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I have just started working on some old project which has used jquery-ui 1.10.3. Now i want to migrate to the latest version of jquery-ui i.e. 'jquery-ui-1.11.0'.

But while migrating there are lot of confusion. Directory Structure of both are completely different.

jquery-ui-1.10.3 Directory Structure

Download Jquery Ui 1.10 3

jquery-ui-1.11.0 Directory Structure

So how to setup a production setup for 'jquery-ui-1.11.0'. Is their any dependencies i need to take care while upgrading to new version.


Download Jquery Ui 1.10 3.0

Download Jquery Ui 1.10 3
Dharmjeet KumarDharmjeet Kumar

Download Jquery Ui 1.11.4

Download Jquery Ui 1.10 3Jquery ui versions

Download Jquery Ui 1.10 3 Download


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