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Kindergarten is an abstract puzzle adventure game. You play as a student in a school that’s a bit…off. The teacher is trying to get rid of her kids. The janitor is frequently seen cleaning up blood. The cafeteria is serving the same slop over and over again. Kids are walking around with strange devices planted on them after visiting the principal, and one of your fellow classmates has gone missing. It’s up to you to figure out what’s going on, because your life might depend on it.

Running a kindergarten is probably the most difficult job in the world. In KinderGarten time management game you should help Mila take care of all children in her own daycare centre. All the fun starts when busy mothers bring you their charming babies. You should change their diapers, bath them when they poop, feed and entertain everybody in time. ★★★★★ Kids Preschool and kindergarten Learning Games free for Toddlers - All-in-one ★★★★★ ★ Includes 150+ mini kids games with interactive, helpful voice narrating, colorful graphics, and great sound effects to help your kids learn Alphabets, Spelling, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Vehicles, Body parts, Days and Months, Musical instruments, Coloring Pages, animals, Community.


Kindergarten Torrent Instructions

  1. Click the download button below and you will be asked if you want to open the torrent. Select yes, and let the download start. If you don’t have a torrent application, click here to download uTorrent.
  2. Once Kindergarten Torrent Download is done downloading, right-click on the torrent and select “Open Containing Folder”.
  3. Double click inside the Kindergarten Torrent Download folder, extract the .iso with WinRAR and run the setup.
  4. Click “Copy contents of CODEX directory to installdir” and then click install. Wait for the game to install. Be sure to disable any form of anti-virus so no files get corrupted.
  5. Once complete, launch the game, have fun, and play. If you encounter any problems, run the game as administrator and be sure to update your video drivers and have DirectX installed which you can get here.

Kindergarten Torrent Download

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1.6ghz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Kindergarten Full Game Download

  • Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon 4200
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 150 MB available space
  • There are some weird, odd, strange, and all the adjectives relative to those games out there. And Kindergarten 2 is one of those games, of course, that's not to say that these games don't have a fan base of course. We all know how varied the video games can be, and thanks to being so accessible for so many people to develop and publish their own games, all kinds of crazy titles are being released each year.

    But, why do we make so much emphasis in saying that this game is odd, to say the least? Well, let’s talk about it now.

    About the game

    Kindergarten 2 picks up where the first one left. Developed by SmashGames and Con Man Games, it's the sequel to the original game released in 2017. As you may know, Kindergarten 1 takes place on Monday, and this sequel takes place on Tuesday. In a new school with new friends, 9 new story missions in over 15 new locations. There are even 50 new Monster Mon collectible cards, and 30 new unlockable costumes.

    An even bigger kindergarten with much more space and tons of new activities. You know, all the usual activities of a kindergarten are here, helping to steal an inhaler, keeping your companions safe from being murdered, helping in an inmate war, hiding bodies, and much more. Just the usual stuff, right?



    Kindergarten › Kindergarten-gameKindergarten Game Free Download

    Kid violence not meant for kids

    This game is really messed up, and probably that's what makes it a little more interesting. Just like the first one, it hides so many dark things under such a basic and innocent premise. But other games deal with kid violence like this one. The more popular Binding of Isaac features a disturbing story of child violence, abortions, and much more. Of course, most people who play the game just outright ignore this and try to just go through the game without giving it much thought. And when it comes to these kinds of games, it's probably for the best to not give it much thought.


    Kindergarten 2, as a game, is just odd and strange. But as a sequel to the first one, it does everything a sequel should do and does it right. It maintains the basic style from the first one, not only in gameplay but also in visuals and more. But at the same time, it adds tons of new content, and it shows a lot of progress from the first title into this one. › Kindergarten-simulator › ComKindergarten Simulator For Android - APK Download

    • Graphics and visuals: nowadays a lot of indie games opt for these kinds of visuals. Instead of getting into much trouble designing and creating complex art for their games, they go the most cost/time-efficient way and do basic pixel art. It’s not a bad thing, but we do get so many indie games that look similar that at some point it’s hard to tell them apart from one another. Still, it has improvements over the first title, while remaining true to the original idea of the game.

    • Gameplay: The gameplay is basically the same from the first title, but at a bigger Extenze in every way. There are new minigames and events not present in the first one, and that adds a lot to the experience. But mostly you will feel as if you're playing an expansion of the first one.

    • Sound: Once again, the sound is also really similar to the first game, the music is similar in style but new. And the sound effects are basic but effective.

    It’s not perfect, nor is it for everybody, keep in mind that this is a mature game, with violence and gore, even though its visuals might say otherwise at first sight. That can be a little problematic for the audience as it might attract the younger audiences a lot. Still, if you enjoyed the first one, then you’re definitely going to like the sequel.

    Overall rating: 7
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