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Jan 3, 2015
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What's Fort42?
Fort42 is a website for users to share and find new cheat code codes through the unity of the community. Think of it like a library that stores books where anyone can read/share.
Users will be able to find cheat codes you are looking for by browsing through the database and creators will be able to submit their codes so they can fully be credited. There are various of tools on the website to help users and creators alike!Nintendo 3ds game download codes
Cheat Code Repositories
  • AR3DS Database
    Stores a form of cheat code (originally called ARCode) designed to work on O3DS from Sys/Emunand 9.0-9.5. The codes are activated simply by scanning your camera with a QR Code provided next to every cheat codes on the website. This form of cheat code was created by @KazoWAR and you can find more information by visiting his thread.
  • GateShark Database
    Stores Gateway cheat codes. The format of the cheat codes reminiscence the NDS Action Replay and the old-school GameShark. Using Fort42, users will be able to download submitted cheat codes with just a click of a button. Only works on Gateway FW3.5 onwards.

3ds Game Download Codes Free

How do I use the AR3DS Database?
You can either use the AR3DS Editor and manually enter your codes and generate the QR Code yourself or you can search for your desired game. When you have already selected a game you wish to cheat you can go ahead and find the cheat you wish to perform and scan the QR Code located next to that specific code. Here's a neat trick: If you are unable to scan a QR Code because it's too small or if you want to edit the values or the address of any code you can go on and click on the QR Code. It will bounce you to the AR3DS Editor with a description/instructions given by the code creator. Additionally you can use the editor to create a RAM dump, instructions are on page. Don't forget to vote it as Working/Not Working and maybe leave a comment for the code creator and other users that will soon be using that code so they know.

Free Nintendo 3ds Game Codes

How do I use the GateShark Database?
If you don't already know how to use Gateway cheat function by now then here's how, and of course you need to own a Gateway card: When you are in the game selection screen on your GW Emunand, press SELECT and it will being you to a ROM selection screen, press up. Set your desired in-game menu button combination. Do the combination inside a game and you will be able to configure/search for cheats. As for how you can set up cheats you can read this post on the official Gateway website.
There are 3 ways you can obtain a cheat .txt file from the website. First is to manually copy the codes and create a .txt file yourself. The second is to download a complete .txt file for that game right from the game page. Just click on the 'Download Codes' button. And finally, the best method, simply click on 'Download all Codes' on GateShark main page and you will be granted all cheat codes posted on the database on the day you downloaded the ZIP file. Extract the cheats/ folder from the ZIP file on to the Gateway SD Card and you are ready to go. And again, don't forget to vote and leave a comment if possible.
Alright I think I've got it
Well good for you because you just wasted your time reading this wall of text about a simple website that's not so hard to use instead of actually using it. One last thing though, not all features are present on the website yet, and probably never will due to my (laziness) lack of free time. The site will keep improving, you can count on that. Feel free to use this thread to request a game so it can be available on the site or discuss about creating codes and such. A small forum will be on these things on Fort42 in the near future so look forward to that.
PM me if you want to be a staff member on Fort42 and believe you have the skills. Be warned: I'm picky.

How do I display my user status?

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