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Download bought games ps4 free
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  1. Purchased Games not downloading?
If tried doing everything it seems that every time I try to download a game it just kicks me out and sends me back to the main menu. Anyone else having this issue? Now I can't play the game I just purchased. It worked fine yesterday.
Same problem here.
'Bought Flower on PSN but there's no option to download it.
When i launch it from the library nothing happens, google search didn't help either.
i read there is a bug on the PS4 store for some people. You can start the download by using your the PS4 app. log in on your phone and you can start the download from your phone through the app.
I posted another topic on this. Here's the fix:
1. Go to:
2. Log in
3. Find ur game and open the overview page.
4. Download it from the overview page to ur ps4.
It should start downloading to ur ps4 ASAP, I did it from my iPad.
It's a weird glitch, but at least there's a workaround. Hope this helps.
  1. Purchased Games not downloading?

Ps4 Game Cannot Download

Here you can download games and play them from other accounts that you have on your PS4 console. Isn’t this amazing? This way you will be able to play the games you purchased from any account on your PS4 console. Nonetheless, in case you just need digital codes for PS4 games, you are in the right place too. Highlight Download and press X. It's in the bottom-left area of the screen. The game will now download to your PS4. If the option displays a price and reads Add to Cart instead of Download, you don't currently own a digital license for this game. To buy it, select Add to Cart and then Proceed to Checkout on the next screen to complete the purchase. Now, look for the game that you want to buy. If you already own the game in question, you can of course skip this step. After buying the game in your browser, you’ll be immediately asked if you want to download the game to your PS4, but if you’re past that point or decide to start the download later, there are two easy ways to do it.

How To Download Ps4 Games

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Download Bought Games Ps4 Emulator

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