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Who doesn’t love an excellent open-world game? They offer all kinds of exciting locations to visit and set up some thrilling missions. If you’re after something new to play this year, then I would suggest checking out some of these awesome open-world video games that you can jump into right now. These are not games coming out but have already been released. So if you’re in a gaming rut and want something new to try out, then give one of these games ago.

#25 Just Cause 3

The Just Cause franchise is known for some action-packed gameplay, and one of the installments we suggest checking into is Just Cause 3. In this game, players are taking the role of Rico Rodriguez, who is venturing into a nation under the control of a horrible dictator. To take the powerful regime out, you’ll need to use an assortment of weapons and vehicles. This game features a large open world to use as a playground. You can race around in vehicles or use an assortment of gadgetry to grapple around the area. Chances are you’re going to be blowing up the environment around you at any given moment. So embrace the chaos and enjoy this thrilling game.

#24 Rust

Chances are you’re familiar with Rust. This game came out a few years ago through early access, but it’s now fully available today. In this game, players wash up on shore with absolutely nothing but their fists. From there, you’ll have to gather resources to build structures, weapons, and clothing. You’ll then be able to hunt down animals, explore the open world, fight off other players, gather their resources, form up a team, reach different areas to pick up airdrops, or chart out the lands that you want to make a claim over. It’s an action MMO game that you could play solo or with a group of friends.

#23 Sea of Thieves

A pirate’s life for me. Sea of Thieves puts players into the swashbuckling life of a pirate seeking treasure and glory. This is an MMO title that has players working together in a group as they complete different missions and explorations. You’ll maintain your ship, venture to the island, fight off skeletons, sirens, sharks, and more, as you plunder for gold. However, you’ll want to be cautious as you’re not the only pirate crew roaming these seas. Instead, rival groups may emerge, which means manning the ship, loading cannons, and heading into battle. If you’re outnumbered, then some cunning maneuvering may help get you away from danger.

#22 Mad Max

Mad Max is a game that most people probably passed up. I wouldn’t fault them for it. Usually, games based around movies typically don’t hit expectations fans place on them. Still, Mad Max is a game we think you should check out. This is a title that offers the same kind of universe that the movies are based within. You’re dealing with a post-apocalyptic world where most surviving factions rely on a heavily modified vehicle to roam around the wasteland. You’re stepping into the role of Max as you venture around the world trying to survive while also dealing with a slew of thieves seeking your resources. Throughout the game, you’ll be battling off these enemies, searching for goods, and making modifications to your car.

#21Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord came out in 2020, so it’s a relatively new game for players to pick up today. With that said, this is an early access game so know when you get into this title, you might see some rough edges and updates going on regularly as the developers work on the game. This is an action RPG set in medieval times. In this game, you’re working with a faction exploring the area, raiding and conquering with your army. Right now, it’s a single-player sandbox-style game where you’ll get to determine just what to do. This means crafting up your character and trying to conquer the world. There’s also the ability to do some PvP skirmishes with other players online. As we said, this is an early access title, the developers are still working on the game, but if you’re already a fan of Mount & Blade, then this sequel is something you’ve likely had on your radar for years.

#20 Days Gone

Days Gone is a zombie post-apocalyptic video game. In this title, players take the role of a former motorcycle gang member named Deacon. When the world turned upside down, Deacon managed to survive alongside his fellow gang member Boozer. However, despite years passing, Deacon has always wondered if his wife is still somehow out there or at least find closure on what happened during the pandemic. This game is an open-world title where players are mainly roaming on foot or riding a motorcycle. Meanwhile, if you ride the bike, you’ll have to find fuel. The game features massive hordes of zombies when you’re not taking on missions for different camp factions nearby. It’s pretty impressive the number of zombies that can show up in a horde as well, so you might want to be cautious on where you’re venturing to.

#19 Dying Light

Dying Light launched back in 2015, and we’re getting a sequel released in 2022. With that said, you can still find quite a bit of enjoyment out of the original installment. Developed under Techland, the same folks who brought out Dead Island, Dying Light is another open-world zombie game. In this game, players are investigating a quarantine zone that is full of infected citizens. Being an undercover agent, you’re looking to gather more information, but you’ll soon find out that there is a bit of a twist to how these infected zombies work.

