Play Blade and Soul 2 on PC Blade and Soul 2 is the sequel to the hit wuxia MMORPG that carries on the series tradition of high-flying martial arts combat featuring a wide variety of unique styles for fast-paced, real-time combat. Blade and Soul Download PC Game. Developer: NcSoft. Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 6300. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 250 / AMD Radeon HD 4870. Version: v 3820991.10. Blade and Soul - multiplayer role-playing game based on non-targeting system and combo attacks. The thing that makes Soul Blade so cool is the different game modes. The problem with fighting games in the past has traditionally been the fact that they are limited. You either fight the computer or fight your buddy, and that is all the game has to offer. In Soul Blade, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Of course, the game has the.

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Blade and Soul (2012) PC (RUS) (Size: 9.07 GB)
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Title: Blade and Soul
Publication Type: pirates
Genre: MMORPG , Online
Developer: Team Bloodlust
Publisher: NCSoft
Year: 2012
Platform: PC
Version: Beta
Language: Russian
Language: Russian (subtitles)
Tablet: Not required
Processor: Intel Core Quad / AMD equivalent or better
Video card: nVidia Geforce 8800GT / AMD Radeon HD 4850 or better
RAM: 4GB or more
DirectX: 9.0c
One of the most anticipated Korean online game, Blade & Soul, is gaining more and more gaming hearts, thanks to its stunning graphics and elegant battle system.
Features and innovations
Characters can put on and wear clothes, but it does not carry additional bonuses for the hero.
Only weapons and jewelry can enhance the skills of your character.
During the passage of each follows the storyline of the game, performs many tasks, and in the end will be the final quest.
Any battle becomes very dynamic due to the use of some elements of the fighting game.
And so on ...
The game consists of four races, with the name: Jean / Jin, Hong / Gon, Lin / Lyn and one exclusively female - Kuhn / Kun. For the game was developed by 7 classes and, after the first global update '7 Waves', in which the game was added last seventh grade, they are all represented in the game: the master sword / blade master, Assassin / assassin, a master of kung fu / kung- fu master, magician / force master, destroyer / destroyer, Summoner / summoner and sword master Lin / sword master Lyn
Our features:
The game world is fully realized.
Full functional fit of the Chinese version of the server is 100%.
Maximum level - 45.
Client translated into Russian by 95% (including titles to the rollers).
Basic protection against bots. Being developed.
The first in the world, a Russian, a 100% working server Blade & Soul.
Dating Game / link to the registration
Installation instructions:
Start setup.msi
Follow the instructions of the installer.
Starting the game:
Start (Start)> Blade and Soul
[Game run through the updater]
Release from PlayBNS

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Blade and Soul (2012) PC (RUS)

It is been 4 many years que la blade and soul lancé to start with in Asia. For Western lovers of the activity, the wait Was torture. Intent now it is at last here, it’s tricky to see what all the fuss. Combining traditions of battling game titles and MMO is a excellent idea, the goal intelligent battle Blade & Soul will not propelled out of the shadow of –other MMORPGs. There are Far too Handful of surprises and lacks also numerous characteristics. As opposed to its free-to-enjoy Particularly Wildstar possess peer-Blade & Soul is NCsoft has difficulties activity to advocate.

If you have played an MMO in the previous ten years, you’re possibly by now familiar with Just about every blade of exercise and choose treatment of the soul. In your quest to arrive at the degree cap and open up the endgame actions, you journey by way of the great mountains and jungles, running dungeons, and, if the mood strikes you, soaked in crafts and capabilities collection. Blade & Soul Endeavors Not often do one thing with this stereotypical unique construction, and que la distances some, He Experienced poor final results.

Your quest to avenge your mates and soon after-They grasp Murdered by the mysterious Jinsoyun Has the excess weight of an animated Saturday morning. It is excellent entertaining, but not particularly gripping things. And if there are wonderful Some Moments They are distribute in excess of the PvE campaign and study to experience like sitting down at the meal table while my mother threatened This is to suspend the dessert up to I completed my veggies.

