Discover the top 100 best listen to music without wifi apps for ios free and paid. Top ios apps for listen to music without wifi in AppCrawlr! Having an awesome soundtrack or music in the background is one of the best ways to increase your productivity levels. These Music Download Apps for Android are powerful to use more than one search engine to find your favorite music quickly. The best part of these Music apps is, these Android Music Downloader apps can search, download, and save Music (MP3) files to listen offline. You don’t need to connect Android devices online all the time to hear to music. Nov 21, 2021 Discover the top 100 best listen to music without wifi apps for ios free and paid. Top ios apps for listen to music without wifi in AppCrawlr! Having an awesome soundtrack or music in the background is one of the best ways to increase your productivity levels. Best FREE Apps To Listen To Music Without Wifi, Final Thoughts Apple Music App, Free For 90 Days If Wifi Free Music With a day free trial for new users, it's hard to miss. With free music apps without internet, you can listen to music offline. This is really helpful while traveling. You can also check out music apps without subscription. May 03, 2018 It is fairly possible in the app to save the songs for further listening offline. That is much like downloading on your phone and listen later. Soundcloud tops our list of the apps to listen to music without wifi. Groove; Groove is undoubtedly one of the best apps to listen to music with or without an internet connection.

Music apps without WIFI are making you enjoy your life. It is easily possible for you to enjoy the beats of songs outside the doors of WIFI. You have now got applications to watch movies on the outside of WIFI. Oct 15, 2017 - Among all other app to listen to music without wifi or data, this is the music player without what this list would be incomplete. Spotify is one of the.

Listen to music is one of the coolest thing to do in spare time. Most of us already have smartphones these days and you can easily find various music apps on Play store, but the only limitation with most of the music apps is they need a working internet connection to stream music, So today I am going to share the best collection of music apps without WIFI.

It is recommended to use free music apps without wifi internet if you have a slow or no internet connection. With free music apps without internet , you can listen to music offline. This is really helpful while traveling. You can also check out music apps without subscription. Here are top 10 music apps which does not require internet connection every time whenever you try to listen to music.

  • 1 Top 10 Free Music Apps Without WiFi Internet For Android

Top 10 Free Music Apps Without WiFi Internet For Android

  1. Google Play Music:

    Google play music is one of the best free music apps without wifi for android. You can easily download this app from google play store and use this free music app without wifi. Listen to songs from your music library. There are free and paid option of this app, use any of them according to your use. You can easily store more than 50k songs for free and start a free trial to enjoy offline and ad-free listening. In this app, you can also get radio stations based on songs, artists, albums and more.

  2. iHeartRadio:

    iHeartRadio is another app to listen to music without wifi. You can easily get unlimited music and thousands of radio stations in iHeartRadio app for android. This app is free and easy to use for all users. You can easily discover more than thousands of live AM and FM stations near you and listen to your favorite songs. The best feature of this app is to create personalized music stations based on your favorite music and top artists using a library of millions of songs.

  3. Slacker Radio:

    Slacker Radio is free music app without wifi for android. You can easily stream live radio stations by using this app to listen to music without wifi. There are hundreds of interactive and hand-crafted music stations in slacker radio app. The best feature of this app is to create and share your own custom music stations. You can easily get access to listen to your favorite music on slacker radio app. Slacker Radio has live streaming stations that are almost tuned to any person with diverse taste.

  4. YouTube Music:

    YouTube music is a popular app that plays music without wifi. You can easily watch and listen to a nearly endless catalog in an app designed for music discovery. Easily personalized stations according to your song collection and learn your tastes on youtube music apps without wifi or 3g. You can easily enjoy your favorite music without any ad on this music app. There are more than 30 million songs in this app which are free for users and easy to listen to it. There are free and pro version of this app use any of them according to your use.

  5. Spotify Music:

    Spotify is also a top most free music app without wifi for android users. This is also known as the king of the music streaming app for the android. You can easily get the right music of your favorite choice. There are more than 30 million of the song in its database library which is a real and handmade song by Spotify users. You can easily listen to those songs and also upload any of your handmade song on this app so other users can listen to it. You can easily play any song, anytime on any device according to your interest.

