Convert any youtube videos in MP3 and MP4. Free Video download from Youtube Updates: Now Supporting YouTube, Videos, Music, Bitrate, 320 KBPS, 240 KBPS, 160 KBPS & 120 KBPS. 320Youtube Converter is the most desirable online tool to convert YouTube videos with ease as it allows you to convert and download the MP3 fi le in a 320-kbps rich format. So, to extract the sound of YouTube videos is the only tool that allows hassle-free conversion.

  1. Download Youtube Mp3 Online High Quality Free
  2. Free Online Youtube Mp3 Converter
  3. Download Youtube Mp3 Online High Quality Free Software
  4. Download Youtube Mp3 Online High Quality Free Music Bot
  5. Converting Youtube Videos To Mp3 Free

MP3Now is a great tool for you to convert YouTube videos to MP3 music with just a few simple steps. MP3 file quality is kept intact as original video. We support converting most YouTube videos for free, with unlimited downloads, and no account registration required.

  • (old name is a YouTube to MP3 Converter 2021 that can convert in high-quality output the MP3 format. Our youtube converter can convert YouTube MP3 to 320kbps for Premium Audio Quality. We process your submission in a few seconds, depending on the length of Youtube video. Our web application can be accessed from all.
  • Jul 23, 2021 Mp3 YouTube is another good site to convert YouTube to MP3 free. With a sleek interface design and a clean environment of no ads and pop-ups, you can have a smooth conversion experience on Mp3 YouTube worry-free. Mp3 YouTube promises a simple and fast YouTube to MP3 conversion.

When you Google “YouTube to MP3 Downloader 320kbps” you are likely to get tons of results, with each online tool claiming to be the best solution for you. But we must say that many of these solutions do not actually download videos in MP3 in 320kbps, don’t work or are bogged down with malware and viruses to make them useless.

It is our hope therefore that this article will help you settle on a solution that is effective and safe to use.


This article is for information purposes only. Make sure that you have permission from the creator or owner of the video to download the video and always read YouTube’s Terms of Service before downloading any content from YouTube.

Best 5 YouTube to MP3 320kbps Online Downloaders

First of all, we’ll discuss some online downloaders that allow you to download YouTube to mp3 320kbps without the need to install any software.


Download Youtube Mp3 Online High Quality Free

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Free Online Youtube Mp3 Converter

URL: is an online YouTube to mp3 converter that can convert YouTube videos to mp3 high-quality audio formats. It allows you to download up to a bit rate of 320kbps. It converts YouTube to mp3 format without affecting the original audio quality. Unlike other online downloaders, you don’t have to wait for too long, as this online tool converts the YouTube videos within just a few seconds, depending upon the length of the video.


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YTMP3.NET is one of the best online tools to use when you want to convert YouTube videos to MP3. Having tested a lot of online tools, we can safely say that it is the fastest and most reliable online tool we could find.

To begin with, the conversion process just works and there are not too many intrusive ads that can affect the process. It also gives you a lot of options, allowing you to choose exactly how you would like to convert the video file. You can convert the YouTube video to MP3 or MP4 format easily.

It is also very easy to use; all you have to do is paste the URL link of the video you want to download. It can also convert and download videos from a variety of other sites.

3. YouTubetoMP3

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YouTubetoMP3 is another online tool that allows you to convert YouTube to mp3 without any registration or software installation. With just a few clicks, you can convert long YouTube videos into high-quality mp3 up to a bit rate of 320kbps.

4. YTformp3

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It is an online conversion service that will convert your favorite YouTube videos to mp3 format. It also supports downloading of YouTube videos into mp4 video format. It is very simple to use and can offer HD audio quality to convert YouTube to mp3 320kbps format.

Pros & Cons:


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The next online converter on our list is It allows you to convert YouTube to mp3 format without compromising on the quality of the audio produced. Apart from mp3 conversion, it can also support and convert YouTube videos to mp4 format with HD quality of 1080p.

Convertidor De Youtube A Mp3 320 Kbps

The Difference between Online and Desktop Tools

It is natural to wonder if an online tool that is free and easily available is better than a desktop tool that is often not free. To help you choose between the two, we’ve decided to compare the two. The table below offers a detailed comparison.

