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My World - Epic Inspirational and Beautiful Cinematic Background Music For Videos (FREE DOWNLOAD)by AShamaluevMusic

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Cinematic music is typically orchestral based and fits well into the background of a film. Cinematic film music can include a lot of strings, piano and brass. The term has become associated with very epic or large blockbuster films.

Cinematic film music downloads listed below. Use this background music for videos, youtube, etc... (Full policy)

Date Published

Ambient and cinematic sad instrumental - great for dialogue.

Sad, Ambient, Cinematic Film, Dialogue Voice Over

Dark, gritty, cinematic trailer track that builds to an epic finale.

Dark, Epic, Suspenseful, Cinematic Film, Film, Movie Trailer

Epic, dramatic trailer track featuring full orchestra and choir.

Epic, Suspenseful, Cinematic Film, Film, Movie TrailerSites

Sad cinematic film soundtrack - (Music that makes you cry genre).

Sad, Cinematic Film

Minimal, emotional piano.

Peaceful And Relaxing, Sad, Cinematic Film, Jazz, Commercial And Advertising

Epic orchestral space fantasy trailer.

Epic, Suspenseful, Cinematic Film, Fantasy, Movie Trailer

Emotional, soft, reflective piano underscore.

Peaceful And Relaxing, Cinematic Film, Jazz, Commercial And Advertising

A motivational and uplifting track with orchestration that slowly intensifies.

Motivating And Inspiring, Cinematic Film, Documentary

Sad and emotional violin music with other string instruments.

Epic, Sad, Cinematic Film

Sad nostalgic and patriotic background music played by orchestra.

Sad, Cinematic Film, Patriotic

Slow nostalgic and patriotic music played by orchestra.

Patriotic, Dialogue Voice Over, Cinematic Film

2 minutes of action music with various break points and intensities.

Suspenseful, Action, Cinematic Film

Epic instrumental version of O Holy Night played by orchestra and choir.

Christmas, Cinematic Film

Join this track on an epic inspirational journey.

Epic, Motivating And Inspiring, Cinematic Film

Very emotional music featuring piano, violin, duduk and more.

Sad, Cinematic Film, Dialogue Voice Over

Sad background music for sad scenes such as funerals.

Sad, Cinematic Film

Emotional and epic film soundtrack instrumental.

Epic, Motivating And Inspiring, Cinematic Film, Patriotic

Emotional, motivating and inspiring music that moves you with a piano and strings.

Epic, Happy, Motivating And Inspiring, Romantic, Cinematic Film, Commercial And Advertising, Wedding Video

Slow, sad, soft and dramatic instrumental, which mainly features strings and piano.

Sad, Dialogue Voice Over, Cinematic Film

'In Honor' is music to honor and respect for the military and our veterans.

Cinematic Film, Patriotic, Dialogue Voice Over

Movie Music Free Download

Epic, Motivating And Inspiring, Cinematic Film

Action, Suspenseful, Upbeat, Chase Scene, Cinematic Film, Temp Track

Movie Theme Music Mp3 Free Download

Epic, Motivating And Inspiring, Suspenseful, Cinematic Film

Film Background Music Mp3 Free Download Music

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