  6. Deezer:

    Deezer means unlimited music, where you can easily get best free unlimited and 100% personalized music on your android device. It is a good app for free music without wifi. Here you can easily get any of your favorite music, listen to it and also save it for listening to it in your free time period. You can easily search song according to your personal taste as classic rock, pop music, disco songs or heavy metal and others. Easily find your favorite music, play artists from the charts or discover new music from Deezer app.

  7. TuneIn Radio:

    TuneIn Radio app is another amazing music apps for android without wifi to listen to your favorite radio stations for free. There are more than 100k free radio stations in this app you can easily use your favorite radio station and listen to music from TuneIn radio music apps without wifi or 3g. TuneIn has the largest free selection of sports, news, and music from around the world. Stream your favorite AM/FM radio stations live including ESPN Radio, NPR, CNN, BBC, WFAN, & CBS Radio. You can also listen to your favorite talk shows and podcasts.

  8. Shazam:

    Shazam is popular free offline music app for android users. This app is used by more than 100M users easily identify music with one tap and also get song lyrics. This app that plays music without wifi provides one-tap access to video clips, song lyrics, related tracks and streaming services, where you can listen to your Shazams in full. You have to log into Shazam app so that you can easily sync all your Shazams across all devices. The best feature of this app is Shazam offline which identify music even when you’re not connected to wifi or any data.

  9. Pandora:

    Pandora Radio is a particular of the most popular music streaming services free radio stations apps. Here you can easily get any of your favorite music, listen to it on your android device. Pandora is free music apps without wifi where you can create a radio station based on songs and bands. You can easily enter the music and bands and save it as a radio to create your own radio on Pandora free music apps without wifi. You can also share your own created radio with your friends and family.

  10. Amazon Music:

    Amazon music is an alternative app to listen to music without wifi. There are more than 40 million songs, thousands of curated playlists and stations in its database library. You can easily stream new releases from today’s most popular artists from today’s most popular artists in this app. If you will go for its pro membership version then you have also access to upload your handmade music in this music apps without wifi or 3g. You can easily play music already stored on your Android device and also download songs using your device’s storage or an SD card.

Looking for some free music apps that don’t need wifi or internet to play?. Check out the top 20 offline music apps for Android, iPhone given below.

Having an awesome soundtrack or music in the background is one of the best ways to increase your productivity levels. Let it be in your office, gym or even while running; music is something that makes the person wanting to do more and more.

Apps To Download Music And Listen Without Wifi Password

One of the effective and cheapest ways to carry your music with you all the time is smartphones. Thanks to the music apps that let the users listen to their favorite music at any time and from anywhere in the world. However, there’s a small drawback with most of the music apps out there.

They require an active internet connection to function, and it’s not possible to get internet connectivity everywhere especially in India.

Fortunately, there are a few music apps that don’t need wifi to run. Today, we’ll be sharing our top best offline music apps 2019 for both Android and iPhone devices.


  • 1 Best Music Apps That Don’t Need Wifi 2019

Best Music Apps That Don’t Need Wifi 2019


NewPipe is the latest youtube music app from a third party developer which uses the official youtube website. If you wish to listen only music from youtube; NewPipe App is the one and only app that helps without any kind of subscriptions.

The best part of the NewPipe App is that it won’t require heavy processing and works pretty fine with the old Android smartphone as well.

As a bonus, you will be getting the Background Music Player using which you can stream music with youtube minimised. On the other hand, you can download only music from the videos and save it to gallery on your Android smartphone/tablet.


Musify is one of those gem apps that works quite efficiently even when there’s no wifi network. The app is currently available for Android platform and can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free.

Musify has an extensive list of songs, tracks, and music to make your day more productive and awesome. All you have to do is simply download the app, register your account and download your desired songs.

That’s it, from there onwards, you can use the app to listen to your favorite tunes or tracks whenever you want. Do keep in mind that occasionally you need to connect the app to the internet once in a while to update your playlist with latest music and tracks.


Moreover, Musify is a free app that won’t charge you anything for a lifetime. It has tremendous features such as sharing tracks with your friends, adding them to your favorite lists, Shuffling and changing different covers while playing the music.


Shazam is a multi-feature music app for smartphones. Fortunately, both Android and iPhone users can download the app from their respective app stores.