During the day, these infected are more lethargic, but it’s at night that more powerful and active zombies come out. Players will find that their protagonist is incredibly nimble and a good part of this game is all about freerunning. You’ll use parkour to move around the city quickly and evade danger. There are many areas to explore while roaming around, and that should get a bit more expansive when it comes to the sequel release, Dying Light 2 Stay Human. However, for now, it’s worth checking out this first installment.

#18 Kingdom Come: Deliverance

If you enjoy medieval setting games, then Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one worth looking into. In Kingdom Come Deliverance, players are thrown into 1403, where you’re the blacksmith’s son. One day during an attack on the kingdom, your family is slaughtered, leaving you out to find vengeance. It’s a very narrative-driven game, and there’s a ton of dialogue to go through. This is also not like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s more of a realism game where your attacks need to land the right way to deal damage or successfully evade fatal blows. There are activities you can partake in on the side when you’re not going through the story. Otherwise, you can freely roam around the world and explore at your leisure.

#17 Mafia Definitive Edition

Mafia was a fantastic mobster game back when it was released in 2002. Of course, games back then were a bit rough to enjoy visually today. Fortunately, Mafia was given a massive overhaul. It looks and plays like a modern title release. It’s more of a period mafia game where you step into the role of a cab driver that happens to help out some members connected with the mob. You’re then convinced to join in and make some real money. The storyline is full of ups and downs. Likewise, this game is set in an open world, so you can drive around and explore. However, since this game was originally released in 2002, there wasn’t a ton for players to do within the city outside of missions. Regardless, the game visually is quite a feat, and you’ll get a look at a bustling 1930 Illinois fictional city.

#16 Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2 is another older game on this list. It was released back in 2012, and it’s very niche. This is a simulator game where you take the role of a trucker. Here you’ll get to drive around different areas of Europe as you take on cargo jobs. From there, it’s all about taking your load and reaching your destination. This means ensuring your truck is maintained and following the traffic laws. Again, this game might not be for everyone, but if you ever find yourself wanting to live out those trucker dreams or glory days of being a trucker, then this is a game worth picking up.

#15 Monster Hunter World

The Monster Hunter franchise has been around for years, and is one of the more recent releases available is Monster Hunter World. This game is set up the same way that you would expect from previous installments. You’re essentially dropped into the world where your goal is to hunt down a monster to collect its precious resources. It’s a bit of a rinse and repeat kind of gameplay where you’re constantly looking to gather more resources to craft better armor and weapons. However, it’s not necessarily an open-world game. Instead, the game drops you into a zone where you have a large area to roam around without loading screens. Still, it’s a solid installment and one we think you should check into.

#14 Middle-earth: Shadow of War

The Middle-earth: Shadow games are rather fun. There are two available with Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War. We have Shadow of War listed here, but you might want to start with Shadow of Mordor’s first. Overall, the game is centered around a fallen Ranger who manages to hang on to life after being connected to a spirited Elf Lord. Now seeking revenge, players will set out to topple the Orcs. This game is open-world and has plenty of hack and slash gameplay, but there’s an interesting mechanic involved. Known as the Nemesis system, players will find that Orcs who defeat our protagonist in battle will be ranked up higher in their respected outfits. Thus, when players meet up again, they’ll remember the last battle and bring up different aspects of it.

Download Open World Games For Pc Under 200mb

#13 Metro Exodus

Best Open World Games For Pc Free Download

Metro fans received the latest installment to the franchise in 2019. With Metro Exodus, the game is centered around Artyom seeking a new life by traveling east. If you haven’t played these games before, it’s an FPS title with survival horror elements. Similar to Fallout, Metro Exodus is centered around nuclear radiation, and with it comes mutated creatures. This was one of the more praised installments, but it’s not necessarily an open-world game. There are large are maps that players will be able to roam around, but you might find the game campaign is a bit more linear. Despite that, you could play the game without going through the previous installments, but you might enjoy the game a bit more if you have already played the past two Metro titles.

#12 Far Cry 5

Far Cry typically features a pretty nice size map to explore while taking down some over-the-top iconic villain. The current installment that you can get your hands on today is Far Cry 5. This particular installment throws players into a remote fictional Hope County region in Montana. Players step into a junior deputy sheriff who is working with a group to take in an individual named Joseph Seed. Deemed to be dangerous and running a cult, things go sideways, leaving Hope County completely cut off from the outside world. To take Joseph Seed down, players will need to work with the citizens of Hope County.

