MiniLyrics is a small plugin for a variety of different music players. The service displays lyrics to your favorite songs whilst they are playing. The MiniLyrics database is large enough to cover most people's music tastes, and once set-up, the plugin runs when you open your media player of choice. MiniLyrics has support for numerous media players including iTunes, Winamp and Windows Media Player.

Download this best app for music with lyrics for iOS and Android. ALSong is the best music player app with lyrics, allowing music file playback and real-time sync lyrics, and similar to the Soundhound song lyrics app, this app can also run in the background. For more ease, the lyrics are also made available on the lock screen. AIMP is quite a popular music player with the ability to download and show lyrics of songs. To view song lyrics, import your music library and right-click on a song. Then, click on the. ALSong is basically a music player, which can also be used as a lyrics downloader. It provides a modular interface with different windows of playlist, songs playing, and the actual music player. Just import an audio track to listen to it, and also to fetch its lyrics.

Key features include:

  • Numerous media player supported.
  • Automatically search and download lyrics.
  • Manual lyrics search.
  • Huge lyrics database.
  • Skins available.
  • Cross-platform support.

Android Music Player With Lyrics

Overall MiniLyrics is great little tool if you are really into your music. The support for different media players is good and the lyric library is extensive. You can even save downloaded lyrics for tracks to be viewed/listened to offline. The downside is although MiniLyrics is free, you are faced with some annoying registration reminders.


Download Lyrics File For Music Player

MP3 is one of the most popular audio formats for storing music. There are special areas in MP3 files reserved for information about songs, such as: artist, title, album, year, comment, etc. These areas are known as ID3 tags. Among other things, MP3 may contain lyrics and album art in their ID3 tags.

Having lyrics inside MP3 files is very convenient, as we take every information we need automatically by copying MP3 files to our MP3 player, mobile phone, another computer, and so on. At a later point we can read lyrics without connecting to the internet, just using the 'Show lyrics' feature in our player. But how do we find and save lyrics in MP3 files?

Download lyrics file for mi music player

Free Lyrics Finder is a lightweight and completely free program that will download lyrics for MP3 files automatically. We will simply need to select files and click on the 'Find lyrics' button.


Step 1: Download and install the program.

Download Free Lyrics Finder to your computer and start the setup. Follow its instructions to install the program.

Step 2: Start the program.

Launch the installed program (you can do this directly from the installer). The main window will be shown:

In the window, we can easily recognize several different areas. On the left, there is a 'Directory structure' area (1). It shows folders on our computer and allows easily selecting them. This is very similar to the usual Windows Explorer window.

Just below the directory tree, there is an area showing the album cover of the currently selected file. We can hide the area by clicking 'x' on the right of its title. By doing so we will expand the directory tree to the bottom of the window.

In the center of the window, all files from the currently selected folder are displayed (2). Free Lyrics Finder highlights files with different colors: white is for files without lyrics; files with lyrics are highlighted with green; files without any tags at all are highlighted with red. Free Lyrics Finder can also download lyrics for files with empty tags, but it is recommended to tag them first. This can be done with Free Music Tag Finder.


On the left, there is a 'Lyrics' area (3). This is where lyrics from MP3 files is shown (if available). We selected a song without any lyrics, so the area is currently empty.

Step 3: Find and save MP3 lyrics.

Download Lyrics File For Music Player

Download Lyrics File For Mi Music Player

Now we can select some MP3 files and download lyrics for them. Music files are selected in the middle area (2) with usual controls: Ctrl + 'A' will select all files, a mouse click will select one file, Ctrl + mouse click will add the file to the existing selection (or remove it from the selection), Shift + Click will select all files between the last selected one and the one you click on.

Free Lyrics Music Downloads

After selecting MP3 files, click the 'Find lyrics' button on the toolbar:

The program will start looking for lyrics and saving it to the selected files. Depending on the number of the selected files, it may take some time. You can minimize the program window and let it work in the background.

Lyrics will be automatically downloaded and saved inside your MP3 files.

Free Lyrics Finder is a free program that can be used without any limitations.

Download Lyrics File For Music Player Software

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