Shazam features almost all type of songs such as Hip pop, rock, party, romantic, devotional and much more. Getting the app is virtually gaining access to the world of music.

The primary objective behind Shazam was to provide an app to users that work with just a few taps. The good thing is that there are no in-app purchases at all, everything you see can be streamed or downloaded for free of cost.

Shazam Offline features let you search and play your favorite music, songs, tracks, etc. It’s one of the cool music apps that don’t need wifi. Shazam is one of the best alternatives to find out What song is playing around you.


SoundCloud is a well-known source for music fans and lovers across the globe. You may not be aware, but SoundCloud does come with offline listening features for smartphones users.

SoundCloud delivers a comprehensive music library of over 150 million songs for free of cost. You can listen to any kind of music from their collection both via online as well offline.

Well, they do come with paid versions, but the free version should be enough for this task. Any number of songs can be saved for offline listening without any restrictions.

Use “Discovery” feature to find out the new music and tracks uploaded to SoundCloud. The “Filters” are very much user-friendly which will let you filter and download your favorite music and tracks with an expanded mix of music available on SoundCloud.

The best part of this app is that you will be able to find out thousands of versions for the same track uploaded by various users by mixing the music.


Well, how can we complete the list of Music Apps that don’t need wifi without featuring the big player, i.e., Spotify? A lot of users around the world are going crazy over Spotify; there must be some solid reason for it to be so popular.

Recently, they have added the offline feature to both of their Android and iOS app versions, now you can add your desired music to offline and listen to it later onwards. You can manage as many songs as you want with ease, the paid version of Spotify comes with some add-on features while the free versions come only with the offline feature.

Apps To Download Music And Listen Without Wifi Computer

Spotify is the most downloaded music app in the stores; they have almost all the popular and mediocre songs in their libraries. Surprisingly, Spotify is not available on google play and app store but you can Download Spotify Premium from TutuApp to enjoy paid version for free.

Slacker Radio

Don’t fall for the name, it’s not a radio streaming application. Just like any other offline music app, Slacker Radio also comes with a lot of unique abilities with a massive collection of hit songs and music.

It is available for free of cost in both Google Play Store as well in App Store. Slacker Radio’s free version’s features are quite useful which you most likely don’t find on other apps.

Slacker Radio allows users to create their own music stations and can be streamed by anyone at any time. Of course, offline listening is also possible with Slacker Radio.

You just need to make a few settings according to your preferences and you are all set!

Get it installed on your smartphone and get access to hundreds of unlimited music stations, unique interactive news, sports programming, etc. You may also create and share your custom music stations with your friends or with slacker radio users.

Microsoft Groove

The groove is another popular music app that comes from a big corporation, i.e., Microsoft. In some windows phones, it comes pre-installed, but if you are on another platform, you need to download it from your app store.

The app lets you discover great music and soothing music to fit your mood; it also provides recommendations based on your streaming choices.

Overall, it’s a well-built app for music lovers out there.

Additionally, you can purchase their Groove music pass which will get you several features that will help you to enhance your music listening experience when you are not connected to the internet.

Groove allows you add your mp3 files, tracks to one drive and listen to them whenever you want. You may download them to your device to listen to them whenever you are offline and don’t have internet access.

If you have groove installed on your smartphone, Xbox, PS, PC, etc., you will be able to access music across all your devices. The connecting point of all those devices is OneDrive through which you should be playing the music.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music comes preinstalled on almost all the Android smartphones as it’s owned by the giant Google. The free version lets you listen to your favorite music as many times as you want.

They don’t charge you anything for doing so; however, if you want to unlock the premium channels and exclusive music, then you have to get their subscription plan.

Coming to song library, Google Play Music already has a huge list of collections, hit releases, old-time songs, etc. In case, if you don’t find your song, the app will search for your song on Youtube and provide you the song.

Google Play Music is best known for free and ad-supported radio with a mixture of a lot of emotions, moods, etc. You can download music from the web on the app and also you can upload your offline collection to the app upto 50,000 tracks.

The best part of this app is that you can access the same across all your synchronized devices. All those features will come with the free version and a few more features will get added to the list if you go premium. They are Ad Free, Youtube Red Membership, On-Demand Access to over 35 Million songs.

