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Once Upon A Dream by Strat 56

Warm, Emotional and melodic piano track played with real love and emotion. It starts with a classical piano sound but it end up in a huge, beautiful and lush orchestral finish. Perfect for advertisement placement, love stories and 'good memories video montage'.

Download MP3My Little Hope by Audiocalm

A beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting classical piano music with motivational, warm and lovely vibes. Works well as a soundtrack for a romantic love story, emotional flashbacks, incredible stories, an anniversary celebration, and more. 4 versions included.

Download MP3Heart Of Your Beauty by DimmyPlus

Inspirational and romantic classical piano composition with beautiful and charming melody. An excellent musical accompaniment for the wedding dress choice, elegant commercial video, French riviera atmosphere, marriage ceremony, love story, romantic scenes, peaceful moments, and much more.

Download MP3Sun Glares by DPmusic

Ethereal, peaceful ambient piano music, with spatial soundscapes and slow pads. Great as background music for slow-motions, documentaries about nature, romantic films, aerial footage, memorable videos, etc.

Download MP3Copyright free classical music download mozartMy Angel by Emanmusic

Traditional classical piano music played with majestic expression. Great for historical life scenes, romantic memories and positive fillings.

Download MP3Across The Life by Azovmusic

This is emotional and sentimental classical piano music, full of nostalgia and feeling of sadness. The ideal soundtrack for cinematic drama, Memorial Day or commemorative events, thoughtful scenes or sense of sorrow.

Download MP3Emotional Feelings by Eitan Epstein Music

An elegant cinematic classic piece featuring piano, strings ensemble. Perfect for documentary, historical films, motivational speeches, reflective moments, incredible life stories, memorials, science discovery, heartfelt drama, and more.

Download MP3White Orchid by Sergey Wednesday

Gentle and warm modern classical piano composition with soft light and a soothing, calm feeling. This track is perfect for heartwarming stories, earth from above footage, comfort zone relaxation, stress relief, home decoration ideas, wedding anniversary, newborn's first hours video, baby sleep music, marriage ceremonies background, and romantic love story. Enjoy.

Download MP3Peaceful Romance by Roman Cano

A sweet and simple classical piano track with a reflective, dreamy feel. A tender romantic melody floats above a seamlessly flowing piano. An excellent soundscape for love drama movie, heartfelt moments, wedding film, very special moments, engagement with a diamond ring, etc.

Download MP3Sea Of Trees by MintWhale

A smooth and easy-going corporate piece that sounds like 'The Sims' series. Classical piano arpeggios that slowly grow, adding mallets, brass and strings. This music has a confident and happy mood and will fit well in commercials, casual film plots or other uplifting media. This sweet track will take you back to dreams and make you smile.

Download MP3Space Harmony by Geoff Harvey

A beautiful and emotional piano with light, festive bells convey warmth and hope in this Christmas holiday track.

Download MP3Bittersweet Symphony by Audiocalm

Download MP3Sincere Gratitude by DPmusic

A beautiful, emotional, heartwarming classical piano composition for a romantic, soft, and sincere mood. Suitable for inspiring background music usage and moments of love and hope.

Download MP3Memories And Dreams by Audiocalm

Imagine yourself walking in the rain with your lover or simply enjoying the fresh feeling of the rain on your face. Let this music guide you through that moment. Features low pads interspersed with steady beats to evoke the idea of rain steadily falling and thumping sounds here and there to make it more real. This calm music with thoughtful undertones is ideal for remembering lost loved ones or for reflective moments in general.

Download MP3Life Moments by Audiocalm

Beautiful elegant orchestral classical piano track with inspiring motivational and elegant mood. Wonderful background music for inspiring speech, historical films, atmospheric vision, and colorful nature videos, emotional travel journey, romantic movies, heartfelt drama, trailer, presentation etc. This tune will give your projects more life and breathe.

Download MP3Someone You Care About by DPmusic

A modern, versatile classical piano solo track. Suitable for a wide range of different projects.