Use a Desktop Tool to Convert YouTube to MP3 320kbps

Now, we’re going to discuss desktop software that will allow you to convert YouTube videos to mp3 format more reliably and efficiently than any online service.

iTubeGo YouTube Downloader is an amazing tool that can act as a 320kbps mp3 downloader and allows you to download YouTube videos in mp3 format. Some of the key features of this software are the following.

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Key Features:

  • The fastest downloader that can convert YouTube videos into mp3 format at a lightning speed.
  • Convert YouTube videos to high-quality 320kbps mp3, mp4, avi and 20+ formats without affecting the original quality.
  • Not only for YouTube but also for 1000+ online video sharing websites.
  • Download YouTube videos/playlist in HD, 4k and even 8K quality.
  • Download multiple files in bulk with just one-click.

Steps to Download YouTube to MP3 320kbps Using iTubeGo:

Step 1 Install iTubeGo YouTube Downloader Software

Youtube To Mp3 High Quality

The first thing you have to do is to install and download the iTubeGo YouTube Downloader to your computer. Free download now:

Step 2 Copy the YouTube Video URL

Then, copy the URL of the video that you want to download in mp3 format. Once you have opened the required video on YouTube, you can copy the video URL from the browser address bar.

Step 3 Launch iTubeGo YouTube Downloader

Now, launch the iTubeGo YouTube Downloader software on your computer and set the output format as “Audio” in the “⚙ Preferences” section. After setting the download format as “Audio”, select the quality as “320kbps”, and click the “Apply” button.

Step 4 Paste the Copied YouTube Video URL

You just have to click the “Paste URL” button on the main interface and the downloader will start analyzing the video. After analyzing the YouTube video, it will automatically be converted into an mp3 format with a 320kbps bit rate.

Now free download iTubeGo to start conversion.

YouTube is the most popular video and music streaming service. There’s a dedicated YouTube music app if you are just interested in listening to music because the YouTube video app doesn’t work in the background. Still, there are lots of people who use YouTube app for listening to music. If you wish to convert a YouTube video into an MP3 file for offline access on your phone, there are several online tools to help you. In this article, I am listing the best free Youtube to MP3 320kbps converters where you can download just audio of a YouTube video.

We respect copyright and recommend you to follow the same. Do not download or convert YouTube videos that are copyright protected. Downloading and distributing copyrighted content is illegal. Use these tools to convert only those videos that are under Creative Commons license.

320kbps MP3 file is basically MP3 with 320kbps bitrate. So, 320kbps MP3 file offers better audio quality. This is the reason I am listing tools where you can convert YouTube videos to MP3 320kbps.

YouTube to MP3 320kbps Converters

Download Youtube Mp3 Online High Quality Free Software

1. YTMP3 Video Converter

YTMP3 Video Converter is my favorite tool that I used to convert and download copyright free music from YouTube. You just need to enter the video URL and then press the convert button. This online YouTube to MP3 converter also offers MP4 conversion if you want. It quickly rips audio from YouTube and you can then download it with a single click.


320youtube is also a similar website where you can just enter the video URL and download the 320kbps MP3. Downloaded MP3 files will have a bitrate of 320 kbps and a sample rate of 48kHz.

There’s also a little tip for making your conversion faster. When you are on any YouTube video, just add “320” directly into the URL before and you will get MP3 to download.

For example, the YouTube URL is:
320kbps MP3 UPL will be:

3. is another free website where you can convert YouTube to MP3 without downloading any tool. Just open the website, enter the link to YouTube video, and click the Convert button. The tool also lets you convert Video to MP4 or AVI format if you want. This is the online tool, so available to any platform.

4. is also a good website to convert YouTube video to an MP3 file. Just open the website, enter the YouTube video URL, and then select the file type to convert from the dropdown. Select .mp3 (320kbps) from the dropdown and then click on Convert it button. It will give you the download link.

