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Pashto Naat Audio mp3 Download. Assala Mu Alaikom. Naat is a poem that is recited in the attribute of the Holy Prophet. Listening and reciting Naat is Sunnah. Since singing is strictly forbidden in Islam. So the right way to do this is for Muslims to engage in Naats, poems and recitations. Jun 26, 2018 Beautiful hamd mp3. Beautiful hamd Ayesha Basit mp3 play online & download. Large collection of Islamic naats shareef, download and listen online naat mp3 Online naats, hamds bayan & quran audios. Artist: Ayesha Basit. Date: June 26, 2018. Downloads ( 139). Naat Download: Audio & Video For Free Mp3 & Mp4– There are, indeed, so many beautiful NAATS composed and recited by who have been given the ability to recite by birth, but to reach them for a lover of NAATS is not so easy. Seeing it,our team has collected 100 best NAATS so you can easily download them. Keep enjoy and Stay Safe.

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This Naat 'Ma Banda E Aasi Hoon' is rendered by Khalid Hasnain Khalid. There are millions of Khalid Hasnain Khalid's fans worldwide who greatly caused and inclined from him/her/them. This MP3 Naat composition has been taped by Khalid Hasnain Khalid with HQ quality and favourite class. To download Khalid Hasnain Khalid's Naat Ma Banda E Aasi Hoon on your Device, simply click the three dots and then download.

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Khalid hasnain Khalid is known to be the best and emerging naat khawan of the current century. He hails from the famous chakwal city of Punjab. His naat albums have proven a continuous and recurrent success throughout his career.
Khalid has a vision of teaching Naat khawani as art so that praise and appreciation of the most beautiful human should be done in the best way. For the sake of his vision, he has started a school for teaching Naat khawani in chakwal city by the name of “ Noor e Mujassam”. Students from far and near come to his school where they learn the accents, tone, and pronunciation for the naat. His high pitch and versatile voice are loved by Naat lovers.
Khalid’s vision will surely benefit a number of emerging talents in the art of naat khawani. At naatsharif you can relieve your heart with the most beautiful naat in the voice of Khalid hasnain Khalid in a high-quality mp3 format.

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