According to my archives , the game was given away at least one more time ,
at Saturday 24-11-2018 .
I've installed it back then , played it for awhile and then forgot it .
Not because it was not a good game but because there is always something new
in front of me to occupy my time ...
Actually , it's a very enjoyable game .
I know , because I've found it's old installation and played it for a few minutes .
It still works after all those years without any problems .
If you like Arkanoid style games , this is a very good one IMO .
I remember playing the great granddaddy of this game , in only black and white , called breakout ,
waaaay back at the early 70's .
I also remember playing at 1971 or 1972 a black and white , breakout style game but without the bricks
in the upper section of the screen .
There was only the screen , the paddle and a square white 'ball' .
You guided the paddle using a round nob like the ones on an electric stove , only bigger .
I have searched for this games from time to time for years now but with no success .
Does anyone remembers anything like that ?
I would love to see it again .
I was 8 years old when I saw the game .
It's been almost 50 years (I am 57 , born 18-07-1964) .
Yes yes, I know , I am a dinosaur ... :-)
Thank you all for any info about the game .
I hope Whiterabbit-uk will have something for me .

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Hi G,
What you describe can only be Pong, especially with the dates you quote.
The first breakout game was released by Atari in 1976 and was an offshoot of Pong that was released in 1972. Atari wanted to create a game based on the success of Pong but that could be played by one person, so the game was turned 90 degrees and the top bat was replaced by a wall of bricks. I've posted a link to a browser version of the original breakout in my additional post above; HERE it is again. You'll find several versions of Pong that you can play in your browser HERE. You can also find 11 pages (15 per page) of early versions of Pong and breakout/arkanoids HERE. you'll require various emulators for the different platform versions e.g Vic-20, Amstrad CPC, C64, MSX, Master System, Amiga, Atari ST, DOS, Win 3x, Apple, BBC Micro etc

One of the images was lifted from a groovy history Atari pong pioneer HERE

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Whiterabbit-uk, thanks for the info and the links .

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