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Stick War Legacy

Stick War: Legacy. Stick War: Legacy is now an Android and iOS game released by Max Games Studios. It's a remake of the very first Stick War game, and also the second and last installment of the highly popular Stick War series. Stick War: Legacy needs an Android device of Android 4.4 and upwards. Dec 01, 2021 Download & Play Stick War: Legacy on PC For Free. Play the game, Stick War: Legacy! This is one of the biggest, most fun, challenging and addicting stick figure games in the market. It’s similar to action-packed stick games like Stick Fight and Wingsuit Stickman. Control your army in formations or play each unit, you have total control of.

Developer: Max Games Studios


Please wait...Version 2021.1.4

Suppose you are looking for a strategy game that depicts fun yet challenging gameplay. In that case, you must not miss checking out Stick War: Legacy on PC. Here, you will work on becoming the most substantial kind that leads the powerful stickman army. Your goal is to captivate the territory of your opponents while defending yours. The Stick War: Legacy Online revolves around a world named Inamorta, which is surrounded by various nations committed to their technology and fight for supremacy. Each nation has emerged with its fantastic way to undertake the war. So, is your stickman army ready? Let’s find out.

Understand the Stick Way: Legacy Story

As mentioned above, you will create your stickman army that will attack against your opponents. To start your journey, you need to create units by following the short tutorial. You can control each stick figure individually and choose from Archidonis, Swordwrarth, Magikill, and Speartons. Also, you will be entitled to the “Order,” which is the leader of the nation. You focus more on peace and knowledge, meaning your nation doesn’t worship their weapons. You will be sneaked by the surrounded opponents and aim for your territory. To defend your nation, you need to attack first and survive this war. As you progress, you need to boost your army through trading and hoarding gold.

Also, your army needs to learn how to use spades, spears, arrows, and bows. Every nation craves dominance and has a unique way of attacking other nations. So, to preserve peace and save your nation, you need to reach the top of the throne and win each one and one tournament. The war journey is not easy as you need to deal with various levels. You better plan your best strategies to destroy your enemies and thrive on being the strongest kingdom. There are a lot of ways to enjoy this strategy game. You can undertake the classic campaign with six bonus levels. Test your army’s endurance as you will take the endless deads zombie survival mode. Additionally, win the “Crown of Inamorta” as you participate in the tournament mode and clash among various AI challengers. So, are you in? Get the stickman army ready to fight now!

Main Game Features

  • Complete each mission every Friday
  • Get Multiple Rewards in the Saga Style Map
  • Accomplish various difficulty levels and get crowns
  • Try the hordes of new game types
  • Fulfil Classic, Endless Deads Zombie Survival and Tournament modes

Is your stickman army ready? Protecting the “Order” will not be easy, so you better unleash your best strategies in this war! For more strategy games, you can alternatively play Tactical War and Arknights for free on Emulator PC.

Stick War 3 Download

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Game Stick War Legacy Mien Phi

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Free Download Game Stick War Legacy For Pc Download Free

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