1. Free Nature Sounds Download Mp3 Free
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  3. Free Nature Sounds Download Mp3 Free

Free Sound Effects Free mp3 Download. Free mp3 Downloads High Quality Sounds Load Sounds Nature Animal sounds Nature Noises Nature Sounds rain. Play Free Nature Sounds & Download Soothing Water Sounds, Serene Waterfall Sounds, Peaceful Thunder & Rain Sounds. Calm Ocean Music Mp3 for Sleep & Meditation.

  1. Blue River - Nature SoundsSiddo P Major18:28
  2. Soothing RainSiddo P Major49:01
  3. Rainforest WaterfallSiddo P Major50:00
  4. Gentle Ocean WavesSiddo P Major50:01

Play & Download Nature Sounds for Relaxation, Meditation & Sleep

Free Relaxing Music & Mp3 Music Download

Free Nature Sounds Download Mp3 Free


Many of us enjoy the natural world, the bright colors of flowers, the beauty of bird song, the serene lush forests, the breathtaking tropical beaches etcetera. The reasons why we love nature and all the wealth mother nature has to offer are many and vary from person to person. However, there are many people who feel an intrinsic pull to spend time in nature, and this makes perfect sense because our minds and bodies are hard-wired to sync with nature. At Music2relax.com you can play free relaxing nature sounds and download original water sounds for relaxation, meditation and deep sleep.Read More

Relaxing sounds from the natural world and open green spaces have for centuries been associated with wellbeing. In ancient Greece, India, and in native American cultures, music and certain natural forces like rivers where sacred and respected. Healing sounds and chanting were used in rituals and ceremonies to heal people and the land from disease and negative energy. When your senses take in incredible landscapes and peaceful sounds it sets off a cascade of physical and psychological benefits. Who doesn’t get positively affected of hearing delightful waterfall sounds, or refreshing ocean waves sounds? You can today begin to relax, meditate, heal and fall asleep to our original nature sounds. The harmony of the sound conjures beautiful images, painting an idyllic picture in the brain that encourages mind body relaxation. The wonderful sounds of gentle mountain streams and leaves rustling in the wind will clear your head of any disturbing thoughts and an inner calmness will wash over you, leaving you in a complete state of bliss and relaxation.

‘When people think of relaxing nature sounds, soothing rain, refreshing bamboo water fountain, pouring waterfall and gentle ocean waves sounds comes to mind’

Free Nature Sounds Download Mp3 Player

Today people are more concerned about their overall health and wellbeing than a few decades ago. The environmental, new age and wellness movements, which where reactions against the establishment, have positively contributed and awakened our concern for mother nature and ourselves. In the wellness business, at spa facilities, yoga and meditation classes and among alternative holistic practitioners, it is quite popular to play serene music and relaxing nature sounds to enhance the yoga, meditative, healing and spa experience. They do this to encourage deep relaxation and sleep, and to heal the mind body and spirit. City inhabitants are more likely to suffer from health issues like depression and insomnia compared to people living in the countryside, research suggest that it has to do with the disconnect from nature. In addition to this, taking daily long walks in green spaces has shown to be helpful when recovering from stress and mental disorder.

Free Nature Sounds Download Mp3 Free

There are amazing health benefits for those who regularly listen to relaxing nature sounds and gentle ocean music. Stress is something we all experience from time to time, however under prolonged periods it will negatively affect your mind and body. Chronic stress can weaken the immune system and a weak immune defense may lead to decease and infections. You will see a decrease in high levels of stress by relaxing daily to calming sounds and this may also help you to disconnect from challenging everyday events. A great bonus is that the reduction of the high levels can improve your memory and cognitive thinking. Chronic stress also affects our sleep negatively and we all need a good uninterrupted sleep to function normally. Playing for instance soothing ocean waves sounds together with deep breathing exercises before bedtime will improve your chances of falling asleep. Your brain’s processing mechanism will improve by regularly hearing wonderful serene sounds from the natural world. Research have shown that specific areas of the brain light up and provide an interconnection between the both hemispheres, this will result in faster and smoother communication among the brain cells (neurons). Another great health benefit of relaxation to peaceful healing music is that it can stabilize the heart rate for those with irregular heart beats. The calming effect of relaxing nature sounds will slow down an overworked heart to a healthy level thanks to the soft sounds. Studies conducted on hospital patients documented that the patients showed a decrease in their heart rate when they were exposed to soft (nonverbal) slow music a couple of times a day. The music therapy successfully lowered the patients’ blood pressure and heart rate. In conclusion, playing harmonious sounds in the background will make you feel great, refreshed and relaxed. It will make you a happier individual full of life and joy, due to the dopamine that the brain produces when it is calm and at peace. This will further improve your mood, sleep cycles and make you feel positive and full of energy.

Mother nature is great at composing the most beautiful and peaceful sounds. All our relaxing nature sounds mp3 are available only in this website, you can play them for free and download them as well. We have sampled 100% natural sounds from all over the world and from different sources. Our most popular tracks are serene water sounds, like soothing rain sounds, calming waterfall sounds and refreshing mountain stream sounds. Note that we do not use artificial sound machines that duplicate nature sounds in any of our mp3 nature music. So when you play our ocean waves sounds what you are hearing is a recording of actual waves at a beautiful sandy beach in Hua Hin, Thailand.

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