5. Y2mate

y2mate is also a good YouTube to MP3 Converter website to download YouTube video to 320kbps MP3 file format. You just need to open the website, enter the video URL, and click the start button. Then you will get several bitrate options for MP3 and resolutions for MP4 to download. Select the 320kbps MP3 option and click the download button.

Wrap UP

This was the list of good and safe YouTube to MP3 320kbps Converters that are free to use. You can use any of these tools because they all work fine. Some of these also let you download YouTube video to Mp4 format. As I already said, you shouldn’t download and distribute videos without the permission of the video owner. YouTube videos are copyright protected. You can be in trouble if you do so.

Download Youtube Mp3 Online High Quality Free Music Bot

I hope this list was useful. If you know any other such tool where one can download YouTube video to MP3 320Kbps format for free, let me know using the comments section below. I will surely consider it and add it to the list.


A YouTube to WAV online, free converter is a software that you can find on the web that allows you to convert YouTube videos to the WAV format. That means no software download is required, which saves you so much time. Ontiva is one such platform. It can convert YouTube videos to any format, including YouTube to WAV and others. Simply access Ontiva and convert YouTube to WAV online, free in just seconds!

Because YouTube is a giant among all the video-sharing platforms, it is usually the preferred website to upload and share videos with. And now, even more so, many are using YouTube to influence, increase likes, and make money.


Aside from videos, YouTube is also a platform where people share music in video format. Now and then, you stumble upon these types of content and wonder: “Is there a way to get this song off YouTube and save it on my device?” The answer to that, of course, is a resounding YES, thanks to our YouTube to WAV converter.

Why Online Convert From YouTube to WAV Instead of YouTube to MP3?

WAV is a file format developed by Microsoft and IBM. It is a raw format and usually contains lossless and uncompressed audio but is still capable of holding the lossy and compressed variations. So why should you convert from YouTube to WAV instead of YouTube to MP3?

In usual cases, a YouTube video that contains music is either already lossy and compressed. Most uploaders choose this setup because it is the easiest way, takes the shortest time to process, and is optimized for distribution. In that scenario, it wouldn’t matter if you convert YouTube to WAV or YouTube to MP3. If the video is already using lossy compression, there is no way that you can retrieve the initial lost data. Hence, there is no difference whether you go from YouTube to WAV or YouTube to MP3 if the YouTube video is already using a file format with lossy compression such as MP4.

That leads to another question: When should I convert from YouTube to WAV? This conversion is only for people who are addicted to quality and if the YouTube video is initially on a file format that contains lossless compression such as if it is on the H.264 video compression standard. (H.264 can hold lossy compression but is capable of creating lossless-coded regions.)
However, since going from YouTube to WAV means you are interested in capturing the audio quality, a YouTube to WAV converter like ours will do its job if a video’s audio is using a lossless format such as FLAC. Otherwise, as previously pointed out, converting from lossy to lossless would not make any difference, but going from lossless to lossless certainly does.

What To Look For In a YouTube To WAV Converter Online Platform

It won’t be a surprise if every platform that can convert YouTube to WAV or YouTube Converter claims they are the best. With that being said, here are some attributes that you should look for in a YouTube to WAV converter.

Converting Youtube Videos To Mp3 Free

Easy to use. The process should not be rocket science. The procedure should be very simple that even a first-timer could navigate his way without problems.

Modern interface. This is all personal preference, but some platforms out there have not changed a bit in 10 years. Yes, it’s simple enough to use, and it still works, but the interface looks like something from the Ice Age.

Fast. The purpose of using a YouTube to WAV converter is to make the process as fast as possible. Ontiva can convert YouTube to WAV in just seconds!

Do you need to download YouTube WAV converter or stick with an online YouTube to WAV converter?

Youtube mp3 audio download

Generally, we recommend using an online YouTube to WAV converter over downloading and installing one. Using a web-based platform is a more efficient option since you can access it using any device and takes up no hard drive space. Plus, not everybody knows how to install software. However, the worst-case scenario if you download and install a YouTube to WAV converter to your computer is the possibility of virus and malware infestation. With an online platform, you don’t usually have to deal with these risks.

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