Specifically designed for iOS devices, WALTR 2 is a fantastic app that helps you transfer your favorite songs on the iPod without iTunes.


13:33 23 November 2021

Nov 26, 2021 The common-sense answer to the problem is by using iTunes. ITunes is the ultimate hub for all the multimedia activities of all the Apple products. While many of you know how to use iTunes to get music from iTunes to your device, most of the time you may also need to learn to get songs off iPod using iTunes. How to sync your iPod Touch or iPhone without using iTunes In this simple to follow guide we will teach you how to sync your new iPod Touch or iPhone without using Apple's iTunes platform. For this guide we will use the lightweight and very flexible audio/video player Winamp.

Can I Download Music On My Ipod Without Using Itunes

Now I faced only one problem; how to download music to iPod without iTunes!

A few days back, I went through my old things when I found my lost love—my iPod. Instantly I remembered the slogan “thousand songs in your pocket,” and it was true, of course. Back in those days, I was a devoted iPod user and always had it on me all the time.

But like all other things, it was replaced by the iPhone.

But the iPod user experience never faded and is still the best. With the iPhone beeping low storage!

Can I Download Music On My Ipod Without Using Itunes


Honestly, I’ve never faced this problem with iPod.

I could listen to as many songs as I liked without worrying about the battery life. So I took my iPod out and decided to use it again!

But one problem remained: how to put music on my iPod without iTunes.


The solution came from a friend who’s a tech geek and loves to explore new software. He highly recommended the solution that I am about to share with you.

I’m sure you’ll soon have all your favorite songs on the iPod once again!


Plus, without using iTunes!!! Hurray!

Specifically designed for iOS devices, WALTR 2 is a fantastic app that helps you transfer your favorite songs on the iPod without iTunes.

This free-to-download app developed by Softorino is not only easy to download but also very user-friendly. You can instantly transfer songs from your system to iPod Classic, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle using WALTR 2.

Now here’s the thing...

Can I Download Music On My Ipod Without Using Itunes

I’ve broken down the whole process of transferring music into three easy steps for you. Follow the steps, and you’ll have your iPod blurring your favorite song in no time!


Download the WALTR 2 app from the Softorino website. WALTR 2 works for both windows and mac. The best part—the app syncs iPod without iTunes!


Now here is a point where you need to pay attention.

The first-second iPod gens use FireWire cable + USB adapter, while the later versions released after 2004 use the standard USB lighting cable. So while connecting your iPod to the computer, check out the cable wire that is compatible with your iPod. Now connect your iPod to your computer, and WALTR 2 will instantly sync with the device.


Now simply drag your favorite song or a music folder from your screen to the WALTR 2 app.

As you drop the files, a progress bar will appear showing the percentage of files being transferred. It only takes only a few seconds to complete the transfer.

Once the completion message pops up, you are good to go.

Now you can listen to your favorite song anywhere, anytime, through your old buddy, your iPod!

One more thing…Don’t worry about the format.

Don’t worry if your music file format is MP3, M4A, FLAC, AIFF, APE, or any other that is incompatible with iOS devices. WALTR 2 converts any format to the iOS compatible format.

WALTR 2 also helps to connect your iPods wirelessly via Wi-Fi. But all iPods do not support Wi-Fi. So if you have a later iPod version that supports Wi-Fi, you can add music wirelessly too.


Now listen to your favorite music with better sound quality, better battery life, and better storage options by using your iPod.

How Do You Download Music On Your Ipod Without Using Itunes

iPod still offers the ultimate user experience rather than your iPhone, whose battery dies down after a few songs!

Transfer To Ipod Without Itunes

The choice is yours!

Use WALTR 2 app to bring life to your iPod and add music without iTunes. Do you have your iPod in your old drawer? How many songs have you added to your device that was specifically designed for music lovers!

Comment below to let us know!

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