This is a HLDS setup I made for CS with custom addons and an easy ramp-up. Italso fixes several installation issues most people have when trying to create adedicated CS server.

What's in it?

Mar 23, 2021 Counter-Strike HLDS Files. Download link of Server Files for Counter-Strike 1.6. Pre Installed ReHLDS. Linux CS 1.6 - Download. Windows CS 1.6 - Download. Subscribe to: Posts ( Atom ). To run the Server, you need to start the 'hlds.exe' in your 'cs' folder. Now choose the game 'Counter-Strike.' By now you should be able, to choose the map you want, also you can change what you want! You just need to setup an RCON Password to start the Server! You can also run the Server through a BAT file with the following codes.

Hlds Server Cs 1.6 Download Warzone

  • Custom maps
  • Metamod (1.21.1-am)
  • AMX Mod X (1.8.2)
  • Podbot (V3B22)

Custom AMX plugins:

  • HPK (High Ping Kicker)
  • Podbot menu
  • Round Money
  • Rock the vote
  • Admin all in one


Descarca cs 1.6
  1. Download Click Here the CS 1.6 Server Creator installer and unzipp it anywhere on disk. Create an new directory on your disk and name it HLDS. It can be named anyhow but we shall use HLDS because it`s classic. Now doubleclick on installer.exe and when the selection window appeares you select the new directory HLDS.
  2. Oct 23, 2015 Descarca server counter strike 1.6 gata facut. Server Complet Mod Normal. Server-ul este in format setup si are 140 MB. Il puteti instala oriunde pe disk si se ruleaza HLDS.exe. Server-ul gata facut contine AmxmodX, este protocol 47+48 si apare in lista de internet. Contine toate pluginurile de baza, fiind un server complet.
  1. Install Docker

  2. Install Docker Compose

  3. Run $ bin/setup

  4. Now you have to add yourself as an admin. Edit the filecstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs/users.ini and add your credentials. See theexamples below:

  5. On your client, edit the file cstrike/userconfig.cfg and add yourpassword there, like the following:


To run the server, you can simply run:

$ bin/server start

Follow the logs:

$ bin/server logs -f

Stop the server:

$ bin/server stop


Edit server.cfg and files on cfgs folder to set different server settings.

Also, configure AMXModX as you wish by modifying the files onaddons/amxmodx.

There are some settings related to server initialization that are located on.env file. Changes on them will most likely require a restart.

Adding new maps require you to restart the server.

Common instalation issues

When doing a clean HLDSinstallation, assuggested on Steam manual, a few issues may arise.

  1. Installation just doesn't work. Sometimes you would have to run app_update 90 several times and it wouldn't install all needed files. This is a hardone to solve, and I did it with help of thisworkaround.What it does is basically add 3 manifest files on hlds/steamapps folderand proceeds the installation.
  2. First time you run HLDS, it crashes at the first time. This is some otherbug caused by a missing steam_appid.txt file on hlds folder.
  3. Warning messages of missing $HOME/.steam/sdk32/ files. Thefix is quite easy: we just need to link these files onto the expected path.
  4. Warning messages of missing custom.hpk file. This can get annoying andmake us think that there's something wrong. Don't worry, this is just a fileused to store custom sprays from people who connect to the server. The fixfor that is creating a blank cstrike/custom.hpk file when we start theserver for the first time.

This Docker image fix all these errors gracefully so you don't have to worry.


Currently, this server is compatible with MacOS and Linux.



Counter-Strike 1.6 Dedicated hlds server ver.6153

Features :-

Cs Go 1.6 Download

  • Release date March 2015
  • Latest engine updated (HLDS Version Build 6153)
  • dproto 0.9.534 [Dual Protocol (48 + 47)- Latest Updated 2015]
  • Include latest AMX Mod X Ver. 1.8.2
  • Include latest Metamod-P v1.21p37
  • AntiCrash [Fixed all know HLDS exploitsi.e. Jo's (win32),auto-buy bug,CSDoS , flood server etc.....]
  • Compatible with latest sXe Injectedanticheat
  • Fixed Buffer overflow of net message
  • Include lightweight ddos Protection
  • Include Wall Block Plugin
  • Include Server Crash Protection
  • Include protection against slow hacking
  • Include VoiceTranscoder v80 Metamod[which corrects the voice problems of non steam (old clients) and steam (newclients) players]
  • Include localizebugfix Metamod [Block #in chat and nick]
  • Include anti-sendfile Metamod [FixedRaizo Hack / Raizo exploits]
  • Include mmtimer Metamod [HLDS Booster]
  • Include Admin Plugins
  • Include Server Side Plugins
  • Include Aim,Awp,de,knife maps
  • Include Best server CFG

Hlds Server Cs 1.6 Download Original

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