Download Game Millionaire Indonesia untuk PC. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Indonesia adalah game kuis versi indonesia memakai bahasa indonesia. Aug 19, 2009 10 game populer di Facebook 2011 Inilah 10 permainan di Facebook paling populer di 2011:1. Gardens of Time. Tempat Download Game Gratis, download free game here Mencari game gratis di internet susah-susah gampang. Kalau kita tidak tahu. Download Game Magic Lines Gratis.

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Download game one stube milioner indonesia

This Who Wants to be a Millionaire PowerPoint Game-Show Template makes you feel like you’re in the real game! The aesthetics and animating visuals created bring in adrenaline!

We have another PowerPoint variant with realistic music and sound effects for correct/wrong answers too!

The player can use the 50/50 lifeline and the PowerPoint Game shall randomly choose 2 wrong answers and eliminate them from the screen.

The “Ask The Audience” lifeline is also present. The PowerPoint Game randomly creates a bar graph with 90% probability of it showcasing the correct answer.

The game operator and the host needn’t take any tension in hosting the game, everything is automated and ready!

We have a thirty-second countdown timer in this Interactive Who Wants to be a Millionaire PowerPoint Game-Show. It can be started on-click and redirects us to the last slide automatically if the time is completed.

The last correct answer slide’s monetary value is transferred to the ending congratulatory slide in the Who Wants To Be a Millionaire PowerPoint Game.

A table is present in Slide 3 of the PowerPoint Game. You can enter all the data: questions and answers within the table and it is propagated throughout the Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Question Slides.

The answer order is also shuffled to promote randomization! This takes away all the hassle of creating a PowerPoint Game!

Used by 100s of teachers in their virtual online classes and by thousands others to play with their family, friends and colleagues!

Add your own questions & answers to the Who Wants to be A Millionaire PowerPoint Game-Show Template in just a few seconds!

This game is not affiliated with “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” produced by American Broadcasting Company

Download “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” PowerPoint Game Template with working lifelines such as randomly generated audience polls, double dip, sound effects, music, animations!

As seen on television, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” Game Show is extremely popular and its game concept can be very easily implemented in the teacher’s classroom in the form of a Microsoft PowerPoint Quiz Game Template and make their teaching interactive and more engaging for the students!

You can download this fully customisable free template which comes with numerous features: music, sound effects, animations, lifelines, 15 multiple-choice questions.

It has many national iterations in various countries too as in India – Kaun Banega Crorepati.

I use Visual Basic Application (VBA) and PowerPoint Macros to make the50/50 lifeline and the audience poll work and to keep track of the score.

The Audience Poll lifeline generates a random bar graph which has a 90% probability of getting the correct answer!

Download this free customisable interactive template of this attractive PowerPoint VBA Macro Game: “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” and import your own questions with just a single click!


As soon as Slide-Show mode is toggled, beautiful transitions occur and the theme design is set in motion by native PowerPoint animations.

The logo pops up and rotates, a button with re-occurring emphasis is placed. Advanced Animations are done utilizing PowerPoint’s resources to the maximum level possible. The music also starts and makes the viewer feel like they are in the hotseat.


Fluid animations are present throughout the PowerPoint Slideshow which makes the player experience the realistic “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” experience.

There is a countdown timer clock for 30 seconds in this PowerPoint Game Template. There is also a time progress bar which disappears part-by-part as the time reduces.

The timer in the game starts automatically when the player decides to start answering the question.

You can not customise the time-limit in the PowerPoint Template currently, however this feature is on its way soon.

You can also contact me and request for more features which can be added to enrich this rendition of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” PowerPoint Game Template which you can download for free below!

Sound effects and the original theme music has been recreated and added in this .pptm game template file.

The theme music is played in the beginning and the sound effects are toggled as per the press of correct and incorrect answers. The outro also has appropriate background music to recreate the immersive feel of this game.

The lifeline: 50/50 is present. It can be used only once throughout the presentation. It makes 2 options which are pre-selected to automatically disappear.

This PowerPoint Template also has the Audience life-line which generates a random bar graph which is correct 85% of the time. This is made possible using Visual Basic Applications.

You can type all your questions and answers in a table which is present in Slide 4. The answers are randomly shuffled in PowerPoint. This saves the teacher’ time in importing their question in this “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” PowerPoint Template!

Check the Table’s screenshot below:

  • Randomly removes two wrong answers as per 50/50 lifeline.
  • Has time-limit for questions along with sound effects.
  • Answers shuffle the order in which they are placed
  • No watermark!
  • Answer Box changes colour to indicate whether the answer is correct or incorrect.
  • 30 Seconds bar timer to indicate the time-limit
  • Sound Effects to indicate correct/wrong answer
Great Customization Mr. Shaha went above and beyond to help me customize my Premium Millionaire PowerPoint Template! I emailed him my requests and he was very accomodating with my needs. I needed to have specific options work with my version of the template and he was able to achieve this for me. I look forward to working with him again!
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Jeopardy PowerPoint Game Words cannot describe how amazing this Jeopardy PowerPoint game is. This by far is the best version on the net. Bhavesh is a kind, patient, and professional vendor. He went above and beyond to help customize my game. It was a smash with my colleagues. It made my training interactive and fun. I will definitely purchase other games and refer Bhavesh to everyone I know. Worth EVERY penny!!!
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I wanted to write VBA code but came unstuck PPTVBA - Bhavesh Shaha was amazing with helping me out with the many problems I encountered, I was completely stuck, He's was great I would certainly recommend him and hope to use him again very soon.He sent me detailed video explainations of how to sort my problems out & even wrote code for me. I really cant say enough about this chap he was fantastic in helping me.
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Bhavesh is totally brilliant! He has developed a brilliant and simple programme and templates to follow.His support is excellent, if you have problems.Would definitely recommend for others to use.
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Great tutorials and also custom work! Great custom power point work!
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Jeopardy PowerPoint Fantastic and easy to use. Great template. Can't wait to use
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Well worth the price!! This was super easy to use and created a very high quality, fun game! Well worth the modest price!!!
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Excellent service and prompt replies Excellent service and prompt communication! Great product!!
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Add your questions IN THIS POWERPOINT TEMPLATE & get started!

Contact me [email protected] for freelancing your personal PowerPoint template or if you have any doubts/suggestions. If you are a teacher willing to purchase this, I can definitely offer it for a very economical price along with a discount.

Disclaimer: Access to view the VBA Codes is not allowed in the purchased PowerPoint game files. Feel free to request for features by contacting us!

Purchase Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Premium PowerPoint Template

We offer 10% discount for educators and non-profits. Please contact us and mention your details for the discount code.

Welcome to the free online version of the award-winning game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. The show has aired for nearly two decades and produced an impressive list of instant-millionaires. And now the free online version offers everyone the same chance to succeed in turning knowledge into real wealth.

The game is open to anyone willing to put their knowledge to the test in a series of questions and answers. Just keep your wits about you, have fun, and get rich! So if you’re in the mood to make a quick million virtual dollars for yourself, this is your chance.

The game consists of 15 questions. The level of difficulty increases with each question, and so does your potential wealth. For example, if you answer the first question correctly your prize money goes from $100 to $1000. As you work your way through the questions by supplying the correct answers your riches grow exponentially until you reach the final question - and if you answer it correctly you will succeed in making a million dollars!

Keep in mind that your intellect and knowledge are the keys to success. Think you’ve got what it takes? Then go ahead and play! Put all those random facts you’ve collected over the years to good use and turn it into a quick and easy million virtual dollars.

Download Game Milioner Bahasa Indonesia

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