If you are a lover of English songs, then you have landed on the right page. In this article, I’ll walk you through a list of top 10 best websites to download English songs for 2021. So without making any unnecessary delay, let’s get started with the list.

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  2. Free Rap Music Downloads Mp3
  3. Download Full Albums Free Mp3
  4. Download Music Rap English
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There are lots of music streaming websites on the Internet. But not all the websites offer English songs free download. So in order to help you get the top English songs download websites, I’ve compiled this list.

Best Sites to Download English Songs Free in 2021

MP3Juices.cchttps://www.mp3juices.cc/Read Review
Mp3skullhttp://mp3skulls.info/Read Review
BeeMP3http://beemp3s.org/Read Review
Last.fmhttps://www.last.fm/Read Review
Mp3Boxhttp://mp3box.to/Read Review
MP3.comhttp://mp3.com/Read Review
Songs Loverhttps://songslover.club/Read Review
Soundclickhttps://www.soundclick.com/Read Review
Internet Archivehttps://archive.org/details/audioRead Review
My Free MP3https://my-free-mp3.net/Read Review

Let’s move ahead and check out the top 10 English mp3 songs free, download websites.

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1. MP3Juices.cc

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Website: https://www.mp3juices.cc/

MP3Juices is one of the most popular and reliable websites out there. And it’s my favorite source for downloading and listening songs online. MP3Juices is a go-to place for music streaming, and I can bet that you will end up loving the website as soon as you pay a visit to it.

The reason for MP3Juices to get the first place in my top 10 list is the interface, speed, and working of the website. To search for your desired song on MP3Juices, all you need to do is, just write down your query in the big search bar on the homepage and press the enter button. In fact, you don’t even need to write down the complete query.

As soon as you will start writing the first few words of your desired song, you will be provided with a long list of suggestion which you can choose from. Now, within seconds of pressing the enter key, a list of related search songs will be displayed in front of you. You can then download your desired song, or listen to it online. Not just that, you can even convert any youtube video into mp3 song directly via this tool.

2. Mp3skull

Website: http://mp3skulls.info/

Mp3skull is the second best website to download English songs and all type of International songs. It’s one of the splendid websites which has a large library of songs to search from. Like MP3Juices, it also has an intuitive interface with a large search bar to search for the songs.

Besides songs, you can also make a search based on artists and albums if you wish to. Once your desired song is searched via the search field provided on the homepage, you can easily download it through the multiple download links provided there.

Apart from that, you will also find the various playlists on Mp3skull like top 100 songs, latest English music, top English albums etc which you can browse through and enjoy the music to the fullest.

3. BeeMP3


Website: http://beemp3s.org/

The next best website which allows downloading of English songs is BeeMP3. Any music that has been officially published online is there on the BeeMP3. It is one of the most popular names in the only music streaming industry and needs no introduction at all.

BeeMP3 is one of the most beautiful and sophisticated music websites which is feature rich and has a large library of music to choose from. You can search for your favorite songs on BeeMP3 based on song’s name or artist.

Moreover, you are also recommended for the new hits every week on BeeMP3, which helps you keep tracks of the new music releases. Moreover, BeeMP3 also lists the top tracks from different categories like indie, hip-hop etc. Not just that, BeeMP3 also offers the various playlists like TOP 100 SONGS, Top 20 artists, Top 20 songs and so forth.

4. Last.fm

Website: https://www.last.fm/

Last.fm is yet another website for downloading English songs. It’s a popular music platform which combines the different music services and offers you music on one platform. The last.fm is free to access and has an intuitive design.

With Last.fm, you can’t just listen and download songs online, but also, you can enjoy the live performances of the artists. It’s a great platform for new and established music artists and music lovers, of course.

To know what are the exact offerings of the website, you need to visit last.fm by yourself and check out the comprehensive features of the website.

5. Mp3Box

Website: http://mp3box.to/

The next website to download English songs, which is worth giving a try is Mp3box. It’s a very popular music directory with millions of songs in its database. The website comes with advanced search options and various categories to search for your favorite songs.

With the search option located on the top right corner, you can search for your favorite songs online, listen to it or download it as per your need. Or you can also browse through the songs alphabetically, based on the artists, or by their genres.

Moreover, you also get provided with the top 25 songs, top 25 albums and top 25 artists on the homepage which you can browse through to reach out to the most popular music of that time.

6. MP3.com

Website: http://mp3.com/

MP3.com is the next song’s website in the list which is operated by the CNET network. MP3.com is basically a free music-sharing service which offers music from the individual artists. Unlike other top music downloading websites, you will find music from the new and aspiring artists on MP3.com.

