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Rento 2D APK 6.6.1 for Android is available for free and safe download. It is a classic rento game by LAN GAMES LTD, an excellent Rento alternative to install on your smartphone. GameSalad turns gamers into game creators! With GameSalad, creators and learners ages 12 and beyond build the own mobile and web video games with a no-code visual programming system. Launched in 2010, GameSalad has been used by over one million aspiring game developers and has powered over 75 games that reached the top 100 in the App Store. 2d Games free download - The Games Factory, WildTangent Games, Games for Windows - Live, and many more programs. 2d game setting Endurance: infection in space has a retro mystery ambience with labyrinth/dungeon levels as it is one of the 2d pixel games with bullet rush battles. It also has horror elements, which makes the mystery story even more engaging. If you love shooting games, you have to try Endurance. Multiple playing options.

Bring your gaming ideas to life with Max2D Game Maker.You can build, test and share your dream games with the world.10000+ Games have already made using the Max2D gaming engine.
With Max2d you only need an android device to create games. We have build Max2d game maker very similar to Professional game development softwares like Unreal Engine, Unity, such that you would have a better understanding of actual game development environment. The Game Engine features all the essential game development tools found in the professional softwares. You can start your game development journey with Max2D and build your first game and as you progress easily switch to the pro game development softwares like unreal engine or unity with ease.
You can start creating games by learning the basics and within no time build your first game.We have provided all the necessary video tutorials to get you started.

Download Game 2d Android Di

Don’t know how to code, no issue with Max2D you don't need any coding skills to build a game. Just start from the basic tutorials and the provided sample project.Creating games has never been this easier, you only need an android device, and a passion to develop game.
Share your Game with the whole world :
Now you have made a game using max2d game maker. Want to share with the the whole world ? No issues, with max2d you can showcase your game to 190+ countries. Let the world know about your creations.
Can i Build Android Apk?
Yes, We have provided an option in max2d to convert your developed game to android Apk.
How Do i get started ?
1. Instal Max2d Game Maker.
2. Explore and play games created by others.
2. Learn the basic tutorials.
3. Start developing with the sample project provided. Explore and understand all the tools.
4. Build the dream game.
5. Share with the world.
Need further support ?
Are you a newbie or a pro developer, Max2d has an amazing community to help you out. Just join our community in discord : you can just contact us anytime.
Download game 2d android pcOther Features
* Easy to use Game Maker.
* Build Games offline.
* Pro tools.


* 2d Game Creator.
* Cross-platform support.
* Test directly.
* Build Android apks.
* Share with the whole world.
* Low Size.
* Amazing community.
Max2d is a free to download game maker.
Max2d Permission :
- Network - to download files
- Read and write SD card - to save your downloaded files to SD cardπŸ•ΉοΈπŸ’£ The classic free arcade Ninja game to stealth your way to the end. Advance between buildings by jumping and dodging obstacles and bombs. Hide between the world of shadows and light. πŸ•ΉοΈπŸ’£
πŸ“± Free arcade Ninja Simulator is a game that aims to experience the adventures of these ancient warriors. Hide and slide the character on his way to get as far as possible reaching the highest scores. Dodge enemies, obstacles and bombs!
πŸ’‘ Like other ancient dinosaurs, in the game you must avoid all the enemies that threaten the Tyrannosaurus Rex to achieve survival and achieve the final goal: feeding, survival, taking care of the eggs of the young and protecting the species to avoid its extinction.
πŸ† Advance along the dangerous paths where the Ninja must hide and dodge obstacles. Run and move through the buildings to get to safety. This skilled samurai can change temporal space and move between two dimensions. He uses the powers to go unnoticed.
πŸ“‘ Overtake all enemies at maximum speed and change dimension so as not to be caught by the rest. Are you ready to beat all the platforms of different levels of the free arcade ninja game?
βŒ› Features:
- Free 2D Ninja arcade game.
- Hide and slide the skillful protagonist while avoiding dangerous obstacles between two dimensions.
- Platforms of different difficulty.
- Completely free application.

Download Game 2d Android Di

- One or two players.
- Oriental design of the stages and decorations.
- Intuitive and friendly interface.
- Different Samurai characters, choose your favorite.
- Share with your family and friends.
- Available for all mobile devices and tablets.
- Play without internet connection.
πŸ’― You will know the distance traveled with the score meter. Challenge your family and friends and become the best player.
🌐 Enjoy this game online or without an Internet connection from any device and anywhere.
πŸ’£ Enjoy this intrepid action application in which you can use the great Ninja arcade 2D game for free on your mobile. Hide and slide dodging enemies, bombs and obstacles between the two parallel worlds. πŸ’£
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