Core Ultimate is Sonicfire Pro 6's aptly named included album. Meticulously produced for the highest possible production value, it covers a wide swath of styles, providing the media creator a rich and varied palette for almost any visual need.

Breaking News music is written in the style of Sky News, CNN and CNBC to project a serious and professional image. The theme is loop able with alternative loops available. Download MP3 Sinnerman by ColourTunes. This is punchy, brutal, power rock royalty-free background music with powerful guitar riffs and a deep, terrifying atmosphere. Old fashion radio jingle 2.wav - mp3 version old fashion radio jingle 2.wav - ogg version old fashion radio jingle 2.wav - waveform old fashion radio jingle 2.wav - spectrogram 4889.25. Play / pause loop.

This incredible album includes a themed three-track orchestral suite ideal for scoring entire movies when used with Sonicfire Pro 6's powerful technologies, inspirational tracks with a modernist edge, simple happy, upbeat music, a rave rhythm-guitar jam perfect for high activity, a live vocal indie-rock song that could be a chart-topper, and more (10 great tracks in all).

All ten tracks are in SmartSound's Multi-Layer format giving you total access to all of Sonicfire Pro 6's exciting features. This album will give you countless ways to explore Sonicfire Pro 6's great technologies that will in turn, allow you to meld them into the perfect fit for your unique vision.

Core Ultimate is only available as part of Sonicfire Pro 6 and not sold separately.

Golden Christmas by Amit Harel

Deep house music with African ethnic elements. You can hear dynamic strong bass, groovy drums with percussions, and background atmospheric female vocals. Best for use in technological futuristic projects, timelapse videos, fashion, fitness classes, and travel vlogs.

Download MP3Rising Higher by DPmusic

Modern fashionable house music with intense syncopated rhythm and pumping beats. If you are looking for trendy music to suit well as background music for various media content then this track is for you. Perfect choice for a fashion show, interview with celebrities, reality shows, nightlife entertainment, gossip news, or for stylish luxury life.

Download MP3Inspirational Medicine by TimTaj

If you are looking for a corporate track that is relaxing, inspiring, and thought-provoking, you have found it. This music will bring an atmosphere of confidence and positive emotions to your videos. Created for medical and science-related projects, but can be used in any commercial or non-commercial projects as background music.

Download MP3Express News by SnowMusicStudio

Minimal electronic track with arpeggios lines and digital sound. This monotonous and hypnotic tune is ideal for technological projects, science projects, strategy and innovations, infographics, news podcasts, e-commerce, and other media projects.

Download MP3Motivation To Win by TimTaj

Download MP3Fashionable Party by DPmusic

Powerful, energetic, aggressive rock track with heavy guitar riffs and synth modern elements. Perfect for TV programmes, sports news/shows, extreme car racing, GoPro action videos, and projects.

Download MP3The Rising Cavalry by Emilio Merone

Inspirational and uplifting music track featuring warm acoustic guitars and piano in the style of Americana, acoustic folk, and new country. The beautiful melodies will evoke feelings of happiness and joy.

Download MP3Unexpected Discovery by MintWhale

Modern cinematic music piece with an inspirational and motivational vibe. Featuring piano, evolving synthesizer, emotional orchestral strings, modern drum beat and contemporary percussion. Elevating and uplifting composition that creates a perfect atmosphere for new project presentations etc.

Download MP3Lost In Nowhere by AG Music

An epic, rousing, uplifting orchestral track that conveys a sense of achievement, hope, and anticipation. After a calm, reflective start a deep, driving rhythmic percussion section begins, soon joined by soaring strings and victorious horns, all building to an exhilarating, triumphant climax.

Download MP3The Aura by Christian Aen

Stylish and fashionable Pop EDM music with trendy, warm, and exciting vibes. Perfect fit for projects related to new technology, innovation, ecology, modern life, fashion, apps, and much more!