Other than that, the interface, working and other details of the website are similar to other music download websites in the industry. Besides, the music in Rock, country, HIP-HOP, POP, and other diverse categories is available on MP3 which you can browse through.

Now let’s move forward to the other top music websites on the list which you can download English songs from.


7. Songs Lover

Website: https://songslover.club/

Songs Lover is a perfect destination for the English song lovers who want to download English songs for free. Songs Lover is an amazing website exclusively designed for the English song lovers. The website is very well categorized in all type of English songs, Music albums, latest tracks, best of the month and so forth.

Apart from browsing songs through these categories, you can also search for your desired song via the search option located on the top right corner of the page. Besides that, the Songs lover website has all the features which make it a leading music platform. Some of the other features include frequent updates of the website, easy download option, speed and user-friendly interface. All in all, Songs lover is a good option when it comes to downloading English songs and it’s worth giving a try.

8. Soundclick

Website: https://www.soundclick.com/

With over 3.4 million members and 70+ million monthly pageviews, Soundclick is my next choice for downloading English songs. It was established in 1997, since then, it has been emerged as one of the leading music platforms not just to download the songs but also, as a music community.

SoundClick is a feature-rich platform which features and promote not only signed but also, unsigned bands and offers free MP3 downloads. Other than this, it also offers free member profile pages, streaming audio and video, music charts, custom radio stations and all the other basic community features which makes it a social media community for music lovers.

If we talk about numbers, more than 60,000 new songs and over 6,000+ new bands are approved each month on Soundcloud.

9. Internet Archive

Website: https://archive.org/

Download Music Rap English Song

The next one in the list is Internet Archive. It’s a non-profit organization and a big library of anything that falls under creative commons and allowed to be reused. Internet Archive is not just a simple website to download English songs but it’s far beyond that.

Internet Archive is also known as the Wayback machine. And its a universal library of over 310 billion web pages. The contents you find on Internet archive can be anything from songs to movies, audio, ebooks, software, images and so forth.

So undisputably, Internet Archive deserves to be on the list of top 10 websites to download English songs. isn’t it??

10. My Free MP3

Free Rap Music Downloads Mp3


Download Full Albums Free Mp3

Website: https://my-free-mp3.net/

The last but not the least, the English songs mp3 download website that has made it to my top 10 list is My Free MP3. It’s a simple yet very powerful search engine for mp3 songs. The website is extremely free to use and you don’t even need to sign up for the website in order to search and download your desired songs.

Besides, the interface of the website is also very simple. When landing on the homepage of My Free MP3, you will see a big search bar on top of the page and nothing else. To make a search for your desired song, all you need to do is to just put your search query in the search bar and press enter.

In no time, you will be provided with a long list of songs, matching your search queries. There you can listen to the song online, or you can also download it if you wish to.

Hand Picked Music Resources For You:


So these were the top 10 websites to listen and download English songs online. Using any of the above websites, you can easily download English songs without any hassle. All the websites mentioned above are reliable and contains a large library of songs.

But out of all, MP3Juices is my favorite. Its working, Interface, speed and the accuracy of search results are just awesome. So on that note, we have reached the end of the article and its time for me to wrap it up. I hope, the article will turn out to be a significant help whenever you want to download an English song online.

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In the 1980s rap music began to gain wider popularity, with the likes of LL Cool J, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul leading the way, recording stories from the streets that hit hard but were accessible to mainstream culture. Alongside this came a more aggressive form of rap music by acts such as NWA, who were led by Ice Cube and Dr Dre, and spat violent and controversial lyrics from their tough Los Angeles backgrounds. This was the start of gangsta rap, which despite or possibly because of its content, still infiltrated the mainstream.

Download Music Rap English

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Through the nineties, a rap battle broke out between America's East Coast and West Coast. This was epitomised by NY's Notorious BIG and LA's Tupac Shakur, which ended notoriously tragically when both were killed in separate anonymous drive by shootings. Conversely to the danger that rap music brought, this decade also saw it crossing over into pop and topping with acts such as MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice.

Download Music Rap English Songs

Other music genres were also incorporating raps into their songs, from mergers like Aerosmith and Run DMC's Walk This Way, through metal bands like Limp Bizkit, to artists like Blondie adding rap sections. It also crossed cultures, as white rappers such as The Beastie Boys and Eminem appeared.

Free New Rap Music Downloads

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