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Music downloaded within the Spotify application is not playable on an ordinary MP3 player, as they do not have the necessary codecs installed. If the MP3 player is capable of downloading Spotify application, then users can enjoy their music anywhere. How to Get Free Music for an Mp3 Player. This wikiHow teaches you how to download for free music that you want to put on your MP3 player. How to Download Music to MP3 Players. Mp3 players give you the ability to rock out wherever and anywhere. Whether you have an iPod, San disk, Coby, or any.

Windows Media Player is an audio and video player based on Windows operating system. As a facile audio player, it perfectly support the audio playback including MP3, WAV, WAV etc, and it also allowed users to import iTunes music for playback in case that iTunes can’t be installed on PC.

Choose a sync method. If this is your first time connecting your Mp3 player with Windows Media Player open, it will sync your device based on the method it believes works best with your device. [6]
  • Automatic Sync will be selected if your Mp3 player has more than 4GB of storage and everything in your library can fit on the device. Note that if you stay with Automatic Sync, your device will be automatically synced with your Windows Media Player library every time you plug in your device.
  • Manual Sync will be selected if your player has less than 4GB of storage and not all of your music will fit.
  • To switch from Automatic Sync to Manual (or vice versa)
    • Click the “Switch to Library” button in the upper right corner of Media Player. Click the Sync tab, then the “Sync Options button” (the one with the checkmark).
    • Click “Set up Sync” and look for the Device Setup area. Remove the check next to “Sync this device automatically” if you prefer to sync manually, or add a check if you want the process to be automatic.

There are tons of websites which offer the download of Mp3 musics. You can easily download any music file from those sites using their download link. But some websites keep the download link hidden and allow you only to listen the musics by streaming from their own music player. There is nothing bad with the player that the website serve but you can play the songs only one by one. Suppose, you wish to make a play list of your favorite songs and want to listen them anytime. What the problem with those website is that there is no way to create any play list and save that for future.

Can I Download Music To Windows Media Player

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However, the question is that if there is any way to stream Mp3 musics one-after-one from those sites as same as play list manner. You can do this with the help of Windows Media Player. Again, although some sites do not offer the download link for the musics, you can still download them at your local devices using Windows Media Player from Microsoft.

How Do I Download Music To Windows Media Player

Here is a complete guide on how to stream and download Mp3 musics from the web with Windows Media Player.


Stream musics one-after-one

This tutorial works with Windows Media Player – version 9 and above.

1. Run Windows Media Player. Make sure that it is in full mode and then click on the Media Library tab from the left side bar of the skin.

3. Now, select any category from the left-navigation bar. You can expand the categories to select a sub-group. All the songs will be found under that category or sub-category.

4. Click on the Add > Add URL from the top-bar of the skin.

How Do I Download Music From Ipad To Mp3 Player

5. A pop-up box appears.

Now, go to the source website and you can see that every item has the option of playing the music. Right-click on the Play option and then select Copy URL. This will copy the URL of the source file at your clip board. Paste that URL at the pop-box of your Windows Media player.

Free Media Player Downloads

6. This adds the song at your media library under the pre-mentioned category.

When you press the Play button to listen the music, Windows Media Player will start to download the music file to its buffer and serve continuously so that the music runs without any interruption.

By this way, you can add as many musics as you wish at your Windows media player and listen theme one-by-one, any time you wish. You do not need to open the source website every time you want to enjoy those musics.

How to download the MP3 music through Windows Media Player

Once you add the URL address of the music at Windows Media Player and it is played completely into your media player, you can download the music at your portable devices or burn a disk with that file. Here is the procedure in details.

1. Right-click on the song (at least played once at your media player) from the list and select “Copy to CD or Device”.

Download Music

2. The interface is changed immediately and you can watch that the skin has been divided into two parts. The left part contains the songs that you are copying and the right part is related with your target devices.

3. Select the device from the drop-down menu at the right part. This shows all the files and folders of the device hierarchically.

4. Select the folder or location at your device and press the Copy button.

How To Download Music To Windows Media Player From Youtube

You are done. Media Player will start to copy the music file at your device immediately. If you know any other method, please don’t hesitate to drop it as your comment.

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