Google Play music will use your location and provides you the best music based on the activities you are involved in. Music for Driving, For the Broken Hearted, Top Albums, Relaxing at Home, Falling Asleep, Working Out, Today’s Popular Hits, and finally Feeling Luck? are the quick tabs to access.


Tidal isn’t that popular compared to the other music apps don’t need wifi. But still, it does its job flawlessly and therefore made its way on this list. Tidal is available for almost all the platforms for free of cost.

It provides over 40 million songs, tracks, etc. without charging even a penny from you. Apart from that, they also have video songs just in case if you would like to watch the video while you are offline.

Just download whatever you want and watch it later when you are not connected to the internet. It’s one of the best music apps that don’t need wifi.

The Tidal app is not available on Google Play and App Store but you can download it from their official website.


iHeartRadio is one of the best no wifi music apps available for both Android and iOS devices. Mostly it is a streaming app which will stream AM to FM and everything related to music and it has various music stations users can access and enjoy music.

On top of that, iHeartRadio will allow you download music in the presence of internet connection. Later you can get access to the downloaded music without an internet connection. The free version contains ads which is annoying most of the times but the paid version is pretty much affordable if you are very much interested in music and the best app that don’t use wifi.

iHeartRadio has over 800+ radio channels which include US radio channels and across the world. No matter which kind of music you would prefer, iHeartRadio is the biggest music store that can provide you pretty much everything from holiday season songs to festival songs and everything in between.

One thing I should tell you here; all the ads in this app are non-skippable ads and you have to listen to them in order to move to the actual music if you are on the free version. The best part of this music app is that you can use it without internet (offline music) and with internet to access Live Radio.


Pandora is a direct competitor for Spotify and few other free music apps that don’t need wifi or internet to play. The worst part of this app is that it’s available anywhere in the world except the US. If you are living in the United States of America, you are the luckiest person on this planet who can access pretty much everything without any restrictions.

Pandora Music is a great option which lets you create an alarm with your favorite music, tracks. You may also create a music stream with all your favorite music tracks to quick access anytime you want to listen to your favorite collection. On top of that, the premium Pandora will open the doors to unlimited music where you can get access to millions of tracks at just 4.99 USD/Month.

The best part of the Pandora music app is that it will take note of your taste and what you are listening and provides you awesome song suggestions.

Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the free music apps for iPhone without wifi or internet to streaming unlimited music. Means, you don’t need to buy the app but the stuff it has and you don’t necessarily need an active internet connection to play music which is already downloaded.

It is so much popular on iOS platform and the best option for every iPhone user but you won’t’ get all the music for free. You should purchase either membership or you may go with purchasing the individual music albums.

If you have an iPhone and don’t want to buy music from Apple Music but you would like to listen to music from it, you may synchronize the music you have already downloaded on your pc or any other smartphone using the iTunes. Connect your iPhone to any Windows or Mac and initiate the iTunes if not started automatically, synchronize the music and get access to it on your iPhone or iPad.


Deezer is one of the wonderful music apps that don’t need wifi to play music on your smartphone. It’s the best option if you would like to listen to music on a regular basis without any interruptions and confusions. It provides each one of its users the best experience in terms of the UI, whatsoever music they would like listening.

Deezer is the first one I would think of whenever I would like to listen to music either offline or offline as it works pretty well both cases. Deezer has everything from soothing stuff to romantic and everything in between with absolutely zero restrictions.

Stream any song, anywhere, any time across all your devices if they are interconnected through the internet. But you will be able to play music on devices on which music is downloaded if you don’t have access to active internet connection. Premium version of Deezer is a great choice if you are in a position to afford else, check out the Deezer++ tweak which is absolutely free.

Beats Music

When it comes to free music apps that don’t require wifi or internet to stream music, Beats Music should be there. If you would like to listen to music composed by any artist or any specified singer, you can find it right away.

Searching your favorite stuff, listening to them is pretty much simple and quick. You may also create your own music stations, playlists with the music tracks you love.

Take one month free and test the service, you love it you may opt in for the premium service which will cost you around 9.99 USD/Month. If you have a Beats Headphones, it is the best choice for you as everything is better optimized for beats devices like headphones, stereo speaks, subwoofers, etc.

