Welcome to one of the most historical board games in the world! Your target in this game is to move all your black pieces in counterclockwise direction until they are all at the lower right region, i.e. your home board, then remove all of your pieces on the home board before the computer does so. The computer will move its pieces to the upper right region opposite to your home board. Before the game starts, you and the computer will both roll a die to determine the turn order, and the player who gets a higher number will make the move first. During your turn, click the button in the middle of the screen to roll the dice, and the numbers shown on the dice are the numbers of steps you can take, for example, if 3 and 6 are rolled, you can move a piece 3 steps forward, and then move the same piece or another piece 6 steps forward. You must also make as many moves as possible, for example if you rolled 4 and 3 and you can move your pieces either 4 steps or 3 steps forward but not both, you must move your pieces 4 steps forward. If the numbers of the dice are the same, you can use each die twice and make 4 moves, for example if you rolled a double 5, you can move 4 pieces forward for 5 steps each. You can move your pieces to a column which is empty or is currently occupied by your pieces, but you cannot move your pieces to a column occupied by 2 or more of your opponent's pieces. If a column is only occupied by 1 opponent piece, that piece becomes a 'blot', and you can land your piece on that column so as to attack the blot and move it to the bar in the middle of the board. Any piece that is moved to the bar has to start from the beginning again, and a player cannot move any of his pieces until all of his pieces on the bar have entered the game. After moving all of your pieces to your home board, you can start to remove them, and the order of removal will follow the numbers rolled from the dice, for example if you rolled a double 1, you can remove two pieces which are 1 step from the goal. When all of the required number of steps of the remaining pieces are smaller than the rolled numbers, you can move the pieces which are closer to the goal than the numbers shown, for example, if you rolled a 5 and 4 but you no longer have pieces which are 5 steps from the goal, while two pieces are 4 steps from the goal, those two pieces can be moved to the goal. Play with your good skills and tactics, stand against your opponent and become the champion of Backgammon!
Backgammon Flash Game Free Download

Backgammon Flash Game Free Download Windows 10

All the backgammon rules, from the object of the game to backgammon doubling cube rules, bearing off, crawford rule and the backgammon rules of hitting and entering. Learn the backgammon rules, sharpen your gaming skills and start winning backgammon! To try Play65™ platform click here for free Backgammon Download.

Free Online Backgammon Against Computer

Backgammon Flash Game Free Download

Flash Game Download

Backgammon Flash Game Free Download

Flash Game

  1. Backgammon Free is the best free Backgammon game on Android. User friendly interface. Strong Backgammon AI. Full match play + doubling cube. Hints, 2 player hotseat and stats. Supported by unobtrusive Ads.The requested permissions are a requirement of the in-game ads only.
  2. One of the oldest and most popular board games in the world! Backgammon requires you to move your checkers after a roll of two dice. The number of dots on each die dictate your options. If you roll a five and a one, you must move a checker five points forward. Remove all of your pieces from the board before your opponent.
  3. Kongregate free online game Backgammon my first flash game - A simple backgammon game, the AI so far is a dummy AI. Play Backgammon my first flash game We have reduced support for legacy browsers.
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