Will You Be There is one of Michael Jackson's songs and singles in the album, Dangerous. This song was released on June 6, 1991 and June 28, 1993 and was recorded in 1990. This song was written, composed, and produced by Michael Jackson and was co-produced by Bruce Swedien. This song is the main theme from the film, Free Willy and the lyrics were included in Michael's book of poems and reflections, Dancing The Dream, which was published in 1992.[1][2]

Michael Jackson Will You Be There music video download free. Watch Waptrick Michael Jackson video clips. Will you be there- Michael Jackson (Lyrics also in the description) 11 years ago 192 kbps Tyronne Simmons Play Download. Will You Be There is a single from the Dangerous album. Recorded in 1991 and later released as a single in 1993. It is featured on the Free Willy motion picture and its soundtrack album. Michael Jackson also contributed a song to the sequel ( Childhood ). The track from the Dangerous album is over 7 minutes long, with a prelude of Beethoven's. Size: 7.32 MB - duration: 04:00. Michael Jackson - Will You Be There (Live Mtv's 10Th Anniversary) you dangerous Jackson there Michael be mtv music thriller 1992 1993 cool anniversary 1991 will dancing 10th. Size: 11.2 MB - duration: 06:07. Michael Jackson: Will You Be There: Directed by Vincent Paterson. With Michael Jackson. It included Jackson performing the song during his Dangerous World Tour and footage from Free Willy.


Date: June 6, 1991 - June 28, 1993

Recorded: 1990

Download Michael Jackson Will You Be There Music VideoJacksonDownload Michael Jackson Will You Be There Music Video


  • (Angel's intro)
  • (Piano intro)
  • Hold me
  • Like the River Jordan
  • And I will then say to thee
  • You are my friend
  • Carry me
  • Like you are my brother
  • Love me like a mother
  • Will you be there?
  • When weary
  • Tell me will you hold me
  • When wrong, will you mold me
  • When lost will you find me?
  • But they told me
  • A man should be faithful
  • And walk when not able
  • And fight till the end
  • But I'm only human
  • Everyone's taking control of me
  • Seems that the world's got a role for me
  • I'm so confused will you show to me
  • You'll be there for me
  • And care enough to bear me
  • (Hold me)
  • (Lay your head lowly)
  • (Softly then boldly)
  • (Carry me there)
  • (Hold me)
  • (Love me and feed me)
  • (Kiss me and free me)
  • (I will feel blessed)
  • (Carry)
  • (Carry me boldly)
  • (Lift me up slowly)
  • (Carry me there)
  • (Save me)
  • (Heal me and bathe me)
  • (Softly you say to me)
  • (I will be there)
  • (Lift me)
  • (Lift me up slowly)
  • (Carry me boldly)
  • (Show me you care)
  • (Hold me)
  • (Lay your head lowly)
  • (Softly then boldly)
  • (Carry me there)
  • (Need me)
  • (Love me and feed me)
  • (Kiss me and free me)
  • (I will feel blessed)
  • In our darkest hour
  • In my deepest despair
  • Will you still care?
  • Will you be there?
  • In my trials and my tribulations
  • Through our doubts and frustrations
  • In my violence
  • In my turbulence
  • Through my fear and my confessions
  • In my anguish and my pain
  • Through my joy and my sorrow
  • In the promise of another tomorrow
  • I'll never let you part
  • For you're always in my heart

In Dangerous

This song is the 11th song in this album.[3]


The song became one of the bigger hits from Dangerous staying in the Top 40 for over six weeks in the UK. The

single achieved even greater success in the U.S., where it sold over 500,000 copies and stayed in the Top 10 for six weeks, peaking at number 7 and was later certified Gold in the US. On the European continent, the single reached number one in the MTV Eurochart, though it missed the Top 10 in many of the other European charts, including Germany and France. The single has sold 1,050,000 copies worldwide.


It featured the Andrae Crouch Singers on backing vocals, and opened with 67 seconds of Beethoven's 9th Symphony, played by the Cleveland Orchestra - uncredited. A $7 million copyright infringement lawsuit was filed - settled in December 1992, and one outcome was all future copies of Dangerous must credit Ludwig Van Beethoven and the Cleveland Orchestra on Will You Be There.


It was also a subject of another lawsuit filed by Albano Carrisi, who claimed the melody of the song was stolen from his composition, I Cigni Di Balaka.

Free Willy Michael Jackson Song

Teddy Riley's Words About The Song

The Jackson 5 I'll Be There

This is Michael again. Bringing a vocal choir in on the track was a stroke of genius. It's something I'd consider doing since hearing him do it. It's a long song as well, a lot of this album really clocks in. This nearly hits eight minutes, I think – it's not a punchy radio edit! Yes, it's long but it came across really well for the album. A lot of the songs on the album are long. That's what makes the album I think.

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Download Michael Jackson Will You Be There Music Video

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