Wynk Music

Wynk Music the best destination for music you love be it devotional, romantic, soothing, melodious, etc. It uses the internet to download the tracks and you don’t necessarily need to an active internet connection to stream the downloaded music.

Wynk Music will list out Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Sandalwood to Popular International Artists, etc. If you are on the way to your party or you are about to sleep, you should have wynk installed to get your work done.

It’s no wonder that Wynk music has the biggest database of songs and tracks over 3 Million from various genres such as Dance, Party, Old Classics, Karnataka Music, etc. Wynk music has advertisements if you go with the free plan and upgrading to pro version will remove the ads. The best part of the app is that the unlimited music downloads is auto enabled for all Airtel users.

Best Apps To Download Music Without Wifi Or Internet

“Radio” is a wonderful option if you would love to listen to Radio Channels, FM, AM, etc.


Gaana Music app is pretty much popular for Bollywood Music and Radio. It’s the best destination for all your music needs and you can get access to everything from Bollywood Music, Regional Songs, Special Tracks, Album Songs, Radio from wherever you are.

Rajasthani Songs, Bhojpuri Songs, Telugu Songs, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Oriya Songs can be accessed and downloaded for free. Gaana is best preferred for songs from different categories and genres such as Romantic Hits, Bhangra, Sad Songs, Devotional, Rock, Bhajans, etc.

Apps To Listen To Music

Just download and install the app on your iPhone or Android and start listening to your favourite music. All wonderful features discussed above made it become one of the finest offline music apps out there.

TuneIn Radio

Stream NFL Radio, NCAA college football, NBA talk radio, NPR, BBC, and other local radio stations on your smartphone without need of any antennas and other stuff.

It’s the best app that provides you AM & FM Online Radio, Sports Talk Radio Live, and explore new podcasts with just a few simple taps.

You may also listen to the best of Classic, Rock Music, R&B, Indie Rock, Latin Pop and a lot more. If you are a hiphop lover, you are the luckiest person and you don’t need any other app as you can access Classic Hip Hop Beats and Top Hip Hop Hits.


MusixMatch is a different kind of app which will provide you lyrics for the tracks you listen. No matter which song you are listening or watching, you can get access to the lyrics with ease.

The MusixMatch app is being used by millions of people for the great collection of lyrics for free. It supports all major music streaming services such as Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Sound Cloud, etc.

You may certainly get a doubt that how can I able to look at the lyrics while listening to any track on Youtube? a smart floating widget will make the job easier for you. You may also learn the new languages quickly while listening to music tracks and looking at it’s translations.


Saavn is pretty much similar to the Gaana, Wynk Music, Hungama Music apps which are also meant for Music and Video streaming. You may play any song online on demand anytime with just a single tap but with the presence of active internet connection.

You may download everything you want to listen later and then you can open the tracks and listen to them. The pre built playlists from various languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Panjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarathi, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, etc., can be easily accessed.

Apps That Let You Download Music And Listen Without Wifi

Saavn Free version is limited whereas the paid version is pretty much similar to few other free music apps that don’t need wifi provided above.

Best Apps To Download Free Music Without Wifi


Hungama Music

Hungama Music is yet another awesome offline music app for Android and iOS as well. If you would love to listen to the private albums by famous music directors or singers such as Badshah, Arijit Singh, YoYo Honey Singh, etc., it’s the best app.

It will allow you access music from various languages such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarathi, Rajasthani, etc.

Hungama Music provides you various tabs specially designed for music from Romantic, Devotional, Pop, Rock, Classic, and various other genres. Experience the high-quality music on your smartphone no matter whatsoever you are doing.

Those are the wonderful music apps that don’t need wifi and mobile data to stream, play music on your Android, iOS devices. Kindly let us know if you are using any other app apart from the apps listed in this article.

Wrapping Up

Those are the best offline music apps for Android, iOS that don’t need wifi. Each app has its own advantages and you can go with any of them to enjoy free music. Share this list with your friends on social media. Comment down if you any other app that don’t require wifi to play music, thank you.


Apps To Download Music And Listen Without Wifi App

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Free Music Player app plays songs from your phone or tablet. It stream music online from Audius.
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