Today, a lot of people cannot live without their smartphone.

According to a recent survey, video games have become the most popular way to pass time among Android users; however, it is annoying to be stopped by the in-app purchase option.

Some people are wondering if there is any way to get rid of all the limitations and enjoy mobile games without paying a single penny.

Generally speaking, most of the Android games are customizable and easy to hack. All you need is a proper game hacker app.

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In this post, we are going to identify and share top 10 game hacker apps for Android users to get game benefit at different levels.

Game Hacker App for Android

Top 1: Xmodgames

Supported devices: Rooted Android phones.


1. The user-friendly interface is easy to use.

2. It makes improving game efficiency on Android devices easier.

3. The developer releases updates regularly to ensure its compatibility to the latest version of your games.

4. It supports a wide range of popular games, like Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, Minecraft, etc.


1. Some users reported that this game hacker for Android crashed frequently.

Top 2: Freedom APK

Supported devices: Rooted Android phones and tablets.


1. It is compatible with Android 2.3 and above.

2. Freedom is able to unlock unlimited coins and access the premium version of your game for free.

3. It blocks ads in your mobile game apps.

4. The game hacker app is completely free.


1. Freedom is not valid to all in-game items.

Top 3: Cheat Engine

Supported devices: Rooted Android smartphones.


1. It has the capacity to connect to remote or local processes through IP.

2. Scans the system files of mobile games automatically.

3. You can decide to hack the process or app on the list.

4. Let you get unlimited gold, coins, tokens, etc.


App for android free

1. This game hacker not only needs root access but also requires some RAM.

Top 4: GameCih

Supported devices: Rooted Android


1. The game hacker app allows you to view and edit the preferences page of games without any limitation.

2. You can modify a wide range of mobile games.

3. GameCih is free to download without malware.

4. It is available to both online and offline games.


1. You cannot get rid of all restrictions in some game apps.

Top 5: Lucky Patcher

Supported devices: Rooted Android devices.


1. It works fine on most devices running Android 2.3 or above.

2. As an open-source game hacker, you can use it for free.

3. The intuitive interface makes the app easy to navigate.

4. It is 100% malware free if you download it from the official website.


1. One of main reasons why people shy away from the app is because it is illegal.

Top 6: Creehack

Supported devices: Non-rooted and rooted Android.


1. It requires Android 4.0 and later.


2. You can download it from official website for free.

3. Compatible with almost all mobile games on Android.

4. This game hacker app supports a wide array of Android devices.


1. Some older Android devices are not supported.

Top 7: SB Game Hacker

Supported devices: Rooted Android


1. It has a straightforward interface and is easy to use.

2. You can switch between various languages.

3. All functions are free to use.

4. This game hacker app enables data filtering.


1. It only works on rooted Android phones.

Top 8: Leo PlayCard

Supported devices: Non-rooted and rooted Android.


1. As a popular game hacker among non-rooted Android users, Leo PlayCard is pretty easy to use.

Download Game Hack App For Android

2. You can hack unlimited Android apps and mobile games for free.

3. It helps you to bypass the in-app purchase and payment process.

4. Leo PlayCard works on hundreds of apps and mobile games.


1. It cannot hack online mobile games.

Top 9: Game Killer



Supported devices: Rooted Android


1. It is able to hacks almost all offline mobile games on Android.

2. You are allowed to lock your video games to the certain levels.

3. Coins, gems, jades, upgrades, weapons and other features are hackable.

4. This game hacker app is designed to modify a memory.


App For Android Free Download

1. Some Android devices are not available.


Top 10: Game Guardian

Supported devices: Android devices with root access.

Best app for android phone


1. You can hack your mobile game in the intuitive interface simply.

2. It allows you to modify almost every aspect of your games.

3. Game Guardian supports over 90 languages.

4. All the functions are free of charge.


1. It cannot be used on unrooted Android devices.


There are hundreds of millions of mobile games available to Android devices. That makes our smartphone a perfect place to play games and kill time. It makes sense that programmers develop various methods to allure you to open your wallet. We suggest you to find a proper game hacker app for Android based on our review and save your money.

List Of Hacked Android Games

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