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Apr 05, 2021 How to download podcasts with Apple Podcasts. Download and Launch the Podcasts App. To get podcasts on your iPhone or iPod, go to the App Store and open the Search tab. In the text box, enter “Apple Podcasts” and tap the Search button. When the app has downloaded, tap Open. Find the Podcast.

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  • Jan 01, 2019 Then, on your PC, you can freely navigate to your This PC Music iTunes iTunes Media Podcasts and open the respective podcast folder with its name and access the MP3 files directly. Now that you have the free access to the selected MP3 file, you can copy it anywhere. Upload it to your cloud so that you can access it anytime, anywhere.
  • With Podcast Chapters you can add MP3 chapter markets to your MP3 files, supported by most podcast clients, including Apple Podcasts!. Really Fast: From exporting your podcast out of your audio program, to having an MP3 file with chapter markers ready to post, Podcast Chapters is the fastest way to get your podcast in the hands of your fans.

I am using iTunes 12.5 on Windows 10 with an iPhone 5s.

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Sometimes I download hour-long .mp3 files that I want to put onto my iPhone as podcasts, so that it automatically remembers where I am in my listening if I have to stop in the middle. I know how to transfer .mp3 files to my iPhone, where they show up as Music. I also know that I can right click on any song, choose 'Get Info' and under Options change the media kind to 'Podcast.' But when I change the file to a podcast, it disappears from iTunes, though it does show up on my device when I open the Podcasts app.

How can I transfer an .mp3 file to my iPhone as a podcast, and still have that podcast show up in iTunes when I look there to see what podcasts are on my device?


First connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. Go to the iTunes Library. If you don't see the Library option in iTunes, you can get there by clicking on the 'Done' button in the lower right corner (if it's there).

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In Library, click on the File menu, then select Add File to Library... Browse to the .mp3 file you want to import as a podcast, and choose it. This file will now show up in iTunes Library under Music. Right-click on the 'song' and choose Get Info or Album Info. Make sure the file has a 'song' title and an album name. (Optional: change the genre to 'Podcast'. Also optional, add artwork if you want.) Under the Options tab, change the media kind from Music to Podcast. Now click OK at the bottom.

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The 'song' will now have disappeared from Music. Change the Library over to Podcasts, and you should now see the file there.

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The final step is to right click on the (now podcast) file and choose Add to Device (your device is connected, right?) and select your device. Voilà! The .mp3 file is now a podcast that shows up both in iTunes for your device, and also in the Podcasts app on your device.


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