Download MP3Deep Inner Mantra by AG Music

Grab this track and inject your next project with an energetic dose of driving, upbeat mood. This bombastic electronic breakbeat sequence, with a resounding tone and a forceful rise, is full of pumping beats, coupled with pounding forceful drums. Perfect for infomercials, commercials, and high-energy product demonstrations that work well for appealing to the younger generation.

Download MP3First Invasion by DPmusic

Pulsing and lush track, with vintage synth elements to create an intriguing and wondrous mood. Use in scenes of tremendous accomplishment, space traveling, earth day 4K drone video, news jingle, and more.

Download MP3Dreamy Dreamland by AG Music

A clean, dynamic, minimalistic electronica with elegant, groovy, advanced sound. Great for projects related to design, style, technology, modern lifestyle, innovation, and much more. 4 versions included.

Breaking News Music Free Download Mp3 Hindi Songs

Download MP3Reward For Winners by DPmusic

Energetic, dramatic, and full of action track created for opening themes, intros, flash news reports, primetime TV programs, announcement videos, time countdown, no comments videos, stinger ident, breaking news music, resonating stories. Instruments: spiccato strings, powerful percussion, action cinematic strings, powerful big drums and toms, epic dramatic horns and trumpets, rise, rising, deep sub bass.

Download MP3Glitch Emotions by Nazar Rybak

A dreamy, ambient royalty-free electro-dance with pulsing synths, plucks deep bass, vocal cuts, and steady beats. Best for corporate videos, high-tech commercials, product presentations, global business, IT computer systems, and more.

Download MP3Inspiring Corporations by Tunelight

Breaking News Music Free Download Mp3 Gudang LaguDownload MP3Medical Healthcare by TimTaj

Great uplifting, energetic, groovy dance pop music featuring electric guitars, pianos and catchy synth beat. Perfect for corporate use, party scenes, teenage flicks, dynamic youthful videos, commercials, new product promos, fitness and workout.

Download MP3Powerful Sports Opener by Yoav Alyagon

Powerful and inspirational cinematic motivational track. Featuring piano, strings, horns and epic percussion drums. This background music is perfect for TV news intro, historical films, movies about superheroes, Olympic Games, epic trailer, heroic advertising, video teasers and other media projects.

Download MP3Medical Documentary by Azovmusic

An evocative piece of music, similar in style to Thomas Newman, played almost entirely on the marimba. There is a strong sense of narrative to the track despite its simple instrumentation and it would be perfect for any modern drama.

Download MP3Adventure Of The Hero by ihsandincer

Download MP3Sport News by Evgeny Kiselevich

Smooth and groovy electro lounge tune, with hip-hop elements featuring slick synthesizer, drums, and EFX. Suitable for projects related to the fashion industry, modern visuals, luxury items retail, in-store music, news podcasts, etc.

Download MP3Xmas Jazz Trio by RGMusic

Breaking News Music Free Download Mp3 Hit Songs

Download MP3The Sixth Day by Sean Usher

High energetic, powerful and driving electronic music. The best choice for any videos about extreme sports, off-road racing, sprint races, ultimate speed, news reports, action scenes, car chase games, technical engineering, etc.

Download MP3Space Epic by Jon Wright

Breaking News Music Free Download Mp3 Hiru FmDownload MP3Business Corporation by Azovmusic

The dynamic corporate tune, featuring, mute guitar, light melody, and minimal house elements. Perfect for IT business, new software presentations, product overview, hi-tech innovations, gadgets advertising, training videos, seminars, websites, fashion shows, and more.

Download MP3Im Coming Home by AG Music

Download MP3Big News by SnowMusicStudio

Download MP3News Jingle by Emilio Merone

Futuristic high tech track with modern synth sounds, SFX sounds, floating effects and a straight beat. Suitable for technology and science-based projects, fashion show and new product presentations, real estate music background, innovation and coolness.

Download MP3Uplifting And Inspiring World by DimmyPlusDownload

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