You’ll have to take out the right-hand men and women that stand by Joseph first. When you’re roaming around the map, you’ll be able to take on side missions, reclaim sections of the town away from the cult’s control, and free citizens that were captured. If you enjoy this game, there’s a spin-off title available that takes place after the game-ending called Far Cry New Dawn.

#11 Subnautica

Subnautica is an indie survival game that blew up in popularity. This title puts players into the role of an astronaut that crashlands on a mysterious alien planet. Being an aquatic planet, players are forced to ensure that they have a few vitals in check, with the most crucial being oxygen. Throughout the game, players are looking for a way to get off the island, but you’ll have to explore the ocean depths. From there, you’ll explore the different biomes, gather resources, build up a base along with means of traveling around the open waters. However, it’s not all about exploration and keeping your vitals up. You’ll have to be careful not to approach hostile enemies that may be lurking about. If you enjoy this game, then it’s worth pointing out that there’s a spin-off title as well, which is a bit smaller in scope, called Subnautica: Below Zero.

#10 Death Stranding

After he departed from Konami, Death Stranding was the debut title for Kojima Productions, Hideo Kojima’s video game development studio. In true Hideo Kojima fashion, this game is full of twists and turns for the narrative. Players are thrown into a world where supernatural beings roam, and our protagonist can sense them. Overall, the goal in this game is to reconnect the United States, which is quite a challenge, but one our hero might pull off. Meanwhile, our hero is a carrier who sends precious cargo in a world that’s full of hazards and rough terrain. This gameis available now on the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. However, if you’re on the PlayStation 5, I suggest checking out Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, which comes with some extra content and features.

#9 The Forest


The Forest is a survival game with horror elements. In this title, players find themselves crashing down on a mysterious island. With no other survivors on your flight, you quickly notice your son is missing. This prompts players to start looking around the island, which you’ll soon discover is filled with mutated tribes. To keep alive and find your son, the goal is first to make camp. This includes gathering up resources like logs and building up different structures to keep yourself safe. From there, it’s exploring the area for clues, more resources to build up weapons and get to the bottom of where your son is located. You won’t find this game very long if you’re going through the story, so if you want something to get through on the weekend, then this is one game to look into.

#8 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Bethesda might be best known for two franchises right now. That’s Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. While we do have an online MMORPG for The Elder Scrolls that receives notable updates, it’s been a long while since we have received a new mainline installment. The current release is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a game that launched back in 2011. Despite being that old, this game still receives new ports. There’s a good reason why this game continues to stick around. It’s an incredible RPG that you’ll find near impossible to put down. Essentially, you’re thrown into this world going through civil war, but dragons have once again appeared into the lands.

It’s a chaotic mess with players deciding which side to fight for and how they are connected to these dragons. Of course, there’s so much more to do in this game. It’s a big map full of towns, dungeons, quests, and factions. You’ll slowly level up your character and tweak their abilities to your preferred playstyle. That could be going with brute force melee, magic spells, a stealth archer, or just a mixture of all three. If you haven’t played this game yet and enjoy fantasy settings, this is one title that you’ll easily sink quite a few hours into.

#7 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The Assassin’s Creed franchise is quite popular and typically has a relatively large map to explore. Without filling this list with repetitive games from a particular series, we’re sticking with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It’s not the latest installment, but it holds up great today. If you’re familiar with the franchise, this game once again pins Assassins against the Templar Order. Here you’re able to pick between a male or female character, and from there, you’re game begins. We won’t go into the narrative here because we’re focusing on the open world aspect. In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, players are transported back to ancient Greece, and the developers over at Ubisoft tried to make the replication as accurate as possible.

Like with other games on this list, there is an emphasis on exploring as you’ll come across different characters to provide quests. However, the game does limit you in some capacity on where you can go through level ranking. Some areas may have characters far too powerful for your protagonist to take on. Still, this is a massive map, and it feels like one too. Since you’re mainly running, using horseback, or a ship to navigate from one area to the next, it can take some time to reach your destination. As a result, you’ll want to unlock fast travel points to get around the map quickly. With that said, this game features plenty of areas to stop and admire. Fortunately, Ubisoft brought out a Discovery mode with this installment, allowing players to explore the world without combat or campaign missions freely.

#6 Fallout 4

The Fallout franchise has been thriving for years. Currently, the latest mainline installment outside of the Fallout 76 MMO is Fallout 4. This game throws players into the game before the nuclear bombs dropped. However, as you expect, the main gameplay starts with players coming out of the vault. Without going too in-depth with the narrative, players are out venturing the wasteland, searching for their missing child. In the game, we’re thrown into the Boston area, and just like with previous installments, the world is full of debris, mutated creatures, and radiation.

Download open world games for low pc

However, that doesn’t mean that there’s not quite a bit to explore. This is still a pretty big area full of makeshift settlements, towns, hubs, and landmarks. While you’re out searching for your child, there’s going to be quite a lot popping up along the way. This could be battling raiders, helping survivors with their problems, gathering resources, and charting out your map to locations you haven’t visited yet.

#5 Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the big PlayStation 4 exclusives to have come out. In this game, players are thrown far into the distant future where humankind has fallen. Only small fractions of humans reside, and they have resulted in a more primal tribe lifestyle. The new apex predator is massive mechanical beasts that roam the world freely. Players step into the role of Aloy, a female huntress that was banned from the local tribe as a newborn. Seeking to find out why she was outcasted and where she came from, Aloy begins a grand adventure leading her all around the open world and long-forgotten structures.

#4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

There are a few fantasy games that are well worth going back to play. One of those games that continued to receive praise long after being first released is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Developed under CD Projekt Red, this game franchise has accumulated a massive fan base. It sparked interest back into the original novels and even gave Netflix an urge to make a television series adaptation. This is the third installment, and it does help if you have some previous knowledge about the games before jumping into this one.

It might be a bit of a recap to go through, but it’s well worth it if you’re entirely new to The Witcher IP. In this game, we’re thrown back into the role of Geralt, a Witcher that accepts jobs to take out monsters. One of the reasons so many fans enjoy this game is because there is so much to do. Across six regions of this map, you’ll find creatures to battle with, quests to take on, and resources to gather. Likewise, CD Projekt Red delivered lengthy expansions to this game, so you can easily sink countless hours into this game.

#3 Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games latest release might be Red Dead Redemption 2, but the developers are still hoping that you’re enjoying Grand Theft Auto V. This game initially came out in 2013. Nearly a decade later, we still see this game receive ports. Overall, this is a bit like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as the game continues to find a new audience. However, Grand Theft Auto V did something different compared to previous installments. Rather than dealing with just one protagonist, the game offered three that had a storyline intertwined. Each provided the unique ability that made them useful in different scenarios.

Set in the bustling city of Los Santos, which is a play of Los Angeles, players in this game are after a big payday. Although, criminal work is not easy. Players can compete in heists, battle against a corrupted government, or deal with shady individuals. You had a massive city to do with as you pleased. Create chaos and run from the police or participate in different activities like biking through the mountains, customizing your new vehicle, or even playing the stock market. Then there’s the online component that adds more content into the mix, such as exclusive missions, heists, and activities like gambling at the casino.

#2 Forza Horizon 4

We don’t have very many vehicle-based games on this list. But one of the games we wanted to bring up is Forza Horizon 4. There are plenty of simulation-based racing games out there that require players to race with strict mechanics. Fortunately, the Horizon series has been easy to pick up and play. In Forza Horizon 4, players will be racing around a map inspired by Great Britain. You’ll have plenty of different races to go through, challenges that will pop up, and environments to explore. It’s still centered around racing, but it’s a big enough map that you can endlessly drive around and find new locations to visit. There’s also the ability to unlock new cars to purchase or even bid on with the in-game currency auction if you want to change up your ride.

#1 Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the latest video game release under Rockstar Games. After their great hit with Red Dead Redemption, fans were not surprised to see a sequel installment. However, this sequel is a prequel to the first game. We’re thrown into the role of Arthur Morgan, who is another ruthless outlaw running in the infamous Dutch van der Linde gang. Again, Rockstar Games outdid themselves when it came to the world. This is one of those titles that rewards players for simply exploring.

Go off the main roads, find out what’s behind certain hills, through the valleys and marshes. You’ll come across random events, interesting side quests, and beautiful sceneries. Just like with the previous installment, you’ll mainly roam around the map on a horse. However, the map itself offers a wide variety of areas to explore. These include tundra mountains, swamplands, thick forests, and bustling western towns. There’s also quite a bit to do within these areas outside of just exploring and taking quests. You could collect resources, hunt, or even fish.

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