Download MP3Melancholic Emotions by Eitan Epstein Music

This is an emotional and bittersweet background melody featuring a sad and touching piano melody. This music will perfectly fit any moving documentary, advertising, or personal video. Ideal as a soundtrack for films about nostalgia, about human relationship failures, about stardom that brings fame but not happiness, about life that is too hard for many people to bear, or about nostalgia for bygone days.

Download MP3Shine Brightly by Jeremy Kim

This one is a charming and gentle royalty-free piano track with a cinematic mood and mellow atmosphere. Perfect music for movies, melodramas, weddings, romantic moments, sentimental videos, inspiring speeches, love scenes, charity projects, emotional videos, or many more.

Download MP3Restless Heart by Jeremy Kim

A beautiful and sweet piano melody that evokes a strong sense of happiness, love, and friendship. This type of music is often used in ads to make people feel happy, in love, or with tear-jerking love stories. This type of music is also used when the script calls for the audience to feel melancholic, sad, or in tears with powerful emotional moments.

Download MP3Together With You by MintWhale

A classical piano solo that conveys a sense of warmth, hope and happiness. Magical, inspiring and beautiful.

Download MP3Sweetheart by APmuse

Royalty Free Classical Music

This one is a gentle cinematic track with warm piano leading. Nice background for weddings, love stories, nostalgic moments, sentimental videos, inspiring speeches, prayerful videos, nature views, melodramas, romantic travel, and many more. 2 versions are available: Full track / Piano Solo

Download MP3Somewhere Searching by Erick McNerney

Copyright Free Classical Music To DownloadBeginning Again by Erick McNerney

Ethereal ambient piano music, with spatial soundscapes and slow pads. Great as background music for slow-motions, documentaries about nature, romantic travel vlogs, aerial footage, memorable videos, etc.

Download MP3Water Music by Erick McNerney

Dramatic piano orchestral track with melancholic and motivational track featuring wondrous orchestra, smooth cello, angelic choir, flutes. Beautiful background for magical videos, dreamy journey, history projects, atmospheric slideshow.

Download MP3Eternal Space by MintWhale

Peaceful Classical Piano by Erick McNerney

This one is gentle and intimate royalty-free piano music with touching sound and a peaceful atmosphere. Excellent background for prayerful videos, inspiring speeches, weddings, melodramas, cinematic videos, philosophical quotes, romantic stories, and many more. Two versions available: Full track / Piano Solo

Download MP3Cloud Girl Piano Version by Elena Naumova

No Copyright Classical Music

Streaks Of Light Upon Us

Emmett Cooke


Majestic and passionate piano duet leading into full string section creating a strong romantic and uplifting mood.

Playful Piano, Romantic,
Elegant, Emotional,
Solo Piano, Classical Music,

Included in this pack:

  • Streaks Of Light Upon Us 30
  • Streaks Of Light Upon Us 60
  • Streaks Of Light Upon Us Sting 01
  • Streaks Of Light Upon Us Sting 02
  • Streaks Of Light Upon Us Sting 03
  • Streaks Of Light Upon Us Loop 01
  • Streaks Of Light Upon Us Loop 02

Chopins Dream

Perfect Solution Music


Sprightly piano melodies bounce and play in this lively Viennese Waltz before strings add to the swelling emotion. Uplifting with lots of verve, an accordion joins in at the end to give a slight French feel to the proceedings.

Magical Moments,
Elegant, Friendly, Gentle, Optimistic,
Classical Music,

Included in this pack:

  • Chopins Dream Loop 01
  • Chopins Dream Loop 02
  • Chopins Dream Loop 03

Ode To Joy European Anthem

Wojciech Panufnik


Grandiose and inspiring arrangement of this Beethoven classic. Patriotic, uplifting and stirring.

Friendly, Happy, Positive,
Classical Music,

Included in this pack:

  • Ode To Joy 30
  • Ode To Joy Edit
  • Ode To Joy European Anthem 30
  • Ode To Joy European Anthem Edit
  • Ode To Joy European Anthem Sting
  • Ode To Joy Sting
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