Jazzy Blues Cafe by Andy Littlewood

A good music choice can enhance a moment, elevating whatever feelings a specific scene communicates to a whole new level. With Adobe Spark Video, adding music is easy. Upload video clips and string them together into a story on your timeline. Add music wherever and whenever, with the capability to adjust audio levels as you go.

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Da Da Funk by Elijah Aaron

Download MP3Back To Doowop by Elijah Aaron

Download MP3Funky Town by AzovmusicTogether

A relaxing, lo-fi royalty-free lounge track with a warm beat, atmospheric melodic guitars, and lulling Rhodes pads. Perfect for chill zones, cafe backgrounds, vlogs, or podcasts. But you could also use it in commercials to create a cool stylish atmosphere. The possibilities are endless.

Download MP3Welcome To Vegas by Eitan Epstein Music

A romantic and charming rhythm and blues ballad music in 1950s style. Featuring doo-wop male vocal, soft piano, beautiful jazz guitar, pure trumpet, and brushed drums. Effortlessly romantic, this laid-back instrumental background track will add a touch of class to any production. Ideal for food vlogs, cafes, kitchen shows, or love stories.

Download MP3Our Souls Are Close by Audioflame

It's a smooth, hot, and jazzified production music track with funky electric guitar (acoustic and clean), bass, drums, and percussion. It is well suited for any projects involving casinos, mobsters, gangsters, detectives, spies, investigations, crime scenes, action & adventure features, vintage and retro atmospheres, and much more.

Download MP3Hearts In The Clouds by Audioblyca

It's detective and spy music, great for a secret agent's background music, retro and vintage trailers, mafia and gangster projects, crime and danger videos, action and adventure scenes, poker, casino games, 70's smooth commercials, suspense and tension moods.

Download MP3Urban Casual by DimmyPlus

Fast paced funk track with upbeat, positive, and energetic mood and retro vibes. Features a funky bass line, swinging electric guitars, drums, percussion, and brass. A great choice for advertisements, internet commercials, infomercials, and much more. Will sure to get people going and grooving!

Download MP3The Mellow Sax by Mark Woollard

This one is an excellent experimental royalty-free R&B track for your presentations and various projects. Spectacular rhythmic parts and drums will not leave you indifferent. Enjoy!

Download MP3Christmas Is Coming Soon by DimmyPlus

Chill, relaxed and cool hip-hop instrumental background music for your videos. This track is featuring instruments such as lead synth, rhodes, piano, funky guitars, hip-hop beat and playful bass. Useful in TV, movies, vlogs, YouTube videos, video games and more.

Download MP3My Sweet Nostalgia by ihsandincer

This is a jazzy rhythm and blues-rock music. Great for radio and drive music, Americana and southern style, western and country-rock background, Jazz clubs, pubs and bars, etc.

Download MP3Country Cornball by Strat 56

Jazz music track, medium tempo swing, recorded with piano trio. This music is optimistic with a positive vibe and will fit well for cocktails, party scenes, background music.

Download MP3Nostalgic Feelings by ihsandincer

A feelgood happy blues instrumental with an upbeat easy cruising feel. Catchy electric guitars, grooving bass and drums. Clean tasty electric guitars. Excellent for good mood, good times, positive situations, fun, highway cruising and similar.

Download MP3Back Porch Blues by Andy Littlewood

Energetic blues-rock track with a feel-good vibe. Features electric slide guitar, harmonica, pounding drums and bass. Perfect in scenes of driving down the open road, living large, city lights, new adventures, a live band playing in a smoky bar. Also good for beer commercials, country fights, car chases, racing, southern themes.

Download MP3Good Old Blues by Pavel Svejentsev

A fun and easy-going swing pop with guitars, pianos and brass, which create a feelgood and cheerful mood. Suitable for comedy films, game shows, cooking productions, cartoons or children's entertainment. Enjoy!

Download MP3Rocking The Blues by Andy Littlewood

Stylish, uplifting, and groovy, funky track. Featuring drums, bass, percussion, claps, snaps, brass, and live electric guitar. This upbeat background music perfectly suits for caper movie and stylish tv intro, comedy movie soundtrack, fun event promo-videos, food product ad music and more.

Download MP3Bar Room Blues by Andy Littlewood

Solo piano retro style composition influenced by blues and jazz. Ideal for vintage projects and connoisseurs of 'vinyl records'. This underscore is great for smoky bar scenes, cocktail parties, silent movies, cultural events, and light-hearted social sequences.

Download MP3Rock N Roll Jive by Andy Littlewood

A sexy edgy blues rock instrumental with a suspenseful crawling groove and sound. Lots of attitude. Big throaty electric guitar, rock solid drums and bass guitar. A raw live sound. Good for sexy scenes, suspense, bold, brave, tough, attitude, anticipation, swagger, cool and similar.

Download MP3Sensuality by Strat 56

Download MP3Cool Cadillac by Strat 56

This is my new, optimistic and positive, summer pop music track with a cheerful bright mood. √ź¬°ontains live drums, acoustic guitar, whistle, ukulele, claps and bass. This track can be used as a cheerful musical background for children games, tv or radio jingles, advertising, commercial or youtube video.

Download MP3Jitterbug by Strat 56

It's a fun filled southern country day, good food, good times and happy people. An upbeat good time country instrumental with plenty of bounce. Smooth guitar picking, a bouncy swinging rhythm sure to kick up your heels, YEEHAW! Good for all media needing a happy good time country sound. Just too happy !!

Download MP3Contemporary Romantic Evening by Geoff Harvey

This is a spy and detective style music, full of groove and smoothness. Great for investigation and criminal background, funny and comical police, Tarantino fims, detective trailers and much more.

Download MP3The Mistery Of The Black Hat Man by Emilio Merone

Download MP3Lets Play Together by Nazar Rybak

Catchy jazzy music, very happy and optimistic. Piano music track with a happy vibe and positive mood.

Download MP3Summer Blues by Mr_B_Music_Studio

Positive and cheerful music with the sounds of ukulele, bells, acoustic guitar, piano & strings. Perfect for advertising, commercials, slideshows, and promotional videos.

Download MP3Blues Ident by Alex Borg

It'll get you into a fun and foolish mood. Childish drumstick tempo with pleasant Rhodes. Kind of tap dance music.

Download MP3Extremely Sneaky Cat by Ionics Music

Seamless loop version of the retro rhythm-n-blues ballad music, straight from the 50s and 60s, with traditional piano and horns parts and a sweet sounding guitar solo in the second section. Ideal for productions related to memories, nostalgia, vintage atmospheres and the rock'n roll era.

Download MP3The Visit Of Four Angels by Klever Salgado

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