It is incessant barrage of yr ‘go here and kill X of Y’ quests combined With Some Alterations That do not generally take care of to blend points up. Escaping thesis quests is Virtually Since They Are not the only way to degree up at a realistic speed. Dungeons and PvP Would Be adequate for A number of players of patients working experience stage acquired goal in Both derisory implies clustering Would it choose a great deal to arrive at along the Saami desired destination.
There’s an bothersome aussi Lack of good quality of lifetime properties. Monsters gold objects you require for quests are offered to absolutely everyone, not just you, qui can make the quests in crowded areas a nightmare Since there is no way to share the development you generate killing monsters with –other players Except if you regroup. You can swap entre les “channels” in the hope of acquiring an occasion of an location That Is not as crowded, purpose it is an inelegant option to a challenge That has-been solved many years back,-even additional curious When We Know That Lots of bumps observed Their wandering areas will share benefits you if you kill ’em as share of a team or not.

Dungeons are usually a welcome distraction from the bread and butter dans l’autre MMO quests, I discover goal Lots of have unimaginative and shorter MOST dungeons are just in the common perception. As an alternative, They Are 5 minute crack by way of a cave indistinguishable gold Testimonials a further with an anticlimactic boss waiting around at the conclusion. As an alternative of Demanding teamwork and mastery of your course, Premier-even the dungeons, additional sophisticated experience like a breeze. I Was Having difficulties to conquer as an incomplete hand perfectly below the advisable degree.

Amassing and crafts are underdeveloped, also, Demanding very little additional than time and revenue. You can sign up for two crafts and two guilds collection, the goal method of buying resources feels is just a revenue sink, not a worthwhile expense. You simply find what part you want to obtain gold style and design, fork out and wait for a definite quantity of actual time (about 20 minutes) and obtain the product.

Like most free-to-enjoy game titles, Blade & Soul: has a hard cash shop in the activity for you to Shell out actual revenue or currency in the feature. Thankfully, All those Who pick to overlook the hard cash shop will not be at Any actual Drawback que la Possibly Things are cosmetic or usefulness, as crucial to Ensure the weapons observed in a trunk can be applied by your course.

If there is one particular element of the PVE working experience is truly worth the recognition, it is the blade and soul environments are magnificent. They do not experience Essentially consistent, and there is extremely minor to Persuade You That you are checking out a dwelling globe, the goal and qualifications taste of Just about every location are fantastic to check out. However, the general performance Was Considerably uneven dips as body and carriages Have been common and not affected by altering the graphics configurations.

Blade And Soul Pc Game

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Blade And Soul Pc Game Download
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Weapons speak louder than words

Blade and Soul integrates A-RPG elements to the MMO concept, creating a unique and immersive environment for fans of both worlds. Conquer dungeons, monsters, and other players in nonstop action.

Gear up and tear up

Gear up and get busy fighting through battlefields and dungeons in this super flashy hack-n-slash MMORPG with imaginative avatars.

Blade And Soul Pc Game Download Gratis

First thing about this game that would impress any player is the character creation. The customization here is beyond belief. You have access to an arsenal of cosmetic and attire features. As a result, you won’t find any similar-looking avatars on the battlefield. Heads up: the female characters may seem oversexualized and designed to be provocative.

Blade And Soul 2 Official

You might find the graphics of this MMO dull and dated, but the smooth controls and interactions more than compensate for that. Movements are very fluid and realistic, and you can see certain body physics depending on your processor FPS.

BnS’s powerful special effects offer super satisfying combat. Stunning explosions and screen vibrations emphasize your attacks. You can feel the devastating impact and damage you inflict. The combat engine of this game rivals that of Phantasy Star Online, one of the most popular MMORPG in the genre.

As you advance toward the endgame, your progression tends to slow down, and the whole experience becomes a grind fest. Though your gear and skills can keep upgrading nearly forever, the only way to do that is by playing dungeons. It can get pretty boring to do the same activity over and over again for the majority of game time.

Where can you run this program?

This application is installable on computers with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and later operating systems. There is also a mobile version of the game available on Android and Apple devices.

Is there a better alternative?

No. Blade and Soul has one of the best combat mechanics in today’s MMORPG, and it for free. There are similar games like PSO2 or Lost Ark, but they are still in beta and have not been released to the West.

Our take

This is one of those rare MMOs that puts a heavy focus on the action and PVP aspect. You can never find a dull moment when playing the game. An absolute must-try.

Blade And Soul Pc Game Download Windows 10


Should you download it?

Yes. If constant battle and bloodbath are your thing, then you need to download and give this game a whirl.


  • Free to play
  • Character creation
  • Fluid movement/control
  • Rewarding combat
  • Concrete endgame


Blade And Soul Pc Game Download App

  • Dated graphics
  • Super grindy
  • In-game purchases
  • Not beginner-friendly
